Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonjou vas tous!!!! Il fait du soleil et il fait beau, et je suis tres content!!! j'adore le soleil! Les oiseaux chantent et les insects sont degoutant mais ce n'est pas une probleme parce que il fait beau!!!!! And I am loving it!!!! I am wearing a tank top and do not feel like a fool because it actually makes sense to wear it today. it is after all like 70 something degrees outside. And the day is just gorgeous. I went for a little walk and I think I shall go for another later. I dunno it is just so perfect today. I am loving the day. Loving the day!!! so if you are somwehre and it beautiful get out and take advantage of the sun. I feel like an Elf! LOL!!! I love the sun!!!!

On the flipside I think I have a date this week with some guy that I think is handsome but who I dunno. We will see we're supposed go to the movies. Who knows. He already has been hard to pin down and he thinks Seattle men aren't shit which I have to kinda agree with him. However I will keep an open mind if he will. I said hey I kinda like you I just want to get to know you. Does it not irritate you when a male will not let you start anew? What I mean is when you are held responsible for some other male's issues or mistakes. It's like oklay those other niggas did that shit but I aint shit I just met you gimme a chance. I dunno I havebeen thinking about relationships and me lately a bit these days. Trust me it does not take all of my intellectual capabilities I just been thinking about it and well...

I have decided that I am going to forever be the aproacher of the male I want. I always have approached all the guys I like I'm just going to have to keep doing that. I have also discovered that I am going to have to start holding out more and longer with men and be a lil supspect. Guys for some reason do not think I feel sometimes I am husband material so that will change that. By me just being less dick or ass happy when ti comes to a guy I really like I may be alboe to make a more asting impression. Also I am not mor am I any longer going to be all using dating to find the one. Let me explain. I'm having fun and if someting develops of course I would pursue it but now adays my expectations are not all like oh Imma find a husband. I am just like let's just get to know each other. Which I don't think anyone knows what that means sometimes. Like GW3 they think becausey ou a re younger than them you are stupid and will give them the goods for a little something or a lotta something, uhm naw. I said get to know you. Not be your bedmate or your sex slave automatically.

So that is all to say after way too much analysis that I would like this date to go like this. Brotha and I go to the movies. He pays for his dam self I aint rich at all, movie is good, Maybe we do a little cuddle stuff not too much just enough, then maybe after a drink or two and a kiss. Sex later on. So here is to that date! SALUT!!! So well I'm going out and run in the sun!!! Adieu.........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bonjou guyz... so my adventure yesterday was just that an adventure. I walked all the way from Columbia city to Cap Hill and chilled with some water. I was thristy after that long ass walk. While there a guy bought me a drink and I just kinda relaxed socialized and talked stuff like that. Then I saw a guy who likes me and who had hit on me once when I was with Trumph GW3. Now GW3 is a brotha but he is not a handsome one. Unfortunately the man is grossly fat and not cute, but I was lkie whatever I'll hang out with him, it's not as if I have never given fat guyz the time of day before. I do not do it usually but sometimes you never know the good people you can meet and not every thing has to be about sex even though in GW3 mind it was....

So I'm like well I'll hang with you guy aint got nan cahs but I'll hang out. So we drove around South center in his car and I dunno it was okay. I got runed off. He is grossly fat and he wheezes sounds like Big Pun did when he rapped. Like a pig snorting or something. I know why because he is carrying so much weight but not attractive. He could barely get himself into his own car. He took me to a subway place called Jersey Mikes, which was pretty good and then GW3 was like let's go to the movies and I was like okay iof you want. I had no plans. SO we saw State of Play. Great film by the way check it out, very much a nice little thriller like film. Everyone in it di a great job. So afterwards he wants me to spend the night. I'm like why? I'm not having sex with you. GW3 is all like we can cuddle. I was like what the ehll why not you wanna show me your pad, I know how to use a knife to stab you if need be okay.... So we go. He said he would take me back home actually taht night but then he gets there and gets all comfortable and takes off most of his clothes.... Oh it was gross. He like had tits and I was just like shit in my head I'm so not feeling him... So we lay down and he starts rubbing me all over, I make sure to keep my dick and all things covering it from him....He is a bottom didn't ya know. I could not even imagine sticking my penis inside of him, I might get lost. And not in the moment either. But li was like wahtever my body was sore he could give me a massage and I fell asleep.

He dropped me off this mornig and was like you were all over me last night. I smirked to myself at that one. Some males really have a bad habit of projection. I was like okaaayyy. I dunno the thing is he is successful and architect, kind hearted to be honest, and he just wants to be loved by someone. He deserves a goodman, and his place is lovely. In locale and decor. It's just and some people say for this I am a fool I can't fake the funk. I am simply not attracted to this male and I can't make myself. He is just too unhealhty and that turns me off. Don't get me worng you do not need the body of an African God but if you walk and you wheeze and I think that each moment I spend with you will end in you demise, or if you can't even dfit into your car... That is just too damn big. Don't feel it.

However on the other hand the weather was lovely, and I had an adventure that ended with me safe and sound, fed and happy. Plus GW3 is not bad compnay and a perfect gentleman.... It owuld just be nice for a guy without hundreds of pounds of excess weight or not a psychopath or not some just hideous looking thing of a male would find me attractive and want me.... Story of all our lves right.

Now let me get with whoever ugly or not and all manner of males will be sniffing round me dick and my ass like cats in heat shoving all manner of sexual temptation in my face. Hwoever being single I can't find not a single one of them and it is starting to bother me just a little bit. Of course this is Seattle too. Now if I wan elsewhere I probablyu wouldn't want for company but here... Ahh bien... I can't be relocating to another city because I could potentially find a husband there even though people od that kind of stuff all the time don't they? But not me...Not yet at least. But I feel that if I stay in Seattle my pospects will not be what they could be.

Of course none of this was supposed to have come to pass. I was supposesd to have been married to Trumph and we were supposed to have grown old together and well... That didn't work out the way I planned huh? Oh love and plands. We put so much of what we want into and it rarely comeso ut that way. Who can control such a force like amour?

Love is such a paradox sometimes. All of it confuses, delights, confounds, and enamours me. Yet what would life be without it.... *smile* Adieu mes amis....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bonjou mes amis! So last night I went out with my roomates to the Cuff for some fun. I had a good time even with the evil jealous Allemagne who said I looked old because he was mad that I wasn't saying he was attractive and wanted to have sex with him. 'Cause I didn't. Sorry I'm a French Creole and Germans are well... Ils sont tous Nazi, non juste joking but I don't always care for them. They are too uptight and can be irritating. Juste comme cet Herr! Anyways I had fun. I danced and made out with some cute young brotha who was taller than me and kinda built but sounded like a female in a Masengil commercial. Well he did sound like a girl and it made me laugh inside. But he could kiss. Could he ever.

Then we came home and I made myself a gooey cheeseburger and went to sleep. Now I am up and with no cash and UI could care less the weather is okay and I need to be away from my home. So that was my night. And I have made new friend a guy who is seeing my roomie 7, his name is uhm... Chaugito. Chaugito is cool people from Puerto Rico and he is a great guy. We have fun, he makes me laugh and I am happy 7 has such a good guy. Today I want to be out in the waether, I want to feel the air on my face, I want to dance in a field of green and frolic in meadows near the sea. The feywilde blood is stirring in my soul like a tempest. I want to drink and sing and shine like the sun in June or I guess April since it is April.... LOL!!!!

And who knows today is going to be a day of adventure. Here's to adventure.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bonjou vas tous!? Sup folkkz how is life? Life for me is kinda boring, kindqa borke, got a temp job coming up next week. That's cool. It will help me pay off some bills that I need to pay desperately so that will be good. At least that is the hope who knows. I just had a shit load of stuff to pay off soe I am broke again and of course they shut off my phone. I know come on now but hey it's all good. OH AND I HAVE TO SAY THIS!!!! MYRONE EARLY AKA SEAN STONE AKA DAMON! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOADING THIS PLAYLIST ON MY BLOG BECAUSE I WAS TOO STUPID TO FIGURE IT OUT ON MY OWN YOU CUTIE YOU! I THABNK YOPU SO MUCH AND REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! There well I said I would thank you Sean so I have and you are a cutie so. He did help me though y'all get this on my blog and the sad thing I still don't know what he did. Oh well it's on here now.
It's going to rain again today. I feel it even though who knows the sun may push through. Hard to tell with Seattle. So that is all there is and I am just chilling blogging. Ahh la vie it is waht you make of it. After this I may go home, read and have a slice of apple pie. Yes I think I shall.... Adieu.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahhh printemps a Seattle. Nothing like it anywhere else mais ete est mieulleure! At any rate le soleil is struggling to shine behind a viel of gris et qui savez, peut-etre il fait du soleil. J'espere il ferras beau. I need the sun to shine on me. So I have a job lead which is nice, today I will get my lil unemployment cheque, life is not so bad and I fancy getting out of my home ofr a while. I have been pretty much in my home and hood for the past 4 days and I have been slowly going stir crazy en rhuemee ou pas!
Trumph is at my home right now, he had an axiety attack and told me he might relapse so I came to his aid to just listen, I didn't do so much ofthat though becauseh e used my phone to call his mom and told her his woes. Which is good because now he feels good, I myself fixed him a cup of green tea and got myself together for the day. I feel kinda cute and springy today for Seattle at leat which is alright though I need a hair cut which I will be getting today. I need to. It looks not right. So let's do it again meet Key at the spot so we can dot- dot -da-da- da! Okay that's not a thought that is a line in song I like that I am listening to as I blog. What?! Like your mind has never wandered avec la musique. Come on now...
So it appears today that things are finally cmoning full circle. I feel clam and a song of gladness in my heart.

King Henry the 8th was right in his sermon. It is better to be awake in your life, for when you are awake you can better hear the voice of God, and see him at work in even just the smallest things. One's heart is open to feel, to hear, and to be receptive to his grace, his wisdom, and his love. I am listening now to Hey Now by Carl Thomas. It makes me think of Goldie to hear this song....I remeber years ago, on nights when it as warm he would hold me against him and sing this to me. And I would fall asleep in his arms surrounded by his warmth and my heart full of love from to the very tip of my head. And Goldie would say,
"Heaven must be missing an angel tonight and he is here with me, and how then could I ever let him go back to the sky?" And my heart melted.... Ahh love in the past, even though it is past and long gone not all of the memories are bad. A little time with you-oooouuuuuuuu...... I want is spend you-oooouuuuu-uuuu..... Baby hey-hey oho.... Ahhh such a love it was when it was good. Here I type got in a memory of a love that sometimes when I am alone I still wish in a small part of me I still had.... Ahh bien that is the past and it belonghs there. I wonder if I shall ever love lie that again? Who knows... I am in no rush.

I have no lessons to teach this day, nothing profound to say. I have only my feelings to put out and I will let them rush out here like floodwaters from my soul... I just feel this profound sense of being okay and I am glad for that. The love of God is surrounding me and I know that finally in my heart once again, that his love is enough. I dunno about y'all but hey I am human, caught up in this busy world and sometimes I forget about it. Sometimes the stillness of God's voice can get lost in hustle and bustle of life, the good and the bad times which it seems to inundate our lives....

So today Kyon is okay. And that is okay. *smile*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bon anniversaire Javiav. Today I may be albe to meet you for a moment for a drink though I am not up to it. I threw you a party and took care of your drunk ass afterwards... I mean drunk ass in the kindest way, and I am tried and still recovering. I just want to sleep and chill. I need a hair cut today. Aie aie je besoin un travail.... I feel today very sleepy but I am also feeling better not so scik. C'est maladie n'est rien sympathique. Well I should go I am only giving a quick shout out. My roomates by the way are cool I just blew off some steam yesterday. Here is to the rest of the day.... And the week!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

So how is everyone Bon Paques even thoug hthat was hier it's still good because well I am wishing you now. I couldn't wish you hier because I was at Church praising Jesu and being stricken with a horrific cold that literally after service et Diner Paques had me straight back in bed sleeping. Right now I don't look so spectacularly handsome. I need a shave and I do not really match not that I care. I had a party this weekend for Javiav it will be hias birthday tomorrow and so I decided it would be a good idea to hold it early. I somehow got my roomates to agree and it was all good. Well the party came off without a hitch even though there was some drama, Tifanska who I thank for helping me with party and King Louis got into it. Which I had hoped they would not but they did. Aie mon Grand met but it was over before it started and JAviav did kinda put Tifanska in her place which she did not like. Oh and someone broke a glass. It was a shot glass not mine so I did not care. Now 2 of my roomates both of them Bekes, White men, were there X and 7. Aie aie, what a bunch of drunken kochanris. First they were cool but they got drunk pretty soon and 7 fell down the stairs and kept on trying to get me to throw him and Javiav togethere which made me laugh because well 7 is kindfa dirty looking and trust me him and Javiav!? HAHAhAHAhA! Meanwhile X kept flitting through the party saying:
" This is so delicous! Oh how tasty! Oh how lovely!" Shaking his ass which is kinda flat all about and thenbeing drunk and being really touchy feely, feeling up all my frineds male and female alike and aone point he took off his shirt and walked through the crowd and we all thought he had lost his ever loving mind and he shouts:
"I'm a whore!"

Well I suppose when you have alternative veggan gay white people in the mix anything is possible. However the party came off wonderfully everyone had a lovely time and we danced and drank and sang long into the night. Javiav was overjoyed and got very drunk and I had to take care of him or rather I directed Trumph to do it! Since both of them were carousing like little boys while I was catching up on long needed sleep. The story gets even longer after this but it makes me too tried to even desire to contemplate let alone right it but should we ever meet in person I shall tell you one day.

Then the next day of course was Pacques when the Lord Jesu Christ rose from the dead affirming himself fixedly as the head the Christan Chruch the relgeon I of course follow. Which was lovely the service was even though I swear someone in the choir was off key and told them so. They told me to shut up but I said well next time we have to have more folks to blend it plus I knew someone was off key because Anne Elzabeth my sister aka Terry got all angry looking when everyone was singing. Our pastor King Henry the 8th was all being a snipish kinda tete de merde towards me but he can't help it I suppose. I think he knows I folow him to a degree but I do not like how he has used my sister! I do not care for it at all. But he still preached a good sermon so I suppose il est bon pou quelqchose. Ritchie made me giggle yesterday though and I had fun with him at the church. Afterwards Trumph brought me home and we napped and then he left.

This morning I awoke to another roomate I shall call him hmmm Hansel, so Hansel is all upset cause his floors are kinda messed up and I cleaned up his house and well now I need to sleep. Hansel is a nice guy but he can be an asshole and he stutters and it makes me laugh when I am angry at him. Well it does and I don't like him sometimes. Little blond bastard. But he was nice after I did it and I was just like fucking White People but whatever the case the fact was his house is clean, the party did not do that much dmage anad all is well. Even though between you and me I hope those 2 little rat dogs well.... Ahh rien.

Well all in all I suppose life is cool and all is well except this cold so pray I get over it and all of you be blessed... Adieu.

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




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Just Me Again
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Adieu mes zamis....
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