Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready) feat.Drake

Another great CD this song is my favorite on it. Very nice, this CD the 5th Element is definately worth your cash.

Te Amo Rihanna my OFFICIAL VIDEO

This is from Rihanna's new album and I love it soo much. It is gorgeous. But the CD is 50/50 so get someone to burn it for you 'cause she aint got all cuts.

Joyeaux Noel, Kwanzaa et aussi si vous etes un Juif Channukah! I wish all of you a very joyous Holiday season. Mine has been great and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Demain I see my Mom and her family but for the last almost now 2 weeks I have been in Tacoma with the Winter COurt and we have been having fun. We have gone shopping, barhopping, out to eat, and we saw Avatar which was a good movie, even though it made me angry at the White People for a second. That and Grimalkin brought his new piece who I think is a drag to a degree. Sorry he is but other than that I've been having fun. Christmas Dinner last night was awesome. Lady Maeve's People had us all over and we ate well, and even though Lady Maeve's step dad is a cock eyed freakazoid isalope, we still had a good time. The Erlking and I got a lil buzzed after with some cokctails at the Mix. I got some nice stuff. I got a bottle of Euphoria Intense and so I smell really good like sex and stuff. And hey smelling like sex is kool. Oh and I got 2 outfits, a new shirt, a Star Wars Collectible Toy thing which hey I will totally use a decor, and most of all I was able to have the best gift of all. Being able to spend some quality time with the Erlking. Which is a reward all it's own.

Well I'm sure you guyz are like do you have photos cher? Mais bien sur. And here they are. Happy Holdiays all of you guys, be blessed, and be safe. Much love to all of my readers whether you leave comments or not. Merci beaucoup. Okay well I'm signing of until next year... Adieu. Oh et Bon Anee mes zamis!!! Adieu!

Hoped you enjoyed these photos the Winter Court and I Kyon Jibirle Saucie bid you all a Bon Anee!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bonjou vas tous! So I am sitting here in The Erlking's apartment just chilling doing my thing on here about to go get sum grub. The Erlking is working. What a week finals are over and I think I did a good job now all I have to do is submit some stuff and I wll be good. For now a break for the moment. The Erlking and I ahve reconciled and we talked and things are good. And I am starting to really fall just a lil bit now. So there that is. I am simply preparing for the Holidays and waiting for them to come with anticipation. So to everyone Happy Holidays... Uhm right now that is Hannukah so for all my Jewish Readers Gut Yom Tov!!! Be blessed. Oh these are just some photos of friends and I an including Lady Maeve, Viltostat, and the Erlking. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bonjou guyz ouais c'est moi I am back. Okay so how was tghe rest of my weekend after that post I did? Well I ti was kool. That night I finished a paper for4 school andI think I did a pretty good job on it. I went ahead and went to Erock's house for second and just chillied over there and then headed up to PURR to meet Viltostat and Maeve for this White Dude Scotts Bday Party. It was kool we actually all had fun and then we somehow got into the Cuff and danced all night before leaving. Now here is the thing I did drink that night but nowhere near the level I did the night before. Infact I was pretty good. The same for Sunday Night I was good again I met with Kenn cause he got back from his gram's funeral in VA. Sunday wasn't a bad day. I went to church with Maeve (I spent Sat night in Tacoma with him), came home took a bath, studied for my final on Monday and then left and met up with Kenn. Hier was my final and I aced it or at least I think I did so last night was pleasant just came home early and chilled. Right now I am waiting for laundry to finish before I leave. I ahve a class tonight which I should go to but I wonder if I can call in sick tonight.... I mean I don't have to go. I have nothing left to do buty take care of my FA stuff which will be done this week. So all in all things are going pretty well this week. Oh and the Erlking finally called my yesterday night and wants me to call him...We shall see.... Apparantly though Maeve ever a loyal vassal to the Winter Court she is paved the way for me. So this should be interesting. But all in all not such a bad start of a week....

To Much Sasha? Beyonce Drunk???

This aint beyonce but whoever is impersonating her is fucked up. I mean she is really drizunk!

smash into u

oh I love this song I do like the way he sings it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is hilarious

I think that perhaps for a while I shall stop drinking since last night I pissed off the Erlking and now he will not talk to me. Didn't say anything but I did kinda ruin his night I had too much to drink. I didn't intend it just crept up on me and I was just like blahhhhurhhhruurr.... I know that's not good. So I decided I just won't drink for a while or at least drastically change how I drink... Of course it did not help that I had not eaten. So now I have made a bit of a mess and I am trying to apologize to the Erlking but he many not be feeling it. I feel kinda bad. I could cry a little not so much from sadness but frustration but I apologized I left a message and I will not be labor the point he will contact me or he will not. As I said with males lately I can get excited and put out fire but I will not be all so free falling anymore it does not serve me. But yes for the moment I feel just a lil low and it is kinda my fault after all.... Sighhhhhhhhh.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Survivors Remember Kristallnacht: Inge (Berg) Katzenstein and Jill (Gisela Berg) Pauly

Last video testament of this awful Porgrom

Survivors Remember Kristallnacht: Susan (Strauss) Taube

More testimonies from survivors of the Kristallnacht Pogrom

Survivors Remember Kristallnacht: Susan (Hilsenrath) Warsinger

A very important lesson. Take a listen.

Things I like about the Erlking....

1. He allows himself to be himself infront of me and doesn't apologise for his quirks, which are things I can deal with like twirling or whatever. I appreciate those things about him.

2. He has a good job. God when was the last time I dealt with a male who had that. I mean some of y'all niggas is like Christmas lights. Half of y'all don't work and the ones that do oftentimes aint that bright.

3. He's a good kisser among other things....

4. He is actually quite intelligent and while I have not as of late dated males who could be termed stupid by any means the Erlking is very much aware and he actually supports me in going to school. Which trust me is a good thing.

5. He has an excellent sense of humour he is laways laughing and always smiling... Well he is most of the time and that would lift anyone's spirits.

6. He is a very good dresser and has a godo sense of style which I can appreciate I mean he bought me a pretty nice outfit. And no I didn't ask him to buy it for me either. I'm just sayin' I know how sum of y'all be. Infact in all astethic senses he has very good taste.

7. He is for now attentive. That may change but for now it is cool and I am enjoying it and I hope it does not change.

8. He is actually so far low maintenance. He doesn't seem to need to much from me to be happy and I like that. He doesn't even need or want me to call him every day nor is he a bugaboo. Thank God. He stays in contact enough and let's me have my space as I let him. I'm not into clingy guys.

So far that is all...There may be more but for now this is enough and I am enjoying this time with him.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vanessa Williams -- "The Way that You Love" [Late Night Mix]

Very nice and I will take you of this set with this...

Vanessa Williams Ft Brian McKnight - You Gotta Go 1994

Ole Skool but still good a combo of these 2!

Vanessa Williams - Breathless


Good Enough - Brian McKnight with Lyrics

But it was this song by Mr McKnight that has forever captured me.

Don't Know Where to Start by Brian McKnight (ft. Nate Dogg)

yes I know Nate Dogg and B Mcknight but hey it works and I like this song I'd dance to it.

Lover's Ghetto - Angie Stone

But of course Angie is genius to me

Angie Stone - I Ain't Hearin'

And I am feeling this single too. I can't wait for the album

Janet Jackson - Make Me: Closed-Captioned

I love it go Janet!!!

AZ Ft Joe - Everything's Everything

Used to have this CD it was stolen and I was pissed because of this song especially!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Temptations-Stay(All 5 Tempts are featured on this song)

I'm just in a mood and this song is soo soothing and lovely...

brendan singing robin thicke

Too cute... Ohh this makes me miss Bumpallump refer to earlier entries to learn about him.


Maeve and Me (Kyon aka Queen Mab) Fashion Foward!!!

The Erlking

So sak passe mes zamis!!! Wassup? How y'all durin' and all that extra goodness. So this past week was pretty cool and I went out to the Winter Court on Wed and spent some time with the Erlking. Now I am not going to say I am falling but I feel I could. For some reason unlike with the others it feels...Different. I will say that I feel very comfortable with him and he likes me and he is not doing no foot dragging. Si c'est plus mieux pou moi. I mean finalment un homme qui konne quoi li vle! Mon Grand Met I thought I was taking crazy pills for a while. Still I must not get over excited because well anything could happen...But I am hoping it will not...And I am feeling okay about dating and not overthinking as Maeve instructs me. So this weekend was the Erlking's bithday. Excuse me... It was his Supa Supa Dupa B'day Bash!!! And we had a blast. We dressed in an 80's theme and Maeve cae in drag. IT was hoot. Good drink, good food, and good times. Et I got lots of bissous trop. Ouais beaucoup and they were very nice....LOL!!! We went dacing at the Silverstone and then Maeve, Erlking and just chilled at the Erlking's apt and had a nice time watching movies. I was introduced to John Waters films and while some parts were funny i was just too tried after all the crazieness we did all weekend. Still it was nice. Now I am preparing for busy week at school finals are approaching and so we shall see so far i am doing well but we shall see. Well guys and filles wish me bonne chance and thanks for stopping by I will be back with another update. Be blessed guys....Adieu.

Toni Braxtion - Selfish (Written By Brandy Norwood)

Or this which out of these trio is my favorite!!! 'Cause I can be selfish like that....

Olivia - Never Too Far (Written By Brandy Norwood)

Or this song.

Kelly Rowland - Love/Hate (Written By Brandy Norwood)

I really like this song alot and I had no idea Brandy wrote this!

You Must Know About Me: Rights Not Violence for Sex Workers in Macedonia

More Human Rights stuff I know I know I have a bleeding heart but the more we know of the abuses in this world the more we can counteract them!

Good 4 da goose

Double Standards

Monday, December 07, 2009


Another Mr Staples hit...He has a lovely voice...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

So what exactly can I say the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was a busy one spent with the Winter Court in both Tacoma and Seattle. First on Wed I saw Jack Frost and spent that night with him, Viking and Lil Stevie for dinner. Roast Turkey, stuffing, craberry sauce, garlic mashed sweet potatoes, and somme mixed cocktails. The food was great. We listened to music and watched movies. Hercules the diseny version which thoug they mocked the liked, Quarantine, Wanda Sykes (comedy show routine), the Chronicles of Riddick, and the Orphan. We had a great time of socialization and fellowship. I slept there that night safe, sound and very full. The next day was actually Thanksgiving and so I went out to Tacoma the home of the most of the Wyldfae and the Winter Court. Well when I got to Maeve's house I was informed that we would be going to Seattle to this chick Lettie a woman who attends the church we sometimes attend. So we headed over there and wouldn't you know it...The party was mixed. Straight and Gay alike, though all of us were of the The People (meaning we were all of African Descent). It was kool I mean we had fun the food was slammin'! Soul food all around ya digg and it was great to eat, drink, and be merry. We played taboo and scattergories it was cute. Except that some of the Heteros in attendance treated us with TOLERANCE. I mean that too TOLERANCE. It was like oh look... Homosexuals...How... Nice... We did not care for that at all but we went with it. There was of course much discussion afterwards but we dealt with it. Which is sad but on the otherhand no one was overtly homophobic and for us as a people hey that it progress. Went back to Maeve's house and fell asleep after a night of kareoke. Fun fun fun. Friday we all hung out and kicked it.
This time we of the Fae cooked. Erlking and I made a fried turkey and though it was the craziest food preparation either of us have ever made... From splatters of hot butter, to our flavor syringe being to small, it was all good. Of course Demonika who was still there was a bitch to everyone that night but whatever, you can ignore such triflingness during the holidays. I mean you have to one dysfunctional twit don't cha? Vrai, vrai. Of course she angered just about all of the Winter court including our new member Vilostat
who is the most easy going of the Court but hey we still dealth with him. Even Grimalkin
treated Demonika with light and mocking laughter at his antics. Now I Kyon aka Queen Mab got a little to happy with my Winter Wine and well I fell asleep. They all went out to the club and had fun. That night I spent in the Erlking's abode. Maeve and I awakened to the Erlking being driven insane finally by Demonika... After getting some time alone with us he begged us not to leave him with that hemophage. And we didn't. Which made Demonika angry. He posted himself in the Erlking's bedroom for 12 hours. The whole time he was on the phone talking shit about us, and the Erlking. We heard everything. And we got pissed. Not as pissed as we were to get but angry enough. Later on when Leanansidhe (Lea for short) and Green Jen arrived for movie night only then did that little bastard come out of his hole and join the party. Now I must tell you about this shameless Red Court Vampire bastardly bitch! All through the days the Winter Court spent together this little shit was talking much mad shit about the Erlking. And we all heard it and we all knew of it and we waited. For we of the Winter Court never forget an insult but instead we wait for you to slip. Demonika did. On Sunday evening after a day of rest and movies, and chilling, and a wonderful breakfast the Erlking bought us all at Hobnob Demonika made her move and started a fight with Erlking.
Which I had to mediate. I finally flat out let Demonika know that Erlking don't love him, get over and either go home to Houston or live here in the apartment in peace in Tacoma until it was time for him to go. Stupid fool Demonika flew over 1000 miles without a penny to her name. Erlking was feeding her, paying for entertainment, all of it. Yet Demonika wanted to still marry him. Long story short Erlking had a many breakdown... I had to comfort him...There were some other things that came out too that I shant put here but needless to say Demonika did her damage and had her revenge. The Red Court Vampire was shipped back to Houston, reluctantly on his part I might add yesterday! Glory be to GOD!!!! So you see except for Sunday night the whole Holiday was lovely. Well be blessed guys and keep on reading. I love you all. Adieu!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

So here they are the pictures of Thanksgiving with the Winter Court and the Wyldfae Lords. Oh we had such a fun 4 day weekend enjoy these photos and be blessed!!! Oh and I will post something soon and tell you all about the holiday!!!

LeToya Luckett "Regret" ft Ludacris (official music new song july 2009) + Download

Why is this song the story of my life. I meet these niggas and they fly and then wanna come back for "whatever" the reasons are varied but the result isthe same. They regret and I don't.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RL ft. Eric Sermon - got me a model

Reember this? I used to love this song... I would sing this to the guy i was dating at the time and substitute got me a Kyon in the song... Hey it made me feel good. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bonjou mes zamis!!! Sak passe? Good for all of you I am hoping. So let us see what do we have here? Oh so much has taken place since last I actually wrote something for y'all to read. For the last 3 weeks I have been spending my weekends in Tacoma with the Wyldafae and the Unseelie Fae of the Winter Court, the Court that I rule over as Queen Mab. And we have been ahving fun and eating good! Maeve is a wonderful new friend and quite good company, Puck is cool even though he lives in Seattle and can be complicated with his bisexuality and subsequent passive agressiveness (a most Seattlite trait), and the Erlking that ruler of Wyldfae is oh sooo handsome and kool...I have a new member of hte Winter Court too, Grimalkin the Malk a new fae in my Winter Court who I will introduce to you in photo at a later date. I love Grimalkin. He can cook and he is viscious to those who do not like the Winter Court and that makes me happy! So we have been basically cooking alot, going out to the Gay Club in Tacoma called the Silverstone....Which I am enjoying for being so ecletic in it's clientele but it is definately fun. We dance, we drink, we play and I am finding finall;y a good group of Black Gay Men who are like me. Meaning that we laugh easy, like to have fun, and we will defend each other if necessary. I really like and welcome that into my life. So this week for Thanksgiving I shall be feting with the Winter Court.
I am doing so because truthfully I am not keen on going to far this season. I just am not feeling the travelling thing for Thanksgiving, maybe pou Noel but not for this holiday. Plus Erlking is making a deep fried trueky so there ya go. My Winter Knight, Jack Frost will be also having a Thanksgiving dinner on Wedenday. So I mean it's kinda kool to Thanksgivings in a row. HE-AAAYYYY!!!! LOL! Sorry guys but I live to eat. I suppose that's my Creolite coming thru. Food is meant to be enjoyed. And I freaking enjoy food! HAHAHA!

School is going fairly well I took my midterms and to my suprise (not too much really but hey I never ever get arrogant) I got A+ on both of them. Ouais chouette right? Right! I was quite excited. Now I have 2 papers to do by the end of the quarter which should not be too hard. I will keep my fingers crossed I still have a couple things I have to in the next 2 weeks and shopping du Noel aint one of them. ya digg? So u know life always keeps me busy. Trumph is doing well with his recovery and I am most proud of him for that. He has a job and is getting back into his music and well it has been a year since we broke up now and it has all come full circle. The hatred, the pain, the bitterness over our breakup it has all gone for both of us... And while we may still at this point find ourselves in bed with each other from time to time the point is that we have both grown for the better...I still love him...I always shall but what is now is what is.

This last weekend with the Winter Court was fun except that we had an infiltrator amongst us. Someone that I did not like. Some one who was trying to come for the Erlking when it clearly to all in the Winter Court that the Erlking and I have some chemistry between each other and we are getting into a lil sumthin. This hateful little creature, a Vampire of the Red Court who is just a slimy with his flesh mask on as he is without it...Demonika Singelebaba came into to town this past Thursday. He came for the Erlking...I guess they were talking online and at some point met and maybe hookied up in New Orleans. Well after that Demonika fell totally in love with the Erlking and used his venomous narcotic saliva to attempt to ensnare him. It ididn't work the Erlking doesn't feel that Vampire bitch!Well this sneaky hateful creature who lives in Houston by the way has been posting things all over Facebook talking about tyhe Erlking is my boo and shit has been kinda bugabooking the Erlking since then. The male is intense and his affection for the Erlking reeks of desperation. All of the Winter Court believes that Demonika aint wrapped too tight. Well we finally met him on Frday Night, and I had to act and bee good since the Erlking didn't want a scene. So I didn't make one but this boy kept fucking up may name, he was watching me like a hawk and he seemed to take almost malicious pleasure in announcing that the Erlking was his. I wanted to slice him into a million pieces and subject him to torments such that would leave him a pile of Ashes on Maeve's doorstep. I hoever didn't do any of that. I was polite and kind and very nice. I even helped cook for him. And still he tried to ensnare the Erlking but the ha ha was that the Erlking ended up snuggling up to me this weekend. We didn't do that damn thing but we cuddled and smooched and I got the play! HA HA HA! Fuck you Demonika!!! So that was my little bit of drama this weekend but it ended well. I went to church with Maeve and Puck... Oh and I ahve to other members of the Winter Court I just forgot. Green Jen and Leannsidhe. Now my Court is complete. Terry akak Titania has to build his Court of Summer up.... Back to Chruch so yes went to chruch with Puck, Maeve, Green Jen, and Leanansidhe. We had fun it was an ice service even though I slept through half of it. I know I don't do it often but I was soo tired. Then I went out to the Cuff and hung with Jack Frost. I danced and had a nice time flirting with males... i eman I haven't been to the Cuff in awhile for the Tdanse so you know. And now I am blogging to you. Sio you see I have been quite busy these past days of silence. Well I hope all of you have a wonderful, loving, restful, and delicious Thanksgiving and may li Bondieu bless all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ingrid - "Tu es foutu (tu m'as promis)"

Love this song!!!

Sometimes in April (part 14) (last)

Sometimes in April (part 13)

Sometimes in April (part 12)

Sometimes in April (part 11)

Sometimes in April (part 10)

Sometimes in April (part 9)

Sometimes in April (part 8)

Sometimes in April (part 7)

Sometimes in April (part 6)

Sometimes in April (part 5)

Sometimes in April (part 4)

Sometimes in April (part 3)

Sometimes in April (part 2)

Sometimes in April (part 1)

Soemtimes in April a very good movie on the Rwandan genocide..... watch, learn, and fight against intolerance and injustice. We are our brother's keepers.

Dinosaur (2000) trailer

Cool opening sequence it really was.


This is from the musiocal but it always stirred something in me

Be Prepared The Lion King English

A sinister but cool lil song

The lion King - I just can't wait to be king

Yay I loved this too!

Hercules - Zero to Hero (English)

Zero to hero!!!

Hercules - The Gospel Truth

Of course this is da shit too. Well it is!

I Won't Say I'm In Love (Sing-Along)

you can sing along too...I told I 'd give you some english songs.

Lea Salonga - Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas)

And I loved this song!!! used to sing it to Bumpalump at night

Pocahontas - Just Around The River Bend

I love this movie and this song


Lovely once again in Mandarin

Honor To Us All - Mulan (Mandarin)

Honor to us all in Mandarin I love it. Animation is wonderful and this is how Mulan would really sound anyways. it is a chinese story.

Anastsia - Once upon a december (Russian)

it sounds so lovely in Russian. I loved this movie I did but this song moved me...

Beauty and the Beast-Belle-(French)

Of course this also has to be in French but don't worry I will have some english ones

Swan Princess This Is My Idea

This is my idea of fun in French!!!! I loved this sequence.

Soon (danish) Thumbelina Tommelise

This is in Danish as was the orginal story written by Hans Christan Andersen and it is gorgeous! Enjoy

The Plagues (french version) - Les Plaies

The Plagues sounds better to me in French sorry

Deliver us (french version) - Delivre nous

10 Best animated sequences and yes these are in French I am a creole what do you expect!? I'll give you some in English.



Make "Never Again" a Reality - Take Action to Stop and End Genocide and Mass Atrocities

Yes can we please make it a reality!?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Bonjour vas tous!! Sak passe et wassup everyone? Did y'all have a good Halloween? I hope so because mine was aiight. This week you see I had the flu this week came down with it on Wed so I was kinda out of it all week. I missed this really coolk party too called bump that Erock and I were supposed to attend but Erock went and he had a blast and I was glad for that. He brought me back some Gucci cologne. Whihc is nice. We went out on Halloween night however, I was sick of staying in and that was fun... Yesterday I went out with some new folkz

Maeve the Winter lady of the Winter Court. A fairy queen like me Queen Mab of the Winter Court!

Erlking Lord of the Wyldfae a ruler akin to me in his own right

and Puck another wyldfae power another fey lord.

They are some new friends I made lately and we had a blast at la Cocina this Mexican Restuarant on the Hill yesterday. We stayed there forever just laughing and having a good time. Then Puck took me home and I went on to sleep. Well know I did watch Dracula frist then I went to sleep.

So Rhone and I are no longer seeing each other. He went back to his Ex who by the way does not love him and only made an overture and play to Rhone because he was seeing me and the male was jealous. I was not hurt like I was with Siafu but I was upset a little bit and I did tell Rhone what I felt and thought. I thought maybe I would sway him, but the stupid male went ahead and got back his Ex anyways. Well enjoy yourself Rhone and live with the choice you have made as I am lving with mine. What a stupid male.

Today I had a midterm that I felt confident about and I ahve one tomorrow plus trying to recover from flu but all in all I feel pretty good and I am thankful that things are going well even with my little upsets. May the Gran met be praised. Wel adieu guyz and have a good evening...

The Jets - curiosity

I loved this song too!!!


And of course who could forget this song now!

The Jets - You Got It All

And we heard this last night on the way from La Cocina and this is what triggered this Jets Montage...

The Jets Make it real

Just give me one more chance just to make it real!!!

The Jets - Cross My Broken Heart (Shep Pettibone Mix)

Cross my broken heart ohh I love it!!!

The Jets - Private Number

My private number I used to sing this to my lil brother Timothy back in the day. We would actually both sing it those his sounded mre babyish 'cause he was a baby! Oh I love the Jets thanks Donta for bringing them back to the radar.

The Jets - Crush on You (1986)

Okay so I grew up half in the 80's and I remember these guys the JEts and I loved them...So follow make to the time of big hair, parachute pants, and those damned MJ gloves!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead snow nazi zombie massacre

Time to kill zombies who are Nazis good stuff!

Attack Of The Werewolf

Uhoh a crazy loupgarou not a thing I want to consider fzcing in the dark of the night.

Vampire Attack!

Vampires ouch!

Left 4 Dead 2 Zombie Survival Guide Trailer

Looks like a bad assed scary game once again about the things I fear and hate... Zombis


Happy Halloween guyz I hope you like this creepy themed set I am offering you guyz. Much love!

Monday, October 26, 2009


So Marcus can't really sing at all but his dancing skills are off da hook, he's sexy and his videos are always entertaining!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2012 Exclusive Video - 5mins of Movie (California Distruction) 2009

You know I love a good trailer and this is a move event that I will not miss check it out!!!

Seattle has been gray and rainy as if that is anything new. On the other hand I have been doing alot. Well not enough studying. I will do that on Friday. For now though I have been hanging out with Rhone he came over last night and I made dinner for him and then breakfast for him this morning. He was impressed and is glad I can cook. I like him alot and I am thinking that maybe something could come of this...Just maybe. Classes are going well and home is good... I can't complain too much about anything because htings seem to be good. I am heading out to the country for the weekend and that should be fun. I'm going to a Men Retreat from the church Liberation that I used to attend. I don't know what to expect but I hope it will be cool. Alrigt well I'm going now just a quick update on my world. Adieu!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

This weekend I had fun with Rhone and we hung out Saturday and Sunday Night. So here a some pics of us out at da Cuff Complex, a popular Leather/Bear Bar, yes I did say Bear Bar in Seattle. It's the Pacific Northwest Bears are everywhere and no I didn't and never have worn chaps. I am not too sure anyone wants to see my ass all hanging out and even if they did I kinda save that for private moments. LOL! Well anyways mes zamis here they are mes photos!!!

I'm so vain sometimes.....Tee-hee!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Together We Can Beat Poverty

Yes we can if we all pull together we will. Remember there is always someone doing worse than you so do your part to help out.

Bonjour mes zamis. Aujourd'hui il pleut. Typiqument Seattle weather not at all uncommon it is the automn apres tous. Well I finally got that benefit money and then for some reason was not able to cash the check today...It was kinda mess but my blessing came thru. God is having way too much fun laughing at my expense i am sure. Yet he has blessed me so it's kinda a mixed bag. Not that I ever lost my faith but at times it did waiver abit. I am only human. I am at school waiting for class. After class I am going to go home and take a nice bath and just luxuraite in warm watery goodness while reading a book. Maybe later I will watch a movie. I think I will do that un bon film trop...The point is I feel much better about things than I have in the last couple weeks. Oh and I got my training benefits approved as well so school is almost totally taken care of all I have to now is get the financial aid in order... Mon Grand Met au ciel there is always something to be done. Busy in a good way... I am not expecting any rest for quite some times which is vexing because more than ever I really want and need to take that vacation to somewhere new... Peut etre c'est un idee pou un autre jour... Je peux attendre.

On the other hand Rhone is koo. We've been doing that text and late night call thang. Diggin the initial newness but not so much that I have lost my head which must mean that I really am 32 and I must trully be maturing to that next year in some way. Or I am a delusional little fool which could be I mean do sometimes tell my friends that I am Queen Mab the Unseelie Fey Monarch of Winter... But that's just for fun.

So on the other hand Fuzzy, a wonderful guy who blogs here on blogspot, said that it seems everyone is migrating to facebook and that blogspot is like the messed up house left onthe block ou quelquechose comme ca, not his exact words mo konne. At any rate he kinda has a point facebook and twitter are kinda the internet spots to be right now however the reason why I like facebook isn't so much to see people, even though so many of my FB friends are so hott!!! But that aint it. It is because of the games. Oh yeah I play Farmville and Vampire Wars. I got into Vampire Wars first because of the artwork which is actually pretty cool and then I got dragged into Farmville. I love them both and I think Fuzzy that might be why facebook is getting an edge. I mean let's just face it computer games even when you are an adult are fun.

Well looks like I got to be getting on to class. Everyone who reads this blog have a great night and remember God not only is right on time but he apparantly has a twisted sense of humour as well. Be blessed et ciao!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Myk Staples a youtube star and talented singer apparantly is about to drop an album soon and I want it. This guy has thed voice and the looks y'all and he is family. I dig the whole pakckage and can't wait for this album!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delour delour delour. That is the French and French Creole word for pain. Something which all of us as humans are more than well acquainted with. These days it seems everyone is hurting in different ways. Most of us are hurting economically and this is where I shall start. I am late on my rent and having the craziest time awaiting the Unemployment moneies I am supposed to be getting. That in of itself is maddening. I am kinda worried about what will happen but so far just leaving it in the hands of God. Apparantly I am supposed to get my checks to start next week. Meanwhile I ahve begun applying for a scholarship via the Pride Foundation an LGBT foundation that helps folkz in School. I hope I will get it.... But as you can see money is at the top of the list of hurting for folkz. Everyone it seems is doing badly from my friends to my parents. To myself. Well duh right? Being a student is being poor. On the flipside I had an aiight birthday. Erock took me out to dinner at the Broadway grill and I drank alot of alcohol. I went to the Cuff and some other place. The next day I got a phone call from someone I had not heard from in a while, Rhone. Rhone and I started talking and then we met up and I got post birthday love... And I have kinda had a lil crush for Rhone and so we may end up exploring that.... But I am not really like putting alot into it yet.... Since the Siafu dating experience I am really much more witholding on that whole falling for someone part. Since Siafu I just started to just do what I had to do and focused on other things. So far so good I mean I have had alot of other things to think about.

You know as we talk about pain what is so funny to me is theat even when weare hurting we can still have the ability to help others in some ways. A schoolmate of mine has being going thru some tough stuff emotionally and financially even though I been going thru it myself I was able to give her a good word and just be beside her for awhile to encourage. I also rejoiced with her for a financial blessing she received. It's always important to rejoice with others even and especially when you're breakthrough has not happened. It speeds it along for one and God will give you unplanned for blessings. So there is that.

Right now I am just prayful and waiting for things to turn around while still staying sane enough to study. Which I have been able to do for so far. Oh and I also helped Rhone find his phone he lost too. You know I felt better when I helped those who needed it. So my point is if you are hurting see how you can help your fellow man or woman. You will find that it benefits your soul just as it does theirs. Be blessed et adieu.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy birthday to me. I am 32. Today is my day and I will give y'all mo' on this latah! Adieu!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

En Vogue on Sesame Street - "Adventure"

I used to sing this to him too!!!

Destinys Child - I got a new way to walk

I used to sing this to Bumpalump!!

A message for the troops from Destiny´s Child

Here's another!

Mad TV - Beyoncé

I love this spoof and I am not sure if I put it on here but I doing so now so...

Soul-Toons Ep. II

Here is again!!!

Soul-Toons Ep. III (in HD)

This guy is soo talented and I love his singing.

Forced Evictions in Africa

Forced evications in Africa. Oh yes it still and often happens and it is no good. I post this stuff on here so that you will learn what our people in and out of the Diaspora expereience and so that you will make others aware of these things so we can change them. We are all our brothers and sisters keepers!!!

You know I am learning each day to tahnk God for the little things and just got with that. There is more than a few reasons I have to be unhappy but more reasons than those that I have to be full of the joy of the Lord. As some of you readers may know I go to Lifelong AIDS Alliance as a participant in the One to One Program working with Garland Jarmon who is the head of hte program. One 2 One is a program for HIV Negative Black MSM, where they are able to talk qabout safe sex and issues surrounding HIV infection which as we all know is life. We all have to deal with such things on a daily basis it seems and HIV infection can sometimes dog our steps as we navigate thru sex especially, realtionships, the use of drugs and alcohol... All that. Anywho he met with me today and we discussed a list I wrote about my good qualities. The things that I like and or love about myself in all realms. And you know what after I did it and shared thse things with him I felt really good about not only myself but my capacity to keep on keeping on. So here isthe list:

1. I'm highly intelligent
2. I have some good ass so all the boiz who have gone there say.
3. I gotta a big dickand I know how to use it so say some boiz who have felt it.
4. I'm in school and doing well in my studies which is a vehicle that is helping me to better myself!
5. I have a great deal of wisdom even if I do seem epervescent and such.
6. I am forgiving and I trully do tend to let grudges simply dissipate. Too much strees I don't need and I do beleive that all people can change.
7. I look younger than I am. Lots of people tell me so including Della!!!
8. I've gotta great sense of humour.
9. I love children and I am really good with the little ones. Probably because I am so free spirited.
10. I love to laugh and do so often.
11. I am a survivor of domestice violence and rape. And for the most part I have not allowed those events to poison my outlook on love and relationships.
12. I can speak French and Gombo Creole.
13. I am a good listener and I genuinely do care for others who are in pain and or trouble.
14. I am openminded.
15. I am knowledgeable about other cultures on this planet.
16. I am emotionally strong.
17. I am handsome. Well I think I am and if I don't who else will?
18. I am vulnerable and open to and for love.
19. I know how to get loose and have fun!
20. I can admit when I'm wrong. Sooner rather than later.
21. I respect my elders.
22. I'm outgoing.
23. I love the Lord.
24. I am sweet.
26. I am thoughtful.
27. And sometimes...Just somestimes I can be a high riding bitch and it serves me quite well!!!

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I found that to be sooo thereapeutic and for now I feel a little bit better. I also want to thank Della for her comments. Della your comments have at times been very encouraging and I appreciate what you say. Thank you sooo much and be blessed my dear. Well this is me signing off... Adieu!!!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

24 Hour Ghetto Workout

Good exercies and the guyz are hot and this excites me! Ohh yea it does!

So much is going on that I can barely think. Money issues, checks not coming but they will, financial aid not coming but it will, turning 32, stressed out so stressed out. I really know how it feels to be stressed out stressed out. When you're face to face with your adversity. So that is all out in the air and committed to God and from him will my help come. I firmly am keeping the faith behind that. It's all I can do at this moment. So I am blogging and helping my semi tech literate step father by tagging photos of him on facebook so he will have some pictures of himself up there. I gotta help the old man out I mean he has no idea what he is doing. I am smiling to myself thiniing of my stepfather. He's a good guy, he can be an ass sometimes but in general he is a good guy.

Now I am supposed to be doing homework but of course I am not, well the work I have to do will not be difficult at all i just want to knock it out because I have way too much goin on this week to worry about. Which iwll it's pretty easy what I have to do... Speaking of which sooo far classes are not difficult and seem to be pretty easy. I have some excellent instructors. I am confident that I will have no problems academics this quarter. Infact I am half bloggin and doing that paper right now. I know I know but i really can walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes ican. Vraiment!

I tell you things never seem to get any easier as you get older. I thought I would have it all figured out and be infallable. I know I spelled that wrong too... But HAH! Nope not the case. As far as that whole skin dries out thang... So untrue well maybe it is for the White People, they do begin to wither in their 30's most of them while we stay youthful and lovely. I know White People eat your hearts out! HAHAHAAH! But nope my skin is just as oily as it was ehen I was a teenager. If you hook up stuff to my face you can solve the worlds dependance on fossil fuels I promise you! I mean I've got zits now. On the other hand their is a sense of calm that comes... A most stronger sense of self that you didn't always have.

So as I approach Saturday ishall keep all that in mind. And attempt to keep myself from being traumatized.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

WATM - Six Flags Great Adventure

Take a gander at Gay Day at 6 Flags


It's not neccessaryy for women to die to give life. Check out this video on the very real problem of preganancy related deaths in Sierra Leone.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glee - Football Team Dance Scene - SingleLadies - 9/23/09

I'm sorry this is brilliant and wonderful and hilarious!!!

Parfois there are hard times in ones life but the litmus test is not that you only that you endure those hard times but that you never loose your joy. That inspite of everything I still have. I promise you that. Inface last night I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself but that is a story for well another time...Well I guess I can tell you now.

So here on Capitol Hill in Seattle is a bar called the Crescent and it a mess of place with people who are a mess that go there, myself included well here take a gander yourself.

Crescent Lounge Karaoke Nights The Crescent is easily the most popular karaoke bar on Capitol Hill. Drag queens, dykes, and hipsters squeeze into the claustrophobic space like sardines on any given night, and by 12 a.m. there’s usually standing room only. The booze is dirt cheap ($3 wells, $4 pitchers), the bathrooms are filthy, and the karaoke hosts have names like Johnny Cock Ring. The Crescent is an unabashedly shady joint. And that’s why people—very eclectic people—love it so damn much. According to the bartenders, no karaoke night is the same—except for the three songs make it into the rotation without fail: 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up,” Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Stay clear of those, and you’ll be a crowd and staff favorite in no time.

So Terry, Kimiko, Viking and I are there last night drinking and singing karaoke...I love karaoke I sang 3 times last night and even Kenn ended up joining us and signing. Anyways as Viking was singing this man comes who looked like this... Oh my God I dunno he had on a sraw hat with a red shash around it that was kinda tight looking but the rest was not on point. This man had on a floral print black skirt, a white shoulderless blouse, and some combat boots that were tore up. He came up into the bar and started dancing.... He was doingthe running man and the Roger Rabbit and shit like that. We hollored! Then Wehn this woman got up to sing he all hugs here and then shoves his tongue down her throat. We ere just like wow we were cracking up. Then to make matters worse KJ the host is like get out. it was funny one those things you to be there but he was a mess! So trust I have alot of reasons to smile. Thank you Crescent and insane drunks!

Bonjou vas tous! So another week begins, well it began yesterday but classes begin for me and well alread of it has been an interesting start. By that I mean that I pretty much sliced opened my finger on a glass I was washing yesterday. I bnroke as I was washing it. Lots of blood, some pain, hot water... More bleeding in other places... You got the idea. Then went and connected with some friends and head fun untl some idiotic White crack head came over and started dropping N Bombs like they were going out of style. We were at Ken's house luckily Viking smacked him around and shut the muthafucka up... now right now I am sitting inside of the computer lab at school bored and waiting for a class that starts this evening... You know how sometimes you get online and just get carried away? Well if you don't I', doing that, taking a little net binge if you well. Things are cool for the moment now. I am over Siafu and not in the angry/hurt place I was when I firwst blogged about, epsecially since it has so recently happened. I just kinda put it all behind me. He certainly is not worht the effort and since had to be soo nasty and hateful than I will do as he asked... I have this feeling he will regret it. Males always seem to after they break with me...
Plus with school starting I think worrying about some male who is obviously a bipolar soldier will not assist me in anyway particularly as it relates to my studies so there ya go. Soon my brithday is coming another year and I am going to be 32.... Oh my God.... Terry said yesterday that he can't understand how some people react that way to brithdays, and he is in late 20's.... I basically told him it is the fact that youth is over I mean I am still young but I am no longer in the days of youth... I like everything that lives on this earth will age, and things will change and I just that much lcoser to that process. Which is not always soo fun to think about.
He understood then why I felt a certain amount of trepidation around it all. Yet on the otherhand I am kind of excited. I don't know.. We shall see it might be a really cool day... On the otherhand this cut is slowly bleeding. I am so sick of it. Stupid glass.

On Sunday I hung out with Aunt Daphne and Uncle David. We watched Beyond the Gates, a very good movie on the Rwandan Genocide you should check it out if you wish too. Had a great dinner and disucssed all kinds of stuff. I made the salad lol! So things have been coming along we will see how this week goes for now I am glad to be back in school. For now.

Anthony Antoine Tribute to E. Lynn Harris - "Invisible"

Check this out a nice little tribute for E Lynn Harris... Yes it has been awhile since he passed however still I want to honor him by sharing this with y'all.

Nvncble Single Experience Part II

Another single experience so then maybe I don't feel so bad to be single... He's another great man this one too!

My Single Experience "1on1 #58"

I can definately relate Newnue.... Cute little video

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bonjour mes zamis... Je suis triste et avec bonne reason aussi.... First let me start off by saying that probably the only real good day this week has been Monday the rest was just kinda blah and then it turned downright horrid. So far it is not yet over of course there is still the weekend.... Which I am for the frist time in awhile not looking forward to at all. Siafu...Ahhh Ouais Siafu, so I fell for him like a fool but yesterday he basically told me he never wanted to see me again and loose his number. Because I laughed at him... Long story at any rate he is moody and he just kinda blew his top and so I am now without that prospect. Someone said he was just mad bt I am not so sure even though I was falling in love with him if I want to deal with such a moody male any longer, especially one who does not know how to listen or talk to me... I been actually though kinda hurt b that. Cause I was hoping that... So once I agai I bury something before it starts... Curse Trumph for making me having to be in this dating position and then I decided to simply just lock my heart for a moment. I feel very very done. Siafu if he decides he made the wrong choice will certainly suffer for his choice. As Trumph suffered, as that little idiot Jae felt my displeasure... Males should know now that if you hurt me... Then you too shall hurt far more thatn I shall. I am if nothing else the King of payback... Lately males that have decided to try and et me back after an ill concieved decision find that I am niether a male who is often merciful or full of grace. So shall Siafu know this and that is my word. I feel better now, infactI am smiling. Well nthing lifts my spirit than imagining males who have wronged me in torment emotional or otherwise be it brief or longterm. Yeah and I know that seems evil but I don't care. I am not always nice and I am long since tired of males doing what they wish to me from leaving me, to attempting to confine me to booty call hours, to thinkng they can say whatever there wretched little mouths form to my face, to all of their bullshit dating crap I am most thoroughly finished!!! The next malewho comes my way is one who should be pitied indeed.

Then there is just the fact that my UE benefits are transitioning not that I have any knowledge of that outcome and then with school about to start and just ARRRGGHHHH!!! There is just too much sometimes and I never did get to take that fucking vacation tht I fucking needed because I feel like I am this close to becoming homicidal!!! I won't really kill anybody by the way even though part of me would like to toss Siafu out of a window. I won't though I am just feeling scorned.

Oh than Trumph has returned from his vacation which is nice because I would like to see him... For just a moment... Oh my this will be a very interesting week and meanwhile I am just a bundle of emotions.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

For the past couple days I have been kind of emotionally crazy.... I dunno....I am angry, I am sad, I am enraged....Swirls in my head these emotions I suppose. Right now I feel pensive and a bit sad.... Spoke with my mother again about the finances and school and she was just like Kyon stay on the path you are on. It will all work itself right. This will not be an easy time but God will provide... And so on this path I stay... I went to Church yesterday which was good it was all about racial reconciliation... A good topic. Then a long time. After the scandal Henry caused and how he jerked about Terry I did not think I would darken the doors of that place. However I went for two reasons... Money is low and the food was free, also Henry the 8th personally invited me via text anmd I responded with like ok thx. So I decided to go. It was better than I expected it to be... Infact we had a really good discussion on forgiveness and the food wasn't too bad. I was hungry I ate it....

Later on today... Javiav and I have been hanginig out for brief periods for the last couple of days and it has been pleasant. We haung out this afternoon for a minute had an okay time. Now I am at the officeof Multicultural Health where I would like to work when all of this is done and I am ust waiting for this board meeting to start that Iam supposed to be apart of... The board and the meetin. But seriously I am only here for the Jamaican food I am starving aint all day... Okay I will do my activism thing too but I am still here for thefood. I am all about free food, you got it and I will show up!!! So thus begins the passing of another day... We shall see what tomorrow has to offerand I bid all of you a well bonsoir....

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Men On Gossip Show

The Latest Gossip From Shawn QT and Friends. And yes this is funny!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bonjou mes zamis! Well not so excited by bonjou nonetheless. So let's see what do we have. I have to move out my place by the 2nd of November it's when my landlords are moving to HI they are planning on selling the house I live in. Oh and I haven't the money to do that And I will be strating my 2nd quarter of classes.... Well I will have been in them for a month. Oh joyous days these are. Somehow this will all work out I so hope...Not that I do not welcome the chance to move I am not liking Columbia City much anymore I'd rather live on Capitol Hill but I would have rather had more notice. Bien sur Jesu will take care of me mo konne, but still... This where in times like these I just thorw up my hands and say only you can do this God. Only you can make this right. I have no doubt he will but a bit of work is going to have be put up on my part. Chouette... Ouais I am saying that sarcastically.

In the meantime I am going to have one interesting week, for if waht Erinn said to me is true and he is never wrong about these thngs I will be without money for about a week... Oh I have to stop before I depress myself. The reason being is that I have to switch over to another pool of UE benefits... Aie such a conundrum.

So to other things yesterday I went to Gay City University, a day of classes put on by Gay City, Gay Men's Health and Wellness Organization here in Seattle. Erock and I went. It was actually pretty fun. I took HIV meds 101, HIV and the Gut, Gay Liberation History from Stonewall to Prop 8, Relationships in the Raw and Gay Life in Iran. Almost all of the classes were good. I learned some new things, and for the work I will be doing when I finish schools these facts were most beneficial. However Relationships in the Raw was nothing more than this therapist basically trying to get new clients...WHich is kool hey man promote yourself, but I aint paying you 45 dollars a session to talk about my feelings in this time of economic insanity for me...Nope. I will go to an NA meeting, take a bubble bath, holla at a good friend and call it a day. Okay and maybe eat somethig chocalaty or greasy...I mean that always make me feel better. Then comes Gay life in Iran... Why this man Mr. Nielson, this old expatriate White Queen who exemplifies the worst in the ugly American and ignorant White Male was teaching this class I will not know by my God. He was a fuckin rascist. Basically to sum his crappy class... Iran is a beautiful country (and from his photos oh by Allah it is), the people are gorgeous (and by Allah they are) and Mr Nielsen likes to sexually objective the Iranian Men and treat them as his own personal harem... An attitude which he displayed that angered me to no end and was I felt repugnant. However according to Mr. Nielsen these same lovely people are a bunch of backward, ignorant, third world savages which is not only untrue but unfair... Now this fool was spouting his garbage infront of student who has half Saudi and half Persian... I know right? I did learn somethings but I felt like I used to feel the first time around in college when I would read those old books about different African Societies written in the 30's.... There is useful information here unfortunately you have to filter through all the offensive racist crap that is there to get that ino... Aggravating that class was. I was thoroughly offended.

But I won this gift card to half priced books and bought some movies and a book and that was kool. Then I hung out with my Winter Knight Kenneth and came home and read. An okay Saturday night. Not the best but okay. Well no after Kenneth I wasn't ready to go home to I went to the Madison Pub and met some guy from NYC, Brooklyn who I thought was cute at first but wasnt so cute when he got close and had stanky breath but he bought me drinks. He was like many NYC males aggressive with that swagg but I just was like I'm not sure. he wants me to call him today but I do not want to have sex with him at all and I know that is what he wants to do... And I don't... Especially when sex with Siafu is so much more satisfying... This guy though was cool but I dunno... I mean like when some of you East Coast and Midwest guys come to the NW and you find males of color you kinda tend to treat us like whores if you are vacationing... Which is not always a bad thing but u know like slow down. This male was kissing on me and rubbing all on me and it was not that it didn't feel good I mean he had that build I like but he was too paunchy and when he got real close his breath ewww boo-boo! But my point is like don't just treat us like whores.

That is something I am not liking lately. And I know I can be forward but sometimes I just want a fellow to be sweet and affectionate and kind and interested, not all hot and heavy, and making me feel like a piece of meat. I get it you like me sexually, you are attracted great but like do not try to just fuck me right away...I mean I am not that easy... Not all the time at least... LOL! But for real... I mean it becomes disrespectful and leaves me feeling cheapened. I don't like that. It is much better to be treated with respect in such situations you will get me much faster with some tempered smooth attraction stuff than with totally just blunt open let me lick you up down nonsense! Males bah! I love them and then sometimes I want to just grab them all and ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Yes I do feel better now.

So well that was a alot...And what will happen today...I have no idwea and adventure and we shall see!!! Au revoir!!!

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




Yeah when I was younger I could've been considered a geek. Always my eyes fixed upon a world none could see. Always seeking to escape from the mundane things of this life.

But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
And why not? Dreams were not meant for the sleeping times

For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider
Bear Claw

Blood Elven Prince

Blood Elven Prince
Worlds within worlds

Drow Hunting Party

Drow Hunting Party
Dark Elven Elegance

Adieu mes zamis....

Adieu mes zamis....
May the light of Elves shine upon you....I know it's corny but this is my page!