Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jem and the holograms -Change Of Heart

Okay so how about a whole episode of Jem. My gift to all of y'all... Have fun folkz....

Si hier Trumph and I went to Port Townsend. We rode the ferry across the Sound which was gorgeous. The sun was shining and reflecting off of the sea in a cascade of lights and of course there were jellies,skas, and gulls aplenty to see. However my orca, baleen whale, dolphin, seal, sea lion, and otter friends did not deign to make an appearance. I looked for them and made little clicking sounds, but they didn't hear me and I was sad for like 5 minutes then I got happy when reached the Island.

From Paulisbo we drove to Port Townsend and guyz this little town though full of the others (white people) and not many of The People (that's what I call those of us who are African or of the African Diaspora- THE PEOPLE, it is so much more PC and once again few of the others ever known what I mean when I say it around them so they don't get defensive or irritatingly guilty and bring up the subject of race which more often than not with them I am loathe to discuss), it is quite enchanting. It sits right by the sea and the water is clear. Trumph and I browsed in the quaint shops and then went to Water Front Pizza for lunch. Trumph insisted it was the best pizza in Port Townsend and I'll give him that. That I've ever eaten? No. But in Port Townsend okay. The staff was nice.

Then we headed to the Port Townsend Jazz Festival at one of Washington State's Premier Parks, Fort Warden. Fort Warden was an old army base that was converted a park I believe in the 70's I think. The sea of course is right down the hill and it was once again beautiful. I felt like an Elf just drinking in the beauty of nature around me.

We went to a concert and saw Roy Hargrove play...Awesome, fantastic, great, those buthas jammed and I loved it. Afterwards we caught the ferry back home.

Then this morning we watched Bumpalump who did his usual thing and said a new word today:

"Thank you".

Too cute too cute. He played songs on his piano for us and his other musical thing and played with his Lightning Mcqueen car all morning. I have to say there is nothing more cute than watching Trumph and Bumpalump play together. Every time Bumpalump sees me or Trumph he will just grin and grin and when we go he is starting to begin the habit of crying which he did today. It caught me by surprise and for an instant I almost teared up. I love that little boy as if he were my own.

I love when he laughs and talks, and dances. I love that he brings such joy to my life without ever trying to do so. We're going to see him this week of course because what's a week of my life without Bumpalump he is my second favorite man. Okay he is my first Trumph comes second but don' tell Trumph that.

All in all a great weekend that I spent with my 2 favorite men. Hope you all had one just as good. PAIX!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flight of the Living Dead

Okay guyz last clip have a great weekend PAIX!!


Yet another clip from Flight of the Living Dead. Notice how one of zombies is one of the few Black folkz in the movie. Oh well I'm still gonna see it.

Flight of the Living Dead trailer

So as I promised here is the trailer and a couple clips from the film for you to whet your ghoulish appetites. I love horror movies, they are perfect for dates because hen you can jump on your male and feel him up under the auspice of just wanting him close to protect you. WHAT?! Yeah right like none of u have ever done that.

It's been awhile but I found some time to give y'all some goings on. Work week was kinda hellish glad it's le weekend et li se finit (and it is finished). Don' get me wrong love having job but don' always wanna be there I'm sure someone can feel me on that.

Last night me and Trumph watched Bumpalump. We had actually a really great time. We had dinner at Wendy's and Bumpalump ate most of his food before throwing it onto the ground. However the way he eats was killing me. The lil man would grab a chicken nugget and then attempt to swallow it whole. Only to spit it back out into his hands and repeat the process anew. I put a stop to that. Well Trumph and I did actually. Trumph broke all of his food into small pieces, which with chicken nuggets we never had to before Bumpalump picked up this new eating method from the older children at daycare. Then I told Bumpalump in no uncertain terms that:

1. That you now have teeth, use 'em.
2. You are not a whale, crocodilian, snake, seal, or lizard therefore you can't eat your food whole so stop!
3. Diya (that's his name for me he can't quite say Kyon yet), likes it when you eat like a big boi and not a baby.

I think the last one worked the best because it was cool after that. We went to Volunteer park and played with Bumpalump on the playground. I won't be a dork and tell you how cute he looked goin' down the slide, and swinging on the swings...Wait I am, well I don' care he's my lil cousin and it was cute. Then we went home and played some more, Bumpalump danced to Amy Winehouse and Busta Rhymes before falling asleep in my arms. A truly great evening with our lil one.

Today Trumph and I are going to Port Townsend for the Jazz Festival. Never been there it should be fun even though we'll be awash in White People but I suppose I'm used to that I mean I do live in the North West.

I learned a very interesting fact yesterday. So leopard seals are one of the top Arctic predators beside polar bears and orcas, and they are actually beautiful animals. However they are dangerous. They grow to 13 feet in length and weigh about 1,900 pounds. Oh and apparently they do not fear humans but instead stalk us for prey. They have been known to lunge out of the ice at people and attempt to drag them into the water to drown and then eat them or chase them down on the ice. Even more disturbing n 2003 a marine biologist woman was actually killed by one. So I'm telling you guys all this to say if you are ever around leopard seals because they come into warmer waters too, get out of the water. I've seen their teeth and they will fuck you up. I mean I don' know about anyone else but me passing through another living creatures bowels in pieces just aint da business.

I also found out that a new horror movie is coming out called Flight of the Living Dead, about an outbreak of zombies in a plane. The guys that made Snakes on the Plane made this movie. I never saw Snakes on a Plane, I thought it looked dumb...Sorry snakes don't scare me ( I actually like the way their skin feels and have handled boas and the like in times past) and the ones that are venomous or big enough to eat me alive I refuse to fuck with or go searching for so...However this movie looks good. I'm going to give y'all a preview of it.

I guess it has to do with being a Creole but there are only 2 monster that really scare me. Zombies and Lougarous (werewolves). They both factor greatly in our nocturnal bestiary legends. However the zombis in popular culture are nothing like Creole Zombis. Creole zombis don't eat people, though they may kill you if under the orders of an evil bokor (sorcerer). But Zombis in American Culture. Shit ur fucked. And then they had to go and make them fast and screaming that unearthly, hellish shriek growl sound that they make. Yeah they freak me out. I mean sometimes I think like what if some stupid White Person (and I could care less if you think I'm racist because you all know only they would do some shit like this I mean they do stuff like this all the time anyways) came up with some virus or toxin that made the body shut down only to crave human flesh or flesh period. Yeah not a good future scene huh?

I mean all your friends and family being bitten and trying to eat you, or worse your lover, or love interest... I mean sure it could be fun to shoot people in the head whom you detest after hey become Zombies, but everyone you liked. It would make me sad and of course being that everyone you loved had become ravenous cannibalistic corpses, I'd probably crap myself too. Oh well thank God that will never happen... I hope at least it doesn't.

Well I should go now, Trumph is getting antsy and we have a long way to go today around the Olympic Peninsula. Hopefully though I will see orcas and they will sing to me, because I told y'all they are my friends and they are. I just don't want to be in the water with them...LOL! Aiight Paix mes zamis et bon weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh my blog how I have missed ya. Especially when those wretched white people blocked you from me at work! okay so I had a nice weekend. I went to a party, saw my brother, bought a new fit (god I've needed new clothes for awhile)slept and chilled, and got some sex. Hey when ur in a relationship and the honeymoon period ends it kinda slows down. It's been all good. Well except that bout of paranoia I experienced on Sunday night but that was nothing.

I talked to my homie Demo yesterday and that was cool got a lil update about the folkz back in Portland. Very nice very nice. But do you know what excites me the most!? I have 2 readers!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! I feel like a giddy white girl with money in SAKS! LOL!

To think someone actually reads this and comments it very nice and I am super excited about that. Who knows maybe I can visit them and we can go drinking and dancing and party and bullshit and shop and stuff! Okay well enough vapidness let's talk real shit.

So I finally saw Harry Potter. Great movie a must see in the theater. Lots of magic, Dolores Umbridge was a total bitch just as she was in novel, and Valdemort and Compagnie were diabolically powerful and wicked. I've got to get my hands on the last 2 books, they are supposed to be really good. Can't wait to read them.

I avoided the news today but read some interesting things on the Rwandan Genocide, A most sad and disturbing subject but one that deserves much attention especially from us of African Descent and if you don' know about it then learn. I got some reading for you:

1. Rwanda Means the Universe
2, The Rwanda Crisis
3. We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We will Die with our families.

Oh and check out the films Sometimes in April and Hotel Rwanda if you haven't seen them already. All of these mediums should give one an excellent understanding of geopolitical, colonial, post colonial, eugenic theories that brought about the Genocide. Check them out. An African in the Diaspora should know as much if not more about the Rwandan Holocaust as they know about the Jewish one.

Next topic:

Okay so in keeping with Africa in general do any of y'all ever wish we still retained our native tongues? By that I do not mean French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, or English, or Creoles and patois thereof. I mean our native Niger-Kongo group languages that our ancestors spoke before they unfortunately found themselves in our Holocaust on this side of the world. Well if you do here is your chance. I've assembled Kyon's African Dictionary, words I stumble across that are purely African ones that can enhance your vocabulary and allow you to...

Discuss things without everyone knowing what you mean. Unless they come from those African ethnic groups so here goes:

1. Intonde : Kinyrwandan and Barundi- The word is a description of a state of mind for BaTutsi of both nations. It is a word of pride meaning aristocratic, being able to lie well without others knowing, being stoic, holding it all in check, just keeping cool in a precarious situation even in the face of harm or death.

Sentence usage: That brotha has got madd intonde!

2. Ewu Gambia: Ibo- This is a curse word in Ibo and it describes Gambian goats which Ibos say are scraggly and no good. Very bad to call an Ibo fun to call people who are not familiar with the word because it sooooo bad to say.

Sentence Usage: Ewu Gambia scrub muthafucka!!!

3. Sharmuto: Somali- A Sharmuto in Somali is worse than a bitch, slut, hoe, all that. It's like a super evil, immoral bitch fish wad thing that pisses you off when he or she talks. Careful with this one do not say it in jest around Somalis it is a fighting word.

Sentence usage: You whoring ass sharmuto!

4. Muterabambazi: Kinyarwandan- In precolonial times a Muterabambazi was a Tutsi coquette who exuded beauty, grace and sophistication. This broad would give even Scarlett O'Hara southern princess she was a serious run for her money. Every man wanted her, few could hold her attention, and only one could have her. Especially because she was so picky and so honorable. This is a complement for any one male or female of the African Diaspora you know that has this feature.

Sentence usage: A true muterabambazi, few could even compare to your graces. To which the muterabambazi answers, I know.

5. Ubuntu: Zulu- Compassion or humlity. Ubuntu means this word and it should be said of those you know of Arican Diaspora who are kind and sweet, always ready to help, always soft with their words, and always supportive. Hold fast to such folk if you have them in your life mes zamis, they are important.

Sentence usage: Your ubuntu boo, that's what keeps me close to you.

Okay well that's alot said but that is enough today. Oh and well not really, I'm falling back into passion with Trumph, you know it comes and goes in waves. I looked at him the other day and thought, you know I am so lucky that I have this man. Even if he is a lil bit of a huberlue, he is such a treasure to me. So Trumph if you see this I love you so much and I wake up excited to see your face. Even if your breath is stinky, and ur groggy, and stuff. I love you.

Tell your folkz you love them and you know who stopped being depressed or at least you shouldn't be after you read this. Much love and more posts to follow PAIX!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My day yesterday was so much fun that I did a pole dance. No really I did. I jumped up on a pole and swung around like I was one of the Pussycat Dolls. Okay so it was more like an Alley cat GI Joe but still it was cool.

First work. Okay so my job is doing these fun things for us 'cause my dept kickz azz and we rock! Yes I said and we rock 'cause we do. So yesterday we had pizza and I had 4 pieces and it was good and then we went to the Seattle Aquarium.

The Aquarium was supposedly remodeled but it looked the same as when I was a kid with the exception that there were less animals there. The fish were cool and they were showing the different marine life in Puget Sound however what I was all stoked about were the marine mammals.

I love 'em whales, seals, and otters oh my!!! LOL! Alas I was disappointed. They were like 2 harbor seals, 4 fur seals, and 5 sea otters which I couldn't see because all of the kids were in the way shrieking like the demon spawn of the damned!!! No dolphins and no orcas. I didn't get to see any feedings either. However for the record adult male seals are huge and while they look cute I'm not sure I'd want to be in the water with one. Still even though the Aquarium was kinda bunk it was free and I was getting paid to play so it was great.

Then we went on a cruise through Elliot Bay and took in the sites of Seattle. Kinda cheesy but hey once again it was free and I actually did have fun. Saw some jelly fish in the wild floating up at the top but still no orcas or dolphins. I'm going to have to go to where they are and see them because they are my friends. THEY ARE!

Then walked home through the city which was refreshing and toning for my physique, and fried up some chicken. Trumph came home to get ready for his 2 gigs and dropped me at the hill. Chilled and drank at CC with some folkz then went to the Crescent and hung with my girl Kimiko. Kimiko and I drank and sang and danced the night away. Stumbled home drunk and spinning, made a sandwich went to bed and had dreams of orcas, dolphins, and mer people. Tres supercool!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I feel kinda sad for Frank Roberts today. I am a huge fan of many of the blogs on here, His Story, Getting His Stuff Together, well basically all my linked blogs I read and Frank Leon Robert's blog is no exception. I've read his blog actually before everyone elses on here with the exception of Keith Boykin's blog. Now I don't know Frank. I've never met him, I've only posted comments to his blog. However I've always liked his posts and I always liked what he has to say.

So it makes me feel bad for him to see some the comments I've seen directed at him on his site by certain people who are anonymous in regards to his criticism of Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick s' blog reports on the Flava Works controversy.

Now if Flava Works is causing the spread of HIV and AIDS and exploiting young Black and Latino men that is wrong and fucked. Mos def it is. It needs to be reported and that White Man should be taken to task for it. Mos def. However that wasn't what Frank was mad about. His friend died, a friend who apparently had helped clean up Flava Works act a little bit according to some other bloggers. (Remember y'all there 2 sides to each story, 2 POVs)

Frank is hurting over his friend's death which seems sketchy in how he died of pneumonia being so young and I think compounded with the other personal stuff (more deaths) he has dealt with in the past few weeks he's in shock. Then the Flava Works controversy is brought up on Keith and Jasmynes ' Blogs and all of Black LGBT Blogger land jumps on the band wagon.

I aint choosing sides. I find sexual exploitation of my brothas to be deplorable regardless of whose doing it and it is wrong and it needs to be discussed and addressed. On the flip side, I used to have a drug issue and I've seen people exploit themselves sexually. Horrible to observe but they were willing to put themselves in those positions...So I'm kind of neutral about the issue. It's like the whole drug issue.

Drugs are bad, selling them is bad, and so is using them. However no one forces anyone to do or buy drugs...There is the crux for this argument and the Flavaworks one. I mean I've watched one of their movies at some point I'm sure. Does that make me guilty for consuming the product even if I didn't know what Flavaworks business practices were? Who knows? I know a little bit more now that I will be more careful of what company I support when doing my private viewing in the future.

As for Frank... Let the brotha be. Stop these personal attacks on him. He's not a sellout or a House Nigger. Can't be, the boy is way to smart, too savvy, and to educated to be either of those. I've read his blog and I've seen the love he has for his people. Uncle Tom's and the like usually hate themselves that is not the case for Frank so he aint like that.

I guess I'm rambling but I don' care. What bothers me really is that people are being really evil when they don't need to be. A man is dead and many are grieving. An issue has been opened and people are being asses and calling people names and all that shit. Someone has lost his friend and being in put in the position of having to defend his memory and now himself. That is not right, that is not kool and this is why for Frank I feel bad for him. And hey man if u ever read this know that I think you were right about what you said. You stood up for the family and memory of a good friend who it seems left this world too soon and that is the most honorable thing anyone can do...

Be blessed Frank you'll get thru....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm so glad no one reads my posts. Well not really I wish people would but I'm glad I have yet to go there too much with my political, social queer theory afrocentric muliticultural views. It seems that in the land of the Bloggers people get so touchy. I'm not saying no one has a right to be either. They certainly do but I kind of think that... Well folkz it's a blog. It's other folkz opinions. However apparantly here in the world Black Blogging there is an etiquette that should be observed.

So...Here are Kyon's Rules of Blog Etiquette:

1. If some one dies don't go there. People will be pissed off and in their feeling as they should be while you jump on a soap box to prove a point that for someone like me whose a lil street kinda pointless. Porn stars are not slaves. Y'all know who you are.

2. Don't offer sympathy to people if they are just venting. They won't appreciate it and they will be shitty to you. SO just respond in a comment, wow that's great!

3. Keep it light unless talking about yourself or those in your life and always disguise names. I mean I love my boy Trumph but his name really aint Trumph. It's enough that he might just read this I don' really want him all on blast like that for the rest of the world. I don't even have his picture up pou l'aimee de Christ.

4. Check out other blogs 'cause alot of you are really cute on here and I wouldn't seen your faces otherwise nor had such an insightful glimpse of your pretty interesting lives.

5. Have Fun. I mean that is why we are all here right? To have fun and to help ourselves the authors of these many varied bloggs take care of ourselves. Not to get all evil and mean and insensitive with each other. It's all fun and it's all good.

I don't think anyone will read this and if you do I'm glad. Follow my rules while blogging and you will be happy like me and all the Elves. And the Thundercats and Silverhawks. *SMILE* Okay!
SO last night....I think I was a lil bit bitchy with Trumph. I did not mean to be honestly and truly I did not but sometimez he irritates me. Trumph is a vibrant, handsome, and talented man with a good heart. He is lovable, he makes me laugh, and I feel safe with him. He is a good lover, he is patient, and loving to me. In many ways Trumph is the man everyone wants but few ever get even a moment to spend time with and for that I am most grateful. Trumph has kept me in ways that none but he will ever know.

That being said I have to say that Trumph has some flaws. The biggest flaw is that Trumph is lazy. He is selectively lazy on top of that fact. You know, the kind of man that does what he wants to do when he wants to but the things that he may need to do or get done he won't most often do.

So last night he is late from picking me up at work, because he was asleep when I called him to see how close to the job site he was. (Thought he might've been in gridlock but was asleep). Okay I can digg it no big deal. If he was sleeping he was obviously busy today right?

So when he gets me at 5:39 I get in and he's all groggy actin' and everything. Once again no problem. We're driving along listening to some person sang 'bout why they hot and I'm not when I ask:
" So what did you do today sleepy brown?"
"Nothing." Deep goofy chuckle. And then it was kinda on after that. Like okay your looking for better guaranteed work, we have a sink full of dishes in the house that need to be clean partially so that I can cook dinner for us both, we have clothes that need to be laundered you been here all day and you been in the house all day, no rehearsals, no gigs, nothing and you aint done nothing'!

I was irritated SHOOT I'm getting irritated thinking about it. I suppose we all have issues that irk about our lovers but this one is sometimes very difficult to ignore. I mean I do not want to be a nag and I don't think I am one infact I hate nags but I can see how a person can turn into one after dealing with this laziness issue.

Trumph said a low blow kinda in response to our lil...Discussion that kinda burned me up but I of course forgave him it was all good. Still I love Trumph but I want him to be more active and on top of things a lil bit more. Not that he isn't and not that he ain't good. But I could do without his laziness.

Still I forgave him. I mean am I being unreasonable? I don' even know if anyone reads this but should I let Trumph be or do I have a right to trip a lil. Oh and no this is not the first time this kinda situation has happened in our relationship. In general though after the lil scrap it was all good. We watched the tele and had peaceful dreams...

I try not to be a bitch but sometimes it just leaks out. I don't mean for it to. Well at least I have y'all to speak with. I love Trumph God knows I do, I just want him to not be sooo selectively lazy....


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Video

Too funny hope y'all enjoy peace!!!

New Transformers Trailer

So I present my review of Transformers. This movie was excellent lots of fighting, action, explosions, in short a total testosterone film. It was everything Transformers should've been, even if they did kill the Black one. The Transformers of course look great, the sound effects are great, and the people are somewhat likeable. Even though there were moments that I wanted Shia Le Bouef to get killed he was so annoyingly teeny bop geeky White boi, but in general it was kool. This is not a movie you watch on DVD definately get to a theater to see this one folkz. This week I will review Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Stay tuned and God Bless!

Shoes the Full Version

Oh my God Shoes... This is one of my favorite You Tube Crazy videos, so go ahead and check it out. Very funny....!

The Librarian

Presenting a little movie for y'all. It's a nice lil comedie noir about a Vampric Librarian..

You know I don't mind my job so much I mean it's easy, I get paid decent and I'm most of the time happy with it but it is not w/o irritation. People are so fukking stupid sometimes it just kills me. Some of my customers are real kool but others are reall asses. I mean I am really chill and understanding for the folkz that come at me the right way and be like

"Hey I aint got the money rioght now let's make arrangements etc. blah blah yadda yadda..." I just say get it to me when you can and keep it moving, however the folkz that want to be nasty and bitches because they're having issues... I'm polite because I must be but sometimes I get so pissed with how some of these folkz talk to me that if I could reach thru the phone and snatch out their tongues so they would drown in their own blood I would!

Okay that just made me feel better. Sorry guess but sometimes a brotha just needs to vent. Peace y'all have a blessed day.

So this morning I watched Senator Vitter on the tele as he talked about how he was not involved with some Louisiana Prostitutes and how sorry he was about being a whore monger some years before. I found it to be a most insincere and full of shit apology. I mean what a hypocrite. So he fucks around with his whores on his wife while promoting family values and says nothing about the stuff until his ass gets put on blast by the DC Madame. Hm mm how interesting. Well Mr. Vitter you were so very vocal about Gay Marriage destroying the family and all that and yet you seem to have ruined your family in a perfectly heterosexual way not one homo aided in your demise.

It continually kills me how hypocritical White Men with Religion can be especially when it comes to Gay Marriage. Now mind you I aint itchin' to marry Trumph at this point but if the relationship lasts marriage would be the natural progression. I'd at least like to have the option. Yet so many of these people talk about Homosexuals are destroying the family and all that crap and yet straight folkz have been and continue to ruin their families all by themselves without gay help. In fact given how badly many of us Gay and Bi folkz have been treated by our families because of homophobia, heteros seem to do more than a bang up job when it comes to family ruin.

I refuse to be scapegoated by the right wing idiots any longer. My love threatens no one and my sex life has very little to do with any of you and yours. Guess what if you don' like same sex marriage don' marry anyone of the same sex. And to all you Vitters out there... I shall simply say those who live in glass houses....

Monday, July 16, 2007

The following are 10 quotes that I think are funny and may help you get thru this wonderful but sometimes difficult thing we call life. Sit back and enjoy:

1. " Dont let your alligator mouth over ride your canary ass!"--Becky

2. " Men are like parking apots... All the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped."--Becky

3. " NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!"-- Joan Crawford

4. " Scratch a lie, find a thief."--Ray Charles's Mama

5. " Heathen!! You can't even make a proper Christan word!" --Kyon Saucier to some person at NGBLF conference I was at years ago

6. " Some people say that I am a fanatic but I am not a fanatic I'm a FAAAANNNN of JAYSUS!!!!"- that lady with the big pink hair and cricket eye lashes that always cries on TBN

7. " I'm on tonight u know my hips don' lie and I'm starting to feel ya boy!"-- Shakira

8. " I'm French. MERCY!" --The crazy lady on the bus who smells like cat pee and has a glass eye

9. " But I did! I did suck your boyfriend's dick, right here on this couch!"-- Some whore at party during a game of truth or dare

10. " It's not that I think you're ugly it's just thinking of you sexually makes me wanna throw up!"--Kyon Saucier to a very annoying man who would not take no for an answer.
So in Blog land everyone is sad or in some kind of emotional distress which is a bummer. Folkz shoud be happy most of the time. Today though I don't feel sadness I feel relief and joy. Relief that I am where for the most part I want to be and joy that I have the blessings in my life that I do have.

Oh yeah sure I'd love to have an XBox 360, a shitload of other material thangz, and diamonds (I like how they sparkle when they hit the light, they look rather splendid), but for now what I got is enough and I'm okay and that's well okay!

I mean I know where I've come from and what I've overcome so I can't afford to feel sad or depressed or empty or pained. 'Cause I'm still here and so are all those that really love me. And for me that enough. Today I feel joy and relief that I have love, can give love, and that Sandy Duncan is back on TV!!! Okay she's not but I figured it fit. Blessings folkz!!!

Malawi unveils mass HIV testing campaign: report Mon Jul 16, 9:02 AM ET

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Health officials in Malawi were preparing on Monday to launch a massive HIV testing programme to identify tens of thousands of people unknowingly infected with the virus in the southern African nation.

Many of the estimated 14 percent of Malawian adults who are HIV-positive do not know they are infected, jeopardizing efforts to stop the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic among sexually active teenagers and adults, the government has said.

Malawi hopes to administer voluntary HIV tests to some 130,000 people this week, according to its health department, which estimated only 1 million of Malawi's 6 million sexually active population knew their HIV status.

"This implies that the majority of Malawians do not know that they are carrying the virus because they have not gone for a test, a situation that poses a great threat to prevention efforts," health authorities said in a statement, according to South Africa's SAPA news agency.

Malawi has already lost an estimated 1 million people to AIDS since the disease first surfaced in the 1980s, straining its tiny health-care system and devastating agricultural production, the lifeblood of the local economy.

The impoverished nation continues to struggle to find enough money to put in place grassroots HIV-prevention efforts, especially in rural areas where HIV infection rates are still rising, in contrast to the declines seen in cities.

Close to 30,000 newborns are infected every year because of the government's failure to prevent mother-to-child transmission, and only a fraction of those living with HIV have access to life-saving anti-retroviral drugs, according to officials.

But AIDS activists have praised Malawi for its hands-on approach to fighting the disease, noting that it was one of the first nations in sub-Saharan Africa to implement a regular national HIV testing programme.

The current testing programme costs about $1.5 million.

South Africa, world fete Mandela on 89th By CELEAN JACOBSON, Associated Press Writer
26 minutes ago

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Nelson Mandela celebrates his 89th birthday Wednesday, launching a humanitarian campaign along with former President Jimmy Carter, ex-U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other "elders" of the global village.

The initiative stems from an idea by British entrepreneur Richard Branson and musician Peter Gabriel to create a world council of elders to tackle issues such as conflict, AIDS and global warming.

"This group of international leaders will share how they intend to work together to contribute their wisdom, independent leadership and integrity in addressing some of the world's toughest problems," organizers said in a statement.

Branson and Gabriel, who founded an international human rights organization and championed the anti-apartheid cause, were expected to attend Wednesday's event, part of a week of festivities for Mandela's birthday.

A children's party that has become an annual fixture wraps things up July 24. Before that, events will feature Bill Clinton and soccer legend Pele, who will play in a special star-studded match to honor Mandela.

Mandela was imprisoned for nearly three decades for his fight against apartheid. He was released in 1990 to lead negotiations to end decades of racist white rule and elected president in South Africa's first free elections in 1994. He left office in 1999, but has continued to take a leading role in the fight against poverty, illiteracy and AIDS in Africa.

Clinton will open an exhibit on Thursday that focuses on the late Chief Albert Luthuli, an anti-apartheid campaigner who won the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize, and Mandela, who was given the honor in 1993.

Luthuli was the leader of the now-governing African National Congress when the group embarked on armed struggle against the racist apartheid regime. Mandela was the ANC's leader three decades later as it negotiated a peace settlement with the nationalist government.

On Sunday, Annan will deliver the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture. The first in the series was given by Clinton on July 19, 2003. Others who have delivered lectures include 1994 Nobel peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kenyan environmentalist and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki.

Pele and soccer star Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon head a list of more than 50 players taking part in "90 Minutes for Mandela."

The match, to be played on Wednesday in Cape Town, will pit Africa against the rest of the world. Proceeds are earmarked for social programs, including Mandela's campaign against AIDS.

FIFA organized a similar all-star match in 1999 to honor Mandela when he stepped down as South African president.

Before the match, a ceremony will be held to honor a soccer league formed by political prisoners on Robben Island, where Mandela was incarcerated for 18 of the 27 years he spent in jail.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter will confer honorary FIFA membership on the Makana Football Association, which Mandela, separated from his comrades, used to watch playing from his cell window until prison authorities built a wall to further cut him off.

Makana, a local name for Robben Island, comes from a 19th century warrior leader of the Xhosa, the tribe to which Mandela belongs. The British banished Makana to Robben Island in 1819 and he died trying to escape.

Mandela has long recognized the importance of sports in helping to promote reconciliation. He appearing before a crowd of mostly white fans at the Rugby World Cup final in 1995 wearing a green and yellow South African team jersey, sending a powerful message to white South Africans that he was serious about racial reconciliation. Mandela also was instrumental in persuading FIFA to award South Africa the right to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup, a first for Africa.
A very interesting article. Simply put if the case passes the International Precedent that this could set for repartions, specifically reparations for the descendants of African Slaves lving in the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe will be very interesting. This could possibly be the great International Case that may bring about possible reparations for us as a people even though it apples to European Jews. The reason being is that the Holocaust is a prime International example of reparations being paid to a group of people who suffered genocide at the hands of an ancien and genocidal regime. So go ahead and check this out guyz...

Holocaust survivors' children file suit By ARTHUR MAX, Associated Press Writer
14 minutes ago

JERUSALEM - A group representing thousands of children of Holocaust survivors filed a class-action lawsuit against the German government Monday, demanding that Germany pay for their psychiatric care.

The Israelis, calling themselves second-generation Holocaust survivors, say the scars of the Nazi genocide on their parents have crossed generations. Many still live with an irrational fear of starvation and incapacitating bouts of depression, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit marks "the very first time that the German government will be asked to take responsibility and to care for those of the second generation in Israel and indeed, worldwide," attorney Gideon Fisher said before filing the suit at the Tel Aviv District Court.

In Berlin, the German Foreign Ministry declined comment, but the country was likely to see the suit as a window for an indefinite number of future claims.

The suit seeks to set up a German-financed fund to pay for biweekly therapy sessions for 15,000 to 20,000 people, or about $10 million annually for three years.

"If they will not do it voluntarily, and unfortunately they have not done it so far, then I really hope the president of the court here in Tel Aviv would make them take responsibility," said Fisher, a child of Auschwitz survivors who founded the Fisher Fund, the nonprofit group behind the lawsuit.

Baruch Mazor, the fund's director, said 4 to 5 percent of the 400,000 children of survivors in Israel require treatment. Since many cannot hold steady jobs, they cannot pay for their own treatment, and aid from the Israeli government and health insurance have been inadequate, he said.

About 4,000 people have joined the suit, he said.

"The only thing we are asking for is some kind of financial help in order to give them psychiatric treatment. There will be no money passed from hand to hand," Mazor said Monday.

It was unclear what standing the Israeli court would have in a damages case against a foreign country.

Mazor said the Tel Aviv suit was a first step aimed at winning recognition that Germany bears responsibility for the suffering of survivors' children. The plaintiffs will then try to negotiate a settlement, or will take their case to a German or an international court, he said.

Since the 1950s, Germany has paid more than $60 billion in reparations to concentration camp survivors, families of the some of the 6 million Jewish victims, and to the state of Israel. Much of that money went to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a New York-based organization that negotiates with Germany and distributes the payments.

Mazor said money handled by the Claims Conference is earmarked for survivors, and their children did not want to detract from those funds.

The suit says the second generation grew up "in the shadow of depression, grief and guilt of their parents, which created a powerful inclination among the children for pain and suffering."

Children had a "twisted relationship with their parents" that impeded their development and led to severe psychological problems, the suit claims.

One 58-year-old woman told her story to Israel Radio Sunday, saying she inherited the fear of starvation experienced by her parents in Auschwitz, where inmates prized any crust of bread they could obtain.

"If you come to my house and open the freezer, loaves of bread fall on you, without any proportion to what I really need," the woman said.

She declined to disclose her name, but Mazor said she spoke for thousands.

She said she felt as if she had no childhood, and jumped directly into adolescence. The feeling conveyed by her father was: "I went through hell, and what you are going through is nothing," she said.

Others of the second generation say they cannot ride buses because it reminds them of the transports their parents took to the concentration camps, or they fear dogs because they were used by the Nazis to control crowds.

Mazor said the Fisher Fund held lengthy negotiations with the German Embassy over the compensation claims, but the talks were cut off by the Germans.

Hope this story brings you small bit of hope for our violent world...

Barn owls unite Israelis, Jordanians By BEN WINOGRAD, Associated Press Writer
Mon Jul 16, 2:26 AM ET

SHEIK HUSSEIN VILLAGE, Jordan - For years, Ibrahim Alayyan watched in frustration as rats ravaged the date crop at his lush family farm.

Having no luck with pesticides, the retired Jordanian heart surgeon was only too eager to try a pest control agent widely used in fields just across the Jordan River in Israel — owls.

"There used to be so many rats," Alayyan said. "But after we put in the owls, thank God, this is the first time we have had a full date harvest."

To the world, the symbol of peace may be a dove, but to farmers on either side of the Jordan, it's Tyto alba, the common barn owl.

Alayyan is one of dozens of Jordanians working in cooperation with Israeli colleagues, targeting rodents with a natural predator instead of with chemicals.

The effort still faces suspicions and superstitions, but organizers hope the message of their partial success will spread to Lebanon, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, and demonstrate the fruits of the 1994 peace treaty that ended a 46-year state of war between Israel and Jordan.

Political benefits aside, the project is driven foremost by environmental concerns.

In the late 1970s, chemicals killed hundreds of birds in northern Israel, said Yossi Leshem, an Israeli ornithologist and director of the International Center for the Study of Bird Migration.

So Leshem persuaded Sde Eliyahu, a kibbutz south of the Sea of Galilee, to try owls, which can eat up to 10 rodents a day. All the farmers needed was to build boxes where the birds could mate and raise their young.

"I put up 14 barn owl boxes, and everybody laughed at me," said Shauli Aviel, who oversees the effort at the collective farm.

A few years later, Sde Eliyahu's rat problem had vanished, he said. More than 60 nesting boxes now sit on the grounds of the kibbutz, and the technique has caught on with other farmers along the Jordan.

Yet as the owl population grew, the birds increasingly began flying — and looking to nest — across the nearby border with Jordan, where pesticide use remains rampant. Chemicals seeped into the water table, and owls were poisoned by eating contaminated rodents.

Then came the peace treaty, Israelis and Jordanians got used to being good neighbors, and in late 2002 Aviel and fellow Israeli farmers planned a regional conference on barn owls to explain their advantages to colleagues across the Jordan River.

The response was discouraging. Many Arabs consider owls the same way others view black cats — as bad luck. Word came back to the Israelis that no Jordanians would attend.

So the organizers changed the title of the conference to focus on organic farming, and two dozen Jordanians turned up. Midway through the gathering they were given a demonstration on owls, and soon Jordanian farmers were asking how they could attract owls to their fields, Aviel said.

With funding from the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, Ohio, the kibbutz gave the Jordanians advice and building materials. More than three dozen nesting boxes have since been put up in Jordan, organizers said.

Among the most eager participants was Alayyan, a former chief of cardiovascular surgery at a Jordanian hospital. He agreed to build a nesting box at his family's farm in the village of Sheik Hussein, six miles from Aviel's kibbutz.

"For me, it was a real pleasure to find a man like that on the other side of the border," said Aviel, as he and Alayyan surveyed a group of newborn owl nestlings. Unable to communicate in their own languages, the two men spoke to each other in English, but when it came to nature and conservation, "He spoke in my language," Aviel said.

The project also has gotten support from political and former military leaders in both countries, including Mansour Abu Rashed, the former head of Jordanian intelligence.

Rashed, who heads the Amman Center for Peace and Development, said organizers are "under no illusions" the owl project will ease Mideast tensions; the goal is simply "to bring people together, to let them talk and build confidence."

But obstacles remain. After the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Israeli farmers delayed the initial delivery of building materials to Jordan for the owl boxes because of the tense atmosphere. Arabic posters promoting the benefits of barn owls make no mention of Israel.

Some Israeli organizers have expressed frustration at the pace of progress in Jordan. And last month, some nesting boxes on Jordanian farms were stolen or vandalized. Although it was unclear whether the vandalism was driven by owl-phobia or by Israel's involvement, it upset Leshem, the Israeli ornithologist.

"We are wasting our money and time, coming and putting boxes — and then, suddenly, they are destroyed," he said after a recent meeting with the Jordanians.

"It's a new project in our area," explained Abu Rashed, the retired general. "Nobody knows what's inside" the boxes.

Organizers also say the project has gained little traction among Palestinians, because of security restrictions that make it hard for them and Israelis to travel to each other's territory for meetings.

Still, even when tensions run high, the environment is one of the few areas where Israelis and Arabs cooperate. The owl conference went ahead at a time when the Palestinian uprising against Israel was at its peak, and during that uprising, Israeli and Palestinian officials maintained contacts on issues such as water quality and waste removal.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in southern Israel trains Jewish and Arab students, including Jordanians and Palestinians, in solving ecological problems.

Friends of the Earth-Middle East, an organization of Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmentalists, leads joint efforts to clean up the Jordan River and promote eco-tourism packages on both sides of the border.

"We're doing something our governments are not able to do," says Mira Edelstein, an organization spokeswoman. "If people know how to highlight the environmental benefits that can come out of this type of cooperation, then it's not political anymore."

Iraqi prime minister takes softer tone By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer
31 minutes ago

BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki sought to soften earlier comments that American troops can leave "any time they want," saying Monday that Iraq's security force was on the road to taking over from U.S. troops — but it's not there yet.

Al-Maliki told reporters Saturday he was confident that Iraq's army and police are capable of maintaining security "if the international forces withdraw any time they want."

Those comments landed squarely in the middle of Washington's battles over Iraq policy. The U.S.-backed prime minister appeared to undermine the White House's contention that the 155,000 American troops must remain in the country because Iraq's own security forces are not ready to deal with Sunni and Shiite extremists on their own.

On Monday, however, al-Maliki rolled back. He hoped that Iraqi forces would receive enough training to be able to take over security duties from the Americans by the end of the year.

"I hope this here will be the end of the building of our forces so that we are prepared to take control of security. This needs the cooperation of everyone involved, both us and the coalition forces," he told NBC News.

"As soon as we reach this level of readiness, the door will be open for dialogue between us and Americans about our future plans. Now we are thinking as politicians about how to maintain robust long-term relations with the Americans whether they remain on Iraqi soil or pull out from Iraq," he said.

Al-Maliki's weekend comments likely reflected Iraqi frustration over criticism from the United States about his government's failure to meet any of the 18 benchmark measures which the White House says are necessary for national reconciliation.

Al-Maliki's assessment of Iraqi military capabilities drew a sharp retort Monday from former Rep. Lee Hamilton, co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group. Hamilton said he was "extremely doubtful" the prime minister will be able to secure the country so that American forces can leave any time soon.

Many Iraqi politicians believe the Americans have underestimated the difficulties in enacting the benchmark bills in a parliament riddled with sectarian dissension.

"There is no chance that the Iraqi forces could take over at any time, or certainly by the first of the year," Hamilton said in a nationally broadcast interview. "All of the support efforts, logistical and medical and so forth, they are not close to being able to meet."

Senior U.S. military officers have also said they doubt Iraqi forces will be ready to operate on their own by the end of the year.

Maj. Gen. William Lynch, who commands U.S. forces south of Baghdad, said Sunday that it will take until fall to drive extremists from sanctuaries in his sector and "it's going to take us through the first of the year and into the spring" to shore up those gains.

Lynch and other commanders have lauded progress, especially in the Iraqi army, but have complained there aren't enough Iraqi forces to consolidate gains.

Last Friday, Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the number of Iraqi battalions capable of operating independently had dropped from 10 in March to six currently. He said much of the problem was a result of combat losses.
This weekend was most enjoyable. Started off with a nice slow Friday evening. I stayed in mostly, watched the boob tube,and slept. The next day was Saturday which was pretty chill. Watched cartoons with Trumph, then went to the Library and blogged. Came back to the house where Trumph was being lazy and so I took a nap with him. Woke back up and decided to head down to the East lake where I once again waded in the shadows. Oh I made a slamming lunch that day Teriyaki chicken breasts and a Caesar BLT salad. Very good if I may so myself, I love to cook.
Trumph had to a gig to play that evening and so I went out solo, once again. My Trumph is a very accomplished Trumphet player and while I love to hear him play and hear his accompanying band's music, I don't like to do that all the time.

So I went to the Crescent where I ran into Errin. He's a nice guy and we had a good time. I sang a suicide karaoke of Crazy and won a free drink Then I sang Buttons and My Humps. I did good everyone was having fun. Went to R Place and danced the night away but got home before Trumph. Went to sleep. Koolness.

On Sunday we got up early at 7 to pick up Bumpalump. It was our day to be with the babykins. I was all happy. He came over and we played and danced and ran, and I chased him around, and then Trumph flipped and tossed, and swung Bumpalump all around which Bumpalump loved.

It was so cute when Trumph got up and started doing his morning exercises Bumpalump got right next to him and started copying his moves. It was too cute. Bumpalump loves attention and so he followed me around every that day. I at one point asked Trumph to watch him cause I had to bathe. However I heard Bumpalump crying as I was relaxing in my bath so I called to Trumph:

"Oh baby let him come to where I am, it's okay." So I look out of the bathroom and here toddles in Bumpalump holding his lil hands at the edge of the tub and talking to me in Djevontae his launguage. He talked to me through everything, me washing my hair the whole bit. I splashed hims with water every so often which made him swuel in delight. Then he watched me shave and get myself ready but by then pateience was gone and he wanted to be picked up.

After some negotiations and more dancing. (When I say dancing it means more often than not me holding Djevontae in my arms and bouncing and spiNin' round our apt.) Bumpalump fell asleep and all 3 of us fellas enjoyed a good nap.

At 3 we took Bumpalump back to his mother and then went to the Cuff for a nice drink. Saw the sights, listened to some disco and then headed to Kinny Jo's house for the monthly gathering of Brothas he has at his home one Sunday a month.

We ate, sipped punch and wine, laughed and talked about different things. By night fall Trumph and I were back home in our bed where we slept in preparation for the next day. All in all not a bad weekend and of course having the lil person with us made it all the better... Oh and I would have some picture but the network for Seattle with Cingular has been on the skids for almost 2 weeks now and it's making me angry but don't worry I still got those pics...Peace y'all!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I hope you all seriously enjoyed my Top 20 Favorite Cartoons of All Time and that it took you back to your childhoods and brought back fond memories. Bon week-end Mes Zamis and keep on Toonin'? Toonin' is that a word? Oh who cares. PAIX!!!!


Thundercats HOOOOOOO! Number one all time favortie cartoon! Remember these guys I loved them they were so bad assed. Remember when you were a kid every girl wanted to be Cheetara and every Black boi wanted to be Panthro or Lion-O. I didn't care I wanted to be Lynxo or Tygra or Bengali, more often then not though I had to be Snarf!

the muppets show intro

Yay the Muppets I loved them too. My mom would watch this with me and we would sing the theme together when I was little.

Fraggle Rock Intro

Not a cartoon but who didn't love the Fraggles they partied all day.. Wish I could live so eay.

Comic Strip


Ducktales Intro

Ducktales whooo-oooo!

Darkwing Duck -- Intro Theme

Darkwing duck had a funky theme song.

X-Men Intro

Jean Gray was my favorite!

Pac-Man cartoon intro

I liked pac man too.

He Man

I have the power!!!!

G.I. Joe

Now you know and knowing is half the battle!!!


The Knights of the Magical light me and my cousin Jelani loved the cartoon and we had the toys too.

Transformers Episode 1

Here's a whole episode of these guys to enjoy in honor of the movie!

Silverhawks Opening

Wings of Silver and Nerves of steel!! Bad assed!

The Pebbles And Bam-Bam Show - intro

Pebbles and Bam-Bam were way cooler than the Flintstones.

Care bear

I loved the Care Bears they would just love the bda guys to death. Care Bear STARE!!!!

get along gang

I liked them and I had a Montgomery Moose Doll too.

She-Ra opening

She was cool she would like beat up the monster and then communicate telepathically and would be like Monster why did you attack me and the monster would be like She-Ra my bad but I a thron in my paw and then she would remove it and it would be all good.

Bionic Six - Intro

They were so cool. A super Powered Family like I wanted mine to be.

Mighty Orbots

Orbots they were better to me than other robot cartoons. Me and my step dad David would get up early to watch this together and he loved the theme song so David this is for u....

gummi bears

Bouncing here and there these guys made you always wanna drink juice so u could jump. It would never quite make me bounce though.

Pound Puppies theme

We;re Pound Puppies and we wanna go home with uuuu. Please take us Hoooooommmmeee!

Challenge of the Go-Bots

The Go Bots the knock of Transformers, they were still cool though.

The Wuzzles theme

The Wuzzles, 2 types of fun wrapped and up and rolled into one!

The Tigersharks

You've gotta a Tiger by the tail hold on Tiger Sharks

Jem! and the Holograms

It's Saturday and for many of us that was the day when we were petits that we watched Saturday morning cartoons. Well here are my top 20 most beloved cartoons.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Is da Questions Dawg, the Questions

1. Why is it even though I'm in a relationship ugly men still holla?

2. How come no matter how much money you think you're making it's never enough and you never get to really do even half of things you planned to do at the start of the pay period long before your check even showed up?

3. Why hasn't anyone actually really tried to kill George W. Bush yet?

4. Is it just me or is the entire world, Africa included, taking a really long time about doing something productive to stop the Genocide in Darfur, Sudan?

5. For that matter what good does it do to label something Genocide if you are not going to do anything at all to stop it?

6. When is my reparations check coming 'cause u know I get 2 of them. One from France and one from the United States.

7. How did Paris Hilton find God in prison when that broad can't even spell G-O-D free?

8. Aren't y'all glad they stopped talking about that dead cow -opps my bad I mean woman, Anna Nicole Smith, her baby and her Gay Baby Daddy?

9. Why do Jehovah Witnesses always show up at your door when you're about to have a party?

10. Why are there actually Black Mormons? I'm sorry but I could never join church full of folkz that didn't believe I had soul until they were forced to in the late 50's.

11. The Holocaust was a horrible tragedy and a horrible loss of life and culture for the European Jews and I agree it should be taught in history as extensively as it is, but shouldn't the genocide of the Native Americans and Africans at the hands of European and American Powers get just as much play? I mean is the suffering of European be they Jewish, Albanian, Bosnian Muslim, Serbian, Croat, Chechen etc. still greater and more noble than the suffering of anyone else who has ever faced such darkness?

12. I don't understand how you can call yourself a member of the Nation of Islam but still date white girls can you explain that to me? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

13. You do realize that I have never liked you? In fact I kinda hate you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

14. Why do you tell us the same story over and over whenever we get together like it's a new story? Are you retarded? Are you? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

15. Tell me how you can be a living DA GLAMEROUS LYFE and BALLIN' when you have no address, sleep on your friend's sofa, and ho around with old middle class white men for a living? I mean having Chanel and Prada is great but how about cashing in your clothes for rent money? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

16. Why don't I live in DC or NYC or Atalanta? All these blog links go to fine brothas with blogs who live in those places...I'm jealous and sad. But I still have the sea.

17. Can we get all the Islamic Jihadists and Ultra Right Wing White Supremacists and other assorted red necks and oh throw in some of Bush's folkz too.. Can we get them all together and just let them blow themselves up? It would be faster, and the rest of humanity, Muslim or Christan, wouldn't have to clean up or deal with the mess.

19. Do you know how good I felt when I found out that you had contracted genital herpes? LOLOLOLOL! No? You didn't? Really? Well you do now. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

20. Explain to me how you are able to blow up a school bus full of Israeli school children and expect to have 150 virgins waiting for you in heaven and not like 3,000 sucubi waiting for you in hell?


22. Did you wake up and decide to be an asshole or just grow into it as the day went along?

23. Kelly Rowland...Honey can you promise us that this CD won't be a bunch of sonic shit like your last one was? Thanx... Talkin' bout I told y'all I could make it obunce like this...Bitch if you would've made it bounce like that the first time you wouldn't have needed to say it in your single.

24. To the man at the bar can you please stop wearing that toupee? It looks like a rat crawled up on your head and died in it's own feces. Just be bald boo we know you really are.

25. Do you know what I want most for all of y'all???
To have a great weekened!!!! I"M OUT!!!

The following laws are the ones my father's African and Gens de Coleur ancestors (and no doubt all people with roots in the French Speaking African Diaspora during the Slave Trade) dealt with during the French Colonial Period of Rule in Louisianne, the Carri bean, South America and some of the Islands of the African Coasts such as the Maldives or Seychelles. The document is and was for me difficult to read when I thought of the many millions of peoples whose lives it affected and in some cases in so far as those who were African born in a sense ended. I think it's important to know one's history in order to safe guard ourselves from attacks that may come in the future and to gain the strength to withstand the trials of today. Le Code Noir is a document of antiquity in one sense for it so long ago that slaves were held in the Americas but no so long as I am reminded by Meme that her grandparents both sets were slaves.... For me especially being a member of the Francophone African Diaspora this is our version of Willie Lynch and it was spiritually and psychologically horribly effective...Read the document and take it all, for this is our history... TO ALL WHO PERISHED COMING TO THE COLONIES AND ISLANDS FROM MAMA AFRIKA ASE!

King of France and of Navarre, to all present and to come, greeting.

The Directors of the Company of the Indies having represented to us that the Province and colony of Louisiana is considerably established, by a large number of our subjects, who use slaves for the cultivation of the lands. We have Judged that it behooves our authority and our Justice, for the preservation of this colony, to establish there a law, and certain rules, to maintain there the discipline of the Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church, and to order about what concerns the state and condition of the slaves in the said Islands, and desiring to provide for this, and to make known to our subjects who inhabit there and who shall settle there in the future, that although they inhabit climes infinitely remote, We are always present, by the extent of our power and by our application to succor them. Actuated by these causes and others, by the advice of our Council, and by our certain knowledge, full power and Royal authority, We have said, decreed, and ordered, We say, decree, and order, wish and it pleases us, the following.

ARTICLE I orders that the edict of 1615 be applied to Louisiana, and that all Jews who may have established their religion there be expelled within three months, under penalty of confiscation of body and property.

ARTICLE II orders that all slaves in the province be instructed and baptized in the Catholic religion.

ARTICLE III forbids the exercise of any other religion than the Catholic.

ARTICLE IV forbids the employment of any overseer who shall not be a Catholic, under penalty of confiscation of the negroes and punishment of the overseer.

ARTICLE V Orders Sundays and holidays to be regularly observed, and forbids all work by master or slaves, under penalty of confiscation of slaves and punishment of masters. The slaves, however, may be sent marketing.

ARTICLE VI forbids marriage of whites with slaves, and concubi-nage of whites and manumitted or free-born blacks with slaves, and imposes penalties.

ARTICLE VII orders to be observed, for marriages of free persons as well as of slaves, the solemnities of the ordinance of Blois and of the edict of 1639. The consent of the parents of the slave is not necessary, but only that of the master.

ARTICLE VIII forbids curates to celebrate marriages of slaves without consent of the masters, and forbids masters to force their slaves to marry against their will.

ARTICLE IX enacts that children born from the marriages of slaves shall belong to the master of the mother.

ARTICLE X enacts that if the husband be a slave and the wife a free woman, the children shall be free like their mother. If the husband be free and the wife a slave, the children shall be slaves.

ARTICLE XI orders that master shall have baptized slaves buried in consecrated ground; those who die without being baptized to be buried at night in a neighboring field.

ARTICLE XII forbids slaves to carry offensive Weapons or heavy sticks, under penalty of the whip and confiscation of the weapons in favor of the person seizing them. Slaves that are sent hunting by their masters, and carry notes or known marks, are excepted.

ARTICLE XIII forbids slaves belonging to different masters to assemble in crowds, by day or by night, under pretext of weddings or other causes, either at one of their masters or elsewhere, and still less on the highways or secluded places, under penalty of corporal punishment, which shall not be less than the whip and the fleur-de-lys; and in case of repetition of the offense and other aggravating circumstances, capital punishment may be applied, at the discretion of the Judges. It also commands all subjects of the King, whether officers or not, to seize and arrest the offenders and conduct them to prison, although there be no Judgment against them....

ARTICLE XVII orders seizure of goods that are offered for sale by slaves without permission or mark.

ARTICLE XVIII orders officers of the Superior Council to give their advice about the provisions and the food to he furnished the slaves. It also forbids masters to give any kind of brandy in lieu of food and clothing.

ARTICLE XIX forbids masters to abstain from feeding and clothing their slaves, by permitting them to work for their own account on a certain day of the week.

ARTICLE XX authorizes slaves to give information against them masters, if not properly fed or clad, or if treated inhumanly.

ARTICLE XXI orders slaves disabled from working by old age, sickness, or otherwise, to be provided for by their masters, otherwise they shall be sent to the nearest hospital, to which the masters shall pay eight cents a day for each slave, and the hospital shall have a lien on the plantations of the masters.

ARTICLE XXII declares that slaves can have nothing that does not belong to their masters, in whatever way acquired.

ARTICLE XXIIII orders that masters be held responsible for what their slaves have done by their command.

ARTICLE XXIV forbids slaves from exercising public functions, from serving as arbitrators or experts, from giving testimony except in default of white people, and from ever serving as witnesses for or against their masters.

ARTICLE XXV forbids slaves from being parties to civil suits or complainants in criminal cases. Their masters shall act for them in civil cases and demand reparation or punishment for outrages and excesses committed against them.

ARTICLE XXVI orders prosecution of slaves in criminal cases in the same manner as for free persons, with exceptions hereafter mentioned.

ARTICLE XXVII Any slave who shall have struck his master, his mistress, or the husband of his mistress, or their children, so as to produce a bruise or shedding of blood in the face, shall be put to death.

ARTICLE XXVIII Outrages or acts of violence against free persons committed by slaves shall be punished with severity, and even with death if the case require it.

The End
So I need to put a correction in for one of my previous posts. The 11 yr old girl who was snatched on the 4Th July outside of her house was named Zina Linnik, not Xenia Lavitky. At any rate her name is now synonymous with tragedy today here in the SEA-TAC area.
You see the Thai Sex Offender who was arrested yesterday on immigration charges finally after interrogation led Tacoma Police to her body. Details are not known and dare say I don't want to know them but this vibrant, cute, little girl is gone. I can only hope that something good will come out of this tragedy if only that more people with children are more watchful in the future.
Interestingly enough the man who killed her was a known sex offender in Thailand and was known to have been one when he entered the country and yet he was still allowed to walk about unregistered and the whole bit...Not kool, not good, not da business. I'm sorry if your a criminal immigrant in the US you need to be deported no ifs ands or buts we have enough homegrown people doing no good here!
My heart goes out to the Linnik family and I hope that they are able to find some measure of peace in the coming days though I know it will be long process for the family to be whole again. I pray for you though Family Linnik that you at least find comfort in the coming days.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Remember it's never as bad as it seems even when your at work.
Remember you get to leave and do something else after,
Remember you don't really have to get to know most of these people you work with and if you do at least you don't LIVE with them.
Above else remember you have a job and there is always someone who would rather do what you do and get paid what you get paid in a heartbeat...
Be blessed.

Me and Bompa Lump:

This is Bumpa Lump at Chuck Cheeses on his 1st Birthday. Bumpa Lump the son of Jamal Muhammad and Amorita Herron who is Trumph's cousin. They were living with us for a hot minute in fac they just moved out last week and I fell in love with Bumpa Lump aka Babykins aka Tatums aka Taeters aka Pookers aka Djevontae. I watched him alot and got to see some developmental things. When he came to live with us he crawled and didn't make alot of sounds. Now he dances, walks, runs and speaks in Bumpa Lump which is clear like 5% of the time, indecipherable 95% of the time, and cute all of the time. Don' get me wrong he aint all good (what baby is?) but he is loved and I am so privileged that his mother trusts me to let me be apart of his life. Bumpa Lump shows me that every moment is new, every discovery wondrous, every song danceable, and every smile is a treasure. Live like Bumpa Lump I promise you will be so much happier...Blessings.

Volunteer Park is the spot on Capitol Hill where one can just chill, get back to nature, and enjoy a lovely spring day as I was here. Though it probably isn't the safest park at night it has actually some interesting places of note in the daytime such as the Asian Art Museum, the Green House which has the most beautiful exotic plants, and the Lighthouse Tower that stands on Parks East side. And of course who can forget that VP hosts Gay Pride each year...If ur ever in Seattle check this place out it's nice lil spot. Blessings.

All I wanna know is ARE U GONNA GO MY WAY!!!
This is the Famous Jimi Hendrix Sculpture that marks the major entrance of the In the Life side of Broadway the heart of Capitol Hill, Seattle's Gayclave. I made new word Gayclave. LOL! At any rate this one of my stomping grounds and you can find me on the hill if you look hard enough just doin' my thang and bein' me.

Me and Meme Beverly

Meme is the word in Gombo Creole for Grandmother. My Meme is a woman of the African Diaspora who has a rich past and who is a repository of knowledge as are all of our old ones. Hey y'all remember value your grandparents, show them respect, and above all learn from them. They have survived some of the darkest moments of our people and have seen some our people's brightest. Listen to their stories and pass them down to those younger than you. We have always been a people of stories whether we told them or wrote them. (Oh and we did write especially the ethnic groups which were or are traditionally Muslims in Africa). At any rate take some time, slow down and visit one of your grands if you're still blessed to have any. Trust me they are one the greatest familial resources you have.
Finally the NW has caught up with the rest of the nation as it falls under the sway of the killer heat wave which is sweeping the US and swept the European Continent with fatal results. The heat wave so far in the NW has caused at least 10 fires, and is responsible for at least several heat related illnesses.
It has been hot!!! Yesterday as I said myself and many others sought refuge in the East Lake of Seattle not far from my house. I wasn'the only one fountains, beach fronts, all places of water (which Seattle has in abundance) were crowded and full and there were no drownings thank God during these last couple days.
There was a tragedy that happened though which is kinda the reason for my post see What would Kyon do?
The heat and summertime fun seems to be attracting predators and I don' mean lions and bears. The sun also seems to be frying the brains of parents into either being stupid or homocidal observe:
At least 2 children have been kidnapped since the 4th, one little Ukranian Girl being snatched outside of her family's house in Tacoma during a 4th of July party. Her relatives heard her screams and rushed out to see an Asian man push the struggling child into his van and speed away... Then a man who had been trying to get custody of his 10 year old son snapped, shot his son and then himself...
Yesterday a 1 and a half year old climbed up on the couch...Aie Mo Grand Met, I cringe to think of this because of my lil cousin Djevontae aka Bumpalump.. He climbed onto the couch while his mother was not paying attention and he pushed out the screen window over the couch and fell to his death 4 stories...Another child had the same unfortunate luck from 2 stories a little tyke this one and was killed as well... Finally today another 10 year old boy is missing who lives in the same neighborhood as the little Ukranian Girl Xenia Livitky that I mentioned earlier. Presumably the cases are linked since they have a Thai Sex Offender in custody as suspect number one who also lives in the same area as the 2 missing kids...
One of the things that agonized me about my sexuality the most was that because of my lack of physical attraction to women having children would be much more difficult and complicated for me than for a hetero or bisexual man. And I love children espcially little tykes and babies. To me they are so precious, so honest, and so very cute. I believe each child born to this earth is a blessing God has bestowed upon their parents that should be treasured and loved with the greatest sense of stewardship one could ever feel.
Unfortunately that does not happen in this world always. Children are abused in all manner of ways, inducted into armies, raped, starved, neglected, tortured, and all the horrible things that so many many little ones in this world endure. Just to think of such horrors these little people endure makes me want to scream to the heavens or hold all of these babies close and let them know you are lovable, you are loved by God, and you deserve love. It kills me that so many people feel the same way about children and want to have them but can't for whatever myraid of reasons while those who are as fertile as the Nile Valley do not always treasure the blessings they are given and that fact makes me sick with rage.
People if you read this and have a child tell him or her how much you love them. If you are a parent who isn't doing what u need to do make a new start today. And if you are someone who hurts babies and little ones then change and depart from your wicked and depraved ways and get some help!!
Watch out for your babies. The world isn't safe and hasn't been for a long time. it only takes a second for something to happen. Sometimes kids get snatched when they have the most watchful of parents and sometimes accidents happen I know that but please please please be vigilant...I promise if hurt comes to your little ones on your watch even if it is accidental self forgiveness will be very hard to come by.
Have fun this summer those of you with babies and children but be ever watchful. It's hot and the ehat is making many do strange things. Be blessed all of you...
So today I make this promise to my readers that I will edit my posts much more carefully. I looked over my posts and was embarassed about how sloppy they looked. I'm not an imbecile after all. So I promise to edit them now which was not what I was doing these past posts. I mean communicating ideas is all well and good but I know that no one wants to read sloppy mispelled drivel. They'd rather read drivel that is spelled mostly correctly. *tee hee* So anyways yesterday. Yesterday it was quite warm. It actually reached 95 degrees which is kool 'cause it means that ete est ici, summer is here. However when one has no air conditiong in their 2nd floor apartment which always faces the sun, not so kool then.
Since as I indicated yesterday that the systems at work were down we did nothing but play at work but we had to leave at 2:45 since there was really nothing for us to do and they didn't want to pay us for doing nothing. Soooo I got a ride from a coworker back to Seattle to Capitol Hill from where I then walked back into the CD where I lived. It was hot but I was hydrated so I wasn't bothered by the hills in fact it was kind of invigorating.
Went home and made dinner but that meant of course I was over the oven for about an hour cooking for Trumph and I. After all was said and done he and I were so hot we could barely eat our dinner. It was a good dish though and we have leftovers to munch on for a minute. As the evening wore on the temp in the apt seemed to rise. At one point I was in swim trunks and a tshirt while Trumph was as naked as a jay bird both of us sweating, hot and cranky.
We got into a little spat. I was like:
" I WANT US TO GET OUT OF HERE! I CAN'T THIS NO MO'!" I was just too hot in the apt. Trumph was all:
"Where can we go we aint go no money?"
I roll my eyes for males especially masculine males can be so short sighted at times.
"The water!" I cried now with glee. Trumph just laid there shifting uncomfortably his brown skin glistening with sweat.
" I don' wanna go to the water..." he mumbled. "But you can walk to the water.." he said smugly as he repositioned himself in the fan's field of hot air that it was blowing. I turned around abruptly and muttered somethin' about Imma walk u to da watah nigga, and he was like what?! and called me a bitch, which I was being but it was because I was HOT!!!
So I left not angry it wasn't a real fight just a cranky hot spat tu konprann and I walked to the water. It actually is a lot closer than I thought and I am so thankful we live in the Central District because we are close to everything. I waded in the water...Instant relief...I would have gone swimming but I had my wallet and phone with me and I don't trust folkz so I had to content myself with wading in the shallows but that was satisfying. Left the lake and came home refreshed and in high spirits.
Poor Trumph he sat in that sweltering apt with his lethargic/lazy self and suffered the whole time I was gone and I almost felt sorry for him...Almost. Okay I didn't feel sorry for him at all because he made me walk to the beach but it wasn't a long walk and it was an adventure in Seattle so it was all good.
I tried to give him love but he was all cranky and bitchy while I was happy and refreshed. Still we managed to have an enjoyable evening. Today I plan however to go swimming just because the lake is so close and I love the water. Well that's all for me about today.. Maybe...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The systems are down at work and I'm sitting here like what do I do? I know more blogging so here ya go.

A new film is coming out that I saw during the Trailers at Transformers, it's so far pretty shrouded in mystery but I've got a trailer and link for y'all. Check it out it looks so bad assed, mass death and monsters and the destrcution of NYC. Why does NYC always get destroyed in all the movies...? Ahh bien here it is....

Well anyways since I'm new to this leave comments etc. Let me know what you think I will try to have more and better pictures, I kinda want a Frank Leon Roberts thing going on with this but for now this is what I got so I hope y'all enjoy this. I acutally hope someone reads this.

So the last couple days have been really fun. On Monday after work my man, Trumph, that's the name I'll give him picked me up and was like:
"Do you want to go home or do you want to go for a walk in Kirkland or Bellevue?"
"I am kinda tired but why not?" I said I was game for any adventure. So we ended going to the mall in Bellevue and searching for food to eat. I dunno the Bellevue Mall is kinda messed up like nothing in it makes sense it's a retail maze. So we asked these old White Women in the help desk thingie where certain places to eat were and the lady opens this book and she was like well here is a restau et ici est un autre restau tu komprann...And I was like I'm sorry honey but I don'wanna roam around the mall searching can I have a the map book and she was all:
"Oh no we don't have ANYmore left I have to keep this." Then she smiled. I glared at her for a moment and thought useless you are useless but I didn't say it I just smiled back.
So then me and Trumph roamed about looking for this Greek Restau 'cause I wanted a gyro but we didn't find it so we settled on McDonalds. It was good I hadn't eaten all day. Then we went to see:

THE TRANSFORMERS! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! It was so badassed! Megatron was so tight in that movie sorry Optimus Prime, but he kicked your ass all over the movie, if that boy hadn't been there you'd be finished. It was great especially the scene where Skyscreamer is flying as a jet then transforms to robot then back to jet while blowing up and crippling fighter jets. See this movie in the theater you will be entertained. You won't care about the Human Characters but really who is going to see Transformers for the people?

Then we went grocery shopping and bought alot of food and I think I may be doing my dinner pary this month, I wanna try out the Israeli Honey Orange fried chicken I saw recently. And you know what even though Trumph snored all night as if he became an Autobot or Deceptacon whose ability was to transform in to a chainsaw (CAUSE THAT IS WHAT HE SOUNDED LIKE A CHAINSAW LET LOOSE IN THE AMAZON) it was still a good night with my Boobear!

Even though if he doesn't get any breath righT strips he's going to have some issues with me real quick.

Yesterday he picked me up from work again and we went home. He left for rehersal leaving me to clean a nasty dirty dish filled kitchen. I did that then put on some music to bump while I poured over a job offer I received. Believe or not even though I am off the radar of some of the bloggers I like I do read their stuff and take their advice. C Baptiste Williams...He is such a cutie and he said that basically after that burglery thing happened to him at the hands of his friend (by the way I think you and Kool should've cut off his hands Reddman, but I'm sure you both gave him a thorough beat down at least I hope you did, Kools cute too.), anyways he said that you should trust your instincts. My inner voix was saying stay where you are and trust God.
See sometimes everything that comes your way that might seem good is not, sometimes things that seem to be blessings are curses in disguise and when it just don' seem right it's usually not. So I think I'll turn down the offer. I'm happy where I am and I amaking more money plus Everett is way too far, it's enuff already to have to drive to Redmond. So thanks Reddman you taught me something and you didn't even know it.

Anyways that night Trumph came back and was like let's go out have a drink and then go to a jam session at the Fare this cool lil cafe on Capitol Hill. Jus so you know Capitol Hill is Seattle's Greenwich Village or Station. Gays for days and days. We frequent of course many of the places and one of our favorite bars is the Crescent.

The Crescent is sleazy and gross with lots of methheads and crack addicts running around infront, but once you get passed that its all good. They have Karoke every night and if you get a nice group together you can have alot of fun. Me and Trumph love Karoke, so does my Crew back in Portland. So when we got there we got our drinks grabbed the books to pick our songs from and noticed Msieu Cul :Translation: Mr AZZ! Msieu Cul is a man who long long ago in another space and time for three weeks was a suitor of mine years and years ago. The Black Gay Communities of the NW are small when compared with NYC, DC, Atalanta, LA, Okaland, or Chitown. Therefore there are many many connections one could say. We handle these as best we can and certain allowances are made for certain behahvoir but over stepping bounds well...C'est une autre histoire: Translate: That's another story.
Msieu Cul is dark with a very African Face, that was handsome I'm sure in years past though not so much now. What's more he has a paunch and is usually so staid, proper and tight assed he is a bore. Until, I found out last night, he gets drunk and drunk he was last night.

This male was twisting, squirmiing, twirling more than a squirrel caught in a bear trap, snapping and honey this and honey that; being all nelly and shit! So he sees me and goes to like grab and me and I halt him in midstride with a DO NOT FUCK WITH ME FOOL look. It's a useful look and it makes me smile when it gives me the results I want.
"What Kyon! WHAT IS IT?" he shouts in a very loud and grating obnoxious voice. I smiled sweetly at him. "You're actin' like I'm poison!' he cried. I discreetly rolled my eyes keeping that winning smile I have.

"Of course not Msieu Cul, it's good to see you it's just my excitement is a bit muted it has been a long day." I replied.
"Oh you just need a drink to liven you up."
Yeah probably so like remind not touch anything you ordered neither in quantity or quality. Then he somehow, when my attention was diverted, got into my persoanl space where his azz was not invited and started groping me and squeezing me!!! OH MY GAWD I felt like a Tiny Toon being smothered by Elmira!

I was like:
"Stop! My man is right there get off of me!" So I pried myself from his arm and smacked him and he was all:
"I know your man is right there!" In his extra drunk extra Ebonic voice. Anyways blah blah we socially interacted my man wasn't tripping because he is secure and he knows I don' wan' none of Msieu Cul.
Then somehow between my song and Trumph's song Msieu Cul starts being more and more raccous and stupid and irritating throwing his bigg azz all over the place, screaming his approval of people that can't sing, and touching my man all over.

Grabbing him, groping him, grasping for his nipples in his tank top, trying to kiss him and I wanted to kill him. Not because I was jealous my man was struggling against Msieu Cul and trying to be nice to the older man w/o hurting him which he could've done becuase Trumph is stocky bruh, but because I was being disrespected by this fool. So I ended it.

"PLEASE GET OUT HIS EAR!" I boomed at Msie Cul who had the nerve to look around like he didn't know I was talking to! So I was ....forced to repeat myself... And y'all know I was madd!
"GET OUT OF HIS EAR AND GET OFF MY MAN!" I snarled now suprised a bit at myself for that coming out of me. I'm lying no I wasn't. I grabbed a ciggarette, turned in Msiue Cu;s direction, and hissed in parting as I went out to smoke:
" And I aint gonna say it again!"

Msieu Cul was embarassed which actually delighted me as I walked out to smoke and take a deep calming breath. MsieU Cul was all:
"OH Kyon you hurt my feelings, I would never do that to you, what you don't trust me?" No you tired nasty queen you are an unscrupulous troll, I put nothing past you! So I replied:
" I don' care, I wasn't trying to make you sad but u know respect IS KEY MAN!" he agreed but was still being a drunken idiot and he eventually got clowned by someone else who also was done with his foolishness.
Then as I was going down the street to Fare, (cause Trumph had already left at this point I stayed to sing another song), these meth heads both of them brothas, accosted me with: do I know where to get drugs, do I want to be hooked up with drugs, do I want to hook up with them (and they were both gross if I was single I would've said no anyways. I mean a cute man is one with all of his own teeth, you feel me!) and I was over the night. Trully done with tired people do u feel me folkz or do u feel me? I got rid of them nicely I may add went to Fare, listened to some great live music then me and BooBear went home!
Who knows what tonight will bring?

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




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But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
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For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

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