Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glee - Football Team Dance Scene - SingleLadies - 9/23/09

I'm sorry this is brilliant and wonderful and hilarious!!!

Parfois there are hard times in ones life but the litmus test is not that you only that you endure those hard times but that you never loose your joy. That inspite of everything I still have. I promise you that. Inface last night I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself but that is a story for well another time...Well I guess I can tell you now.

So here on Capitol Hill in Seattle is a bar called the Crescent and it a mess of place with people who are a mess that go there, myself included well here take a gander yourself.

Crescent Lounge Karaoke Nights The Crescent is easily the most popular karaoke bar on Capitol Hill. Drag queens, dykes, and hipsters squeeze into the claustrophobic space like sardines on any given night, and by 12 a.m. there’s usually standing room only. The booze is dirt cheap ($3 wells, $4 pitchers), the bathrooms are filthy, and the karaoke hosts have names like Johnny Cock Ring. The Crescent is an unabashedly shady joint. And that’s why people—very eclectic people—love it so damn much. According to the bartenders, no karaoke night is the same—except for the three songs make it into the rotation without fail: 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up,” Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Stay clear of those, and you’ll be a crowd and staff favorite in no time.

So Terry, Kimiko, Viking and I are there last night drinking and singing karaoke...I love karaoke I sang 3 times last night and even Kenn ended up joining us and signing. Anyways as Viking was singing this man comes who looked like this... Oh my God I dunno he had on a sraw hat with a red shash around it that was kinda tight looking but the rest was not on point. This man had on a floral print black skirt, a white shoulderless blouse, and some combat boots that were tore up. He came up into the bar and started dancing.... He was doingthe running man and the Roger Rabbit and shit like that. We hollored! Then Wehn this woman got up to sing he all hugs here and then shoves his tongue down her throat. We ere just like wow we were cracking up. Then to make matters worse KJ the host is like get out. it was funny one those things you to be there but he was a mess! So trust I have alot of reasons to smile. Thank you Crescent and insane drunks!

Bonjou vas tous! So another week begins, well it began yesterday but classes begin for me and well alread of it has been an interesting start. By that I mean that I pretty much sliced opened my finger on a glass I was washing yesterday. I bnroke as I was washing it. Lots of blood, some pain, hot water... More bleeding in other places... You got the idea. Then went and connected with some friends and head fun untl some idiotic White crack head came over and started dropping N Bombs like they were going out of style. We were at Ken's house luckily Viking smacked him around and shut the muthafucka up... now right now I am sitting inside of the computer lab at school bored and waiting for a class that starts this evening... You know how sometimes you get online and just get carried away? Well if you don't I', doing that, taking a little net binge if you well. Things are cool for the moment now. I am over Siafu and not in the angry/hurt place I was when I firwst blogged about, epsecially since it has so recently happened. I just kinda put it all behind me. He certainly is not worht the effort and since had to be soo nasty and hateful than I will do as he asked... I have this feeling he will regret it. Males always seem to after they break with me...
Plus with school starting I think worrying about some male who is obviously a bipolar soldier will not assist me in anyway particularly as it relates to my studies so there ya go. Soon my brithday is coming another year and I am going to be 32.... Oh my God.... Terry said yesterday that he can't understand how some people react that way to brithdays, and he is in late 20's.... I basically told him it is the fact that youth is over I mean I am still young but I am no longer in the days of youth... I like everything that lives on this earth will age, and things will change and I just that much lcoser to that process. Which is not always soo fun to think about.
He understood then why I felt a certain amount of trepidation around it all. Yet on the otherhand I am kind of excited. I don't know.. We shall see it might be a really cool day... On the otherhand this cut is slowly bleeding. I am so sick of it. Stupid glass.

On Sunday I hung out with Aunt Daphne and Uncle David. We watched Beyond the Gates, a very good movie on the Rwandan Genocide you should check it out if you wish too. Had a great dinner and disucssed all kinds of stuff. I made the salad lol! So things have been coming along we will see how this week goes for now I am glad to be back in school. For now.

Anthony Antoine Tribute to E. Lynn Harris - "Invisible"

Check this out a nice little tribute for E Lynn Harris... Yes it has been awhile since he passed however still I want to honor him by sharing this with y'all.

Nvncble Single Experience Part II

Another single experience so then maybe I don't feel so bad to be single... He's another great man this one too!

My Single Experience "1on1 #58"

I can definately relate Newnue.... Cute little video

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bonjour mes zamis... Je suis triste et avec bonne reason aussi.... First let me start off by saying that probably the only real good day this week has been Monday the rest was just kinda blah and then it turned downright horrid. So far it is not yet over of course there is still the weekend.... Which I am for the frist time in awhile not looking forward to at all. Siafu...Ahhh Ouais Siafu, so I fell for him like a fool but yesterday he basically told me he never wanted to see me again and loose his number. Because I laughed at him... Long story at any rate he is moody and he just kinda blew his top and so I am now without that prospect. Someone said he was just mad bt I am not so sure even though I was falling in love with him if I want to deal with such a moody male any longer, especially one who does not know how to listen or talk to me... I been actually though kinda hurt b that. Cause I was hoping that... So once I agai I bury something before it starts... Curse Trumph for making me having to be in this dating position and then I decided to simply just lock my heart for a moment. I feel very very done. Siafu if he decides he made the wrong choice will certainly suffer for his choice. As Trumph suffered, as that little idiot Jae felt my displeasure... Males should know now that if you hurt me... Then you too shall hurt far more thatn I shall. I am if nothing else the King of payback... Lately males that have decided to try and et me back after an ill concieved decision find that I am niether a male who is often merciful or full of grace. So shall Siafu know this and that is my word. I feel better now, infactI am smiling. Well nthing lifts my spirit than imagining males who have wronged me in torment emotional or otherwise be it brief or longterm. Yeah and I know that seems evil but I don't care. I am not always nice and I am long since tired of males doing what they wish to me from leaving me, to attempting to confine me to booty call hours, to thinkng they can say whatever there wretched little mouths form to my face, to all of their bullshit dating crap I am most thoroughly finished!!! The next malewho comes my way is one who should be pitied indeed.

Then there is just the fact that my UE benefits are transitioning not that I have any knowledge of that outcome and then with school about to start and just ARRRGGHHHH!!! There is just too much sometimes and I never did get to take that fucking vacation tht I fucking needed because I feel like I am this close to becoming homicidal!!! I won't really kill anybody by the way even though part of me would like to toss Siafu out of a window. I won't though I am just feeling scorned.

Oh than Trumph has returned from his vacation which is nice because I would like to see him... For just a moment... Oh my this will be a very interesting week and meanwhile I am just a bundle of emotions.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

For the past couple days I have been kind of emotionally crazy.... I dunno....I am angry, I am sad, I am enraged....Swirls in my head these emotions I suppose. Right now I feel pensive and a bit sad.... Spoke with my mother again about the finances and school and she was just like Kyon stay on the path you are on. It will all work itself right. This will not be an easy time but God will provide... And so on this path I stay... I went to Church yesterday which was good it was all about racial reconciliation... A good topic. Then a long time. After the scandal Henry caused and how he jerked about Terry I did not think I would darken the doors of that place. However I went for two reasons... Money is low and the food was free, also Henry the 8th personally invited me via text anmd I responded with like ok thx. So I decided to go. It was better than I expected it to be... Infact we had a really good discussion on forgiveness and the food wasn't too bad. I was hungry I ate it....

Later on today... Javiav and I have been hanginig out for brief periods for the last couple of days and it has been pleasant. We haung out this afternoon for a minute had an okay time. Now I am at the officeof Multicultural Health where I would like to work when all of this is done and I am ust waiting for this board meeting to start that Iam supposed to be apart of... The board and the meetin. But seriously I am only here for the Jamaican food I am starving aint all day... Okay I will do my activism thing too but I am still here for thefood. I am all about free food, you got it and I will show up!!! So thus begins the passing of another day... We shall see what tomorrow has to offerand I bid all of you a well bonsoir....

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Men On Gossip Show

The Latest Gossip From Shawn QT and Friends. And yes this is funny!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bonjou mes zamis! Well not so excited by bonjou nonetheless. So let's see what do we have. I have to move out my place by the 2nd of November it's when my landlords are moving to HI they are planning on selling the house I live in. Oh and I haven't the money to do that And I will be strating my 2nd quarter of classes.... Well I will have been in them for a month. Oh joyous days these are. Somehow this will all work out I so hope...Not that I do not welcome the chance to move I am not liking Columbia City much anymore I'd rather live on Capitol Hill but I would have rather had more notice. Bien sur Jesu will take care of me mo konne, but still... This where in times like these I just thorw up my hands and say only you can do this God. Only you can make this right. I have no doubt he will but a bit of work is going to have be put up on my part. Chouette... Ouais I am saying that sarcastically.

In the meantime I am going to have one interesting week, for if waht Erinn said to me is true and he is never wrong about these thngs I will be without money for about a week... Oh I have to stop before I depress myself. The reason being is that I have to switch over to another pool of UE benefits... Aie such a conundrum.

So to other things yesterday I went to Gay City University, a day of classes put on by Gay City, Gay Men's Health and Wellness Organization here in Seattle. Erock and I went. It was actually pretty fun. I took HIV meds 101, HIV and the Gut, Gay Liberation History from Stonewall to Prop 8, Relationships in the Raw and Gay Life in Iran. Almost all of the classes were good. I learned some new things, and for the work I will be doing when I finish schools these facts were most beneficial. However Relationships in the Raw was nothing more than this therapist basically trying to get new clients...WHich is kool hey man promote yourself, but I aint paying you 45 dollars a session to talk about my feelings in this time of economic insanity for me...Nope. I will go to an NA meeting, take a bubble bath, holla at a good friend and call it a day. Okay and maybe eat somethig chocalaty or greasy...I mean that always make me feel better. Then comes Gay life in Iran... Why this man Mr. Nielson, this old expatriate White Queen who exemplifies the worst in the ugly American and ignorant White Male was teaching this class I will not know by my God. He was a fuckin rascist. Basically to sum his crappy class... Iran is a beautiful country (and from his photos oh by Allah it is), the people are gorgeous (and by Allah they are) and Mr Nielsen likes to sexually objective the Iranian Men and treat them as his own personal harem... An attitude which he displayed that angered me to no end and was I felt repugnant. However according to Mr. Nielsen these same lovely people are a bunch of backward, ignorant, third world savages which is not only untrue but unfair... Now this fool was spouting his garbage infront of student who has half Saudi and half Persian... I know right? I did learn somethings but I felt like I used to feel the first time around in college when I would read those old books about different African Societies written in the 30's.... There is useful information here unfortunately you have to filter through all the offensive racist crap that is there to get that ino... Aggravating that class was. I was thoroughly offended.

But I won this gift card to half priced books and bought some movies and a book and that was kool. Then I hung out with my Winter Knight Kenneth and came home and read. An okay Saturday night. Not the best but okay. Well no after Kenneth I wasn't ready to go home to I went to the Madison Pub and met some guy from NYC, Brooklyn who I thought was cute at first but wasnt so cute when he got close and had stanky breath but he bought me drinks. He was like many NYC males aggressive with that swagg but I just was like I'm not sure. he wants me to call him today but I do not want to have sex with him at all and I know that is what he wants to do... And I don't... Especially when sex with Siafu is so much more satisfying... This guy though was cool but I dunno... I mean like when some of you East Coast and Midwest guys come to the NW and you find males of color you kinda tend to treat us like whores if you are vacationing... Which is not always a bad thing but u know like slow down. This male was kissing on me and rubbing all on me and it was not that it didn't feel good I mean he had that build I like but he was too paunchy and when he got real close his breath ewww boo-boo! But my point is like don't just treat us like whores.

That is something I am not liking lately. And I know I can be forward but sometimes I just want a fellow to be sweet and affectionate and kind and interested, not all hot and heavy, and making me feel like a piece of meat. I get it you like me sexually, you are attracted great but like do not try to just fuck me right away...I mean I am not that easy... Not all the time at least... LOL! But for real... I mean it becomes disrespectful and leaves me feeling cheapened. I don't like that. It is much better to be treated with respect in such situations you will get me much faster with some tempered smooth attraction stuff than with totally just blunt open let me lick you up down nonsense! Males bah! I love them and then sometimes I want to just grab them all and ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Yes I do feel better now.

So well that was a alot...And what will happen today...I have no idwea and adventure and we shall see!!! Au revoir!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

So these guyz all make my list for being men who I would call apex males. These are the males who in their diversity of ages and skin tones are never the less males who will, do, and can turn my head. I say that because some of these guyz live in Seattle, some in other places. Some I know and some I do not. Some are bloggers and one is my ex. Can you figure out which is which? Right you're probably like really Kyon this is not your personal where is Waldo thing. But it is 'cause it's my blog so there! Tee-hee!

At any rate for the males that I do know on here I am grateful to know them or to have met them and for those I have not...Then maybe I have a little torch for you. Plus I am kinda bored and well it's fun to put up pictures of handsome males on my blog. At least it is too me. So be flattered if you are up here because hey everyone aint. Oh my being on break from school what idle hands and minds do.

On the other hand this weekend I am going to Gay City back to school event. It should be fun or at least I hope it will be. Then whole thing is a day long event of various workshops which I will attend with Erinn. We're going to network and flirt. And of course learn too, it will give us something to do and who knows, knowing our crazy selves some great adventure is bound to happen.

Oh and wouldn't you know it I guess that vacation I wanted to take is not happening after all... The Unemployment will be thrown off for a week while I switch another pool of benefits. So that will prohibit me from traveling but I will not complain.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SO I just ran into Siafu he was here at the libarary he said or acted like he wanted no company so I just let him be...I am kinda feeling a sense of et down over him even though I like him I just don't know what to do or the fact that I have fallen some for him... Ahh bien once again males make no sense to me. SO I have stopped trying to figure this one out.... In the meantime I think that vacation may happen next week after things get settled. I need to leave towm. Where will I go a surprise but some where else. Somewhere that is far from Seattle...Somewhere new. I need to get out of here. This place is killing me... I do not mean that literally just I feel stretched again...And sooo there it is... Perhaps I can find something to get my groove back... So that some male and my feelings feel him will not lay me low...There are things that are happening that are changing in my life...Things I have no desire to speak of but that are going to help me...Hmmm amazing what happens when your heart feels I dunno Siafu kinda made me feel bad...ANd I do not relish that feeling.

Aiight Kyon get out of this feeling... Now! Ahhh c'est bien. Wait one minute... So this continues now to tomorrow....

Siafu calls me while I am blogging...

S: Where are you? (Impatience in the voice, with a hint of irritation.)
K: At the library still... (My voice quivers I wanted at that moment to cry a bit. He acted like he didn't even know me not 5 minutes earlier.)
S: SO could you as a favor buy me some things at the grocery store? I mean if you want too...?
K: (I brighten then for a second) Yeah I guess I can what do you want?
S: Well wait a minute weren't we supposed to go to the movies today? Or tomorrow I had I day I could've used it!?
K: I had some money things come up and I tried to call you-
S: Fine! Naw it's all good you are busted that's fine you coud've called me or told me instead of trying to be slick. I guess you been so slick for some long you don't even know when you're being that way! You know what forget it I was going to have you get the food and have dinner with me but now I don't even want to eat with you let alone see you!
K: Siafu I asked you to call me I wanted to talk to you but-
S: I don't even want to hear it that's fine!
K: (Now I am crying out of frustration, anger, hurt and perhaps lovesickeness)
S: Wait Kyon... Are you crying?
K: Yes! You are such an asshole sometimes! I will go get your damn food!
(Sobbing now)
S: No Kyon I didn't mean oh God Kyon wai-

I hung up and went to QFC which is a jump literally from the library and bought him some food, he said he would pay me back, I know I didn't mention that in the dialouge and then headed to Siafu's home which is not too far from there. I got there he let me in and I was still crying and he came to the door and took the bags from me and put them on his counter and then led me to his bed nad sat me in his lap and said:

"I never knew... I am sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings I have food I just was being spoiled and I am sorry for talking to you like that baby... I didn't mean to be like that...Just don't cry... I always thought you just thought of me like a booty call or fuck buddy but a man does not cry over a booty call..."

IN that moment Siafu knew now that I was in the grip of feelings. I accepted his apologies and let the exquistieness of his gentleness wash over me like a soothing stream...Then we spoke of many things that night, we ate, and we... Well you know... Afterwards we just chilled watched some tele and enjoyed each other's company. Siafu was different this time with all of it... All of it... HE was for the first time not so harsh with me, he said he realized that I was sensitive and that my tears were something that came from a place of vulnerability and I think for the first time and he said this himself:
"I see you differently...I see you as something more than what I have been seeing you as." SO perhaps for the first time I am thinking because of how he spoke calling me once again his baby et al. that Siafu is allowing himself to think and feel more for me. That makes me smile. That makes me want to be better and what is more that makes my heart soar. Siafu and I have turned a corner in this undefined relationship we have...For it is a form of a relationship...

THe thing is I have not cried over a man in sometime...Since Trumph cast me out like trash from his life. I promised myself I would never give a male such satisfaction ever... Yet the heart can't control such things. At least mine can't. You see I am a man who responds with emotions. When I am happy I laugh and giggle and skip and dance! When I am afraid I stutter and stammer in French or Creole, I search for comfort or avenues of escape or perpare to fight... When I am moved to places few can see but all can recognize I am swept away and tears come...When I am sad I hold myself tight and hurt and I often cry. When I am anbry or frustrated I vent or occasionally cry too. Be assured though that in anger if I cry it is not so good... So there it is...I have always been a sensitive soul...A man who cries at movies and weddings, a man who rages for those oppressed by grevious injustice, and a man who rejoices in the good fortunes and blessings of others. I am also a nice guy and we tend to finish last... It may sound cliche but I have seen it before so I dunno I will just continue on this path with Siafu... And I will see where my heart takes me... Yet now Siafu knows that I have as he said:
"Caught feelings for him." And I am glad and I beleive that he is too. He is happy about but he is afraid as am I. Yet I would never intentionally hurt him and for now I believe he would not either and that is something... Where the road with Siafu will lead I do not know but I am not afraid so much anymore to see where it will go.... Paix mes zamis...

Friday, September 04, 2009

"Left 4 Dead" Short Film

Another Zomibe short and this is the end of my zombie scenes for the day....

Zombies! Emergency: a zombie short film

Another Zombie film short it was pretty good.

REAL LIVE Zombie Attack!!!

This is another good zombie attack you guyz know me and my wierd themes. Now this one scared me kinda. Okay it did.

TOUGH SPOT VI : Zombie Attack - How to deal with Fast Zombies

Poor poor boy..

"The Color Purple (spoof)"

This is so hilarious hope you guyz love it!!

Daybreakers - Official Trailer [HD]

This also looks very good!

Zombieland - Red Band Trailer

This movie looks awesome and I am going to see it! Because even though Zombie scare me shitless I love to see the movies about them. I have heard alot of the buzz around this and I have heard this is brilliant so check out this red band trailer guys for Zombieland!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mes pensaits are awhirl for a moment but I will say this in writing and not feel guilt here or pain.... I love him. I love Siafu and I spoke with him today and I will maybe see him tomorrow and oh I love him and I know I do that is enough to say here.... I love Siafu.... And I am not in this moment terrified of it at all......

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




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But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
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For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

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Blood Elven Prince
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Drow Hunting Party

Drow Hunting Party
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Adieu mes zamis....
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