Monday, March 30, 2009

So how was my weekend? Well I hung out with friends and last night went dancing. I also worked on the grant yesterday for pretty much almost the whole day. We have on part left to add and edit and then it shall be done. We are on the target date. I thank the folkz at POCAAN for their help and was glad to offer mine. I hope to the Lord's goodness that this grant is funded for them, for he knows that they need it. Keep your5 fingers crossed guys.

Friday, March 27, 2009

GodSpeed Masterpiece (Live feat. Big World Breaks)

These are the folks I saw last night at least 2 of the groups anyways. The guy playing the trumphet is my Trumph. Enjoy the vid guyz. We have some good music out here in Seattle.

Bonjou mes amis! Ouais c'est moi Kyon ici encore juste pou vous! SO it is another day and Seattle skies are gray with a fine mist of rain falling from the sky. I'm at POCAAN awaiting instruction on the grant while blogging here. Let's see what do we have? Well last night after I finished here at POCAAN I went with Trumph to a gig he was doing at the Nectar.

When and I Trumph and I began dating long ago he used to take me to his gigs as dates. They were enjoyable, and I fell in love with his talent at them. Plus I got to see the great musical variety that the Emerald City has to offer. I was not at all dissapointed last night. Infact if anything I very much enjoyed myself. The music was bangin', the songs all with the exception of Superbad, which I've always liked.... SUPER BAA-AAD! MY favorite act had to be Soulchilde and Sirius. They were both awesome and I love how Soulchilde gets into his music. Afterwards a tried Trumph and I headed back to our perspective homes, with Trumph dropping me off at my home. He didn't send the night this time.

Trumph lately he and I have been seeing more of each other, we still occasionally do the damn thing but not lately due to my injury I can't get any zigi for a month but it's all good. A brotha is versatile I can still get da booty! Jus not from Trumph. We have been talking and he even hinted on Tuesday night about gettingback together.... Hmmmm not bvery sure on this one.

DO I love him?
Do I desire him again sexually?
Very much so.
Am I ready to be back with him?
No. I am not. A part of me says yes but I am not. I am enjoying this now, what we're doing. There is as Mario says, NO definition and that's cool. Neither Trumph or I really are ready to be back together. The love is still there, so is the ease of relationship, and without us living together alot of the stress and evilness is gone but we are both I think or at least I am still scared. Trumph is even afraid a bit of loosing me forever. I know htis because he told me as much in so many words. He suggested briefly of me moving to Atlanta with him, which he recognized instatnly would be a disaster.

" You would end up hating me. I would loose you for good, naw that aint a good idea." he corrected himself after bringing up the idea. Which is all well and good. Flattered as I was by it, if I do go to Atlanta I would have to be single. Plus Trumph and I if we ever got togehter would have to be solid. WHy on earth would we move to another city like Atlanta, which for all it glittering beautiful males is full of HIV, Smithfield whores, and evil bitches the likes of which would proably put the most scandelous of Seattlite Black Gay Men to shame. No way. I would never tempt fate like that. Unless Trumph and I were united our relationship would be torn apart by the Atalantans, and I can't do that. Which is another thing Trumph is wanting to and planning I beleive to move to Atlanta for some time. I think it is great for him to do so, but at the same time I mindful of my heart so I do not want to get too much closer. If I let my emotions cloud my mind I would follow him just like that. So.... There you go. Trumph and I. Confusion but at the sametime now, fun and laughter. Joy. I no longer feel so wounded. I realize that this what we have now is just as good in a way as it was in the beginning when love was new, and when everything about Trumph from his eyes, to his touch thrilled me, and his every ache made me cry and wish to comfort him, andh is every move I watched with a voraciousness that only that new love feeling can give one. Y'all feel me right. IF not then you are stupid. Or I have to many trypos in this. Which might make me stupid. Ahh bien I know what I mean.

Mr. Bell gave me 4 new pornos and I am thankful for them. They are hot too. Oh come now like you don't watch porn. Hey I am not sleeping next to a male every night, and well pornos can take the edge off. I mean I am 31, the stuff I used to do and put up with to get it I hardly even consider anymore. I realize now that I can do other things like go eat, or watch a movie, or a porno, or read.

Speaking of reads.... I am reading this new to me Toni Morrisson novel called Lover. Henry the 8th gave it to me, let me have it actually saying it was hard read. I don't know how it is a hard read because the book makes sense to me. I love it. I think for all of his learning Henry the 8th is not always the brightest. But I appreciate the gift and I do see him more and more as not such a schiesskopf. Anyways Toni Morrisson has got to be my favorite Black Author well she is number 2 my number one Black Author is Maryse Conde! Love her, love her, love her! And LOVER is excellent! Check it out. It is rich like all of Toni's stuff and yes it makes your mind race and twist but hey what good book does not. Toni's books always leave me feeling like...WOW I am intellectually spent... I am awhirl in thought and at the end of each novel I read of her's I am left with a sense of quiet reflection in my soul. So get Lover by Toni Morrisson you will love it!

Well that's all nothing left to say but be blessed and for those who read this... Thank you. Thank you for hearing these thoughts my crazieness. I know I am too much sometimes but at least I am real. Adieu....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cliff is okay I heard he is doing much better and for that I am glad. I am still plugging away at this grant and also working partially on the last one I did. Where this road will lead I don't know but the ride so far has been fun. I like POCAAN. It's a cool place to work. Plus one of the staff memebers here is kinda cute.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So it is naother day here at POCAAN and they grant is speeding along.Daily I get work done on the thing and there is no reason to think we will not be finished by the April 3, 2009 date we are wanting. Oh and hte last grant I worked on them with for the Pride Foundation seems to have garnered some attention and appears at least to be in the running. Which is Kudos for me so I feel kinda like hey this is the shit. Oh and hey my uneployment benefits are finally starting. Can I just say though that I deteest no more so than any other time in my life bureaucracy!? Nothing is more draining then having to deal with these agencies for the most basic of neccesities. And they are not easy either. I am jumping all kinds of hoops and crap it is really ridiculous. I'm like what for real my taxes pay for this just fucking give it to without all this lip and shit! It's just fucking stupid.

Last night I went to Ken;s house where Viking, Viking is Ken's pet White Troll. Well okay not his pet White Troll, his pet White Orc...Viking looks like an Orc but he is a kool guy. No not an Orc...Viking is Grimlock. Okay so he is Grimlock but a nice one, even though he has thing for nme. I know right always the scaries... Anywho I hung with Viking and Kenn and just laughed, drank beer, and had some herbal refreshement, a nice dinner, followed by more laughter. Oh and I sang too. We were listening to all my music and we just had fun.

Before that I hung with Javiav and Tonton MereSista, which was kool had a couple drinks and some discussion. Nothing inflammatory or anything like that just cool times. Now here I am blogging killing time waiting for the next part of the grant to be done. Little by little though things are begining to change. For the better for me. Slowly it as if tghe viels of gloom from winter are lifting and I feel hope in the air. Or maybe that is my wishful thinking. But hey is hope is better by far than hopelessness. I will choose the hope.

In the meantime 2 males have ruined my butt! No it souds funny but it's not. OS lately I have been having this burning pain in my ass around the hole and I'm like it is not a hemorrhoid cuase it just wasn't and it's not. Javiav explained to me after I told him symptoms today that I had a tear. I'd have to put like ointments and stuff on it and I couldn't use it for a moth. Use like sexually 'cause I am versatile and sometimes I need to be well... You get the idea. So it kind of sucks and my butt hurts and I like mean it really hurts and then I am thinking who could've caused such a tear and I know who it is. There are 2 of them and both of them are huge and both told me even though I said it hurts! Give me some time! that it was all good and just take it take it take it! Which I did. And now my ass has a cut/tear next to my hole which makes everything from sitting, to wearing underwear, to farting, to taking a shit, to cleaning my shit, to even taking a bath or shower fucking miserable.

SO I say all this to say next time a guy who is really big is about giddy up in you, and you are not sure you can take it then just don't! Do not let them pressure. I mean yeah you get an orgasm but you also get this pain which stays with you and when you like tell the male who gave you that tear, or at least helped contribute to it... Then they laugh at you. Like this certain male did. I told he should buy something since I am pain beacause of his pleasure little merde! Ahh bien.

On the flipside though this gives me a chance to further imporve upon my top technique which is pretty damn good and also lets me find a way to stop having dudes always grabbing or smacking my butt because I can all act like I am so hurt and shit! Which might be fun cause I love a good bit of drama. Don't you love a bit of drama precious? Course ya do luv, course ya do!

I dunno all in all life is okay. I am happy, I feel good, and I am doing goodthings. Oh well I did something not so nice. I laughed at someone in Chruch who couldn't sing but it was not my fault. No it was not. I tried to hold back the giggles and I even covered up my face with my coat but it was just not enough. I'm like if you sound funny you shouldn't do solos! And even though I love Sister Pomegranate alot well she sounds better blending in the choir than leading it. Or singing solos. It made me giggle. I could not help it and I laughed.

Oh and Henry the 8th tried to mind fuck me the day before and I was like don't be doing that but I think he and Anne Elizabeth are staying together. Call me crazy it is just something I feel in my heart. Which is fine but I no longer wish to hear about such foolishness. Dammit if he is that bad this early be rid of the male. What's the loss? I dunno some of my friends are dumbasses and they need the Lord. Well I don't have much else to say. Hope all of you are well and be blessed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why don't we go back in time? When I was yours and you were mine. Something something I like that song. SO I am still working on this grant here with POCAAN which if noghing else has cured my boredome and has been testing my intellectual abilities. There could be worse things and who knows I am an okay grant writer I'm owning that. This will be the 2nd one I have worked in the last 2 months so who knjows. They are still waiting to hear if that one got funded which it did so I'm good for fight now. Plus it puts a lil bit of cash in my pocket. I am actually saving it to a cd right now. SO here is to hoping POCAAN gets the grant. Oh and you're asking what is POCAAN? Yeah sorry it's the People of Color Against Aids Network. Not a bad organization. So I'm doing a lil charity for the community to, always gotta give back. Tonight hopefully I will have some fun. I need to get out and just kick it.

Eternity our love.... Why don't we go back in time.... Bada da da do-do-do....Why don't we go back in time? It is a really lovely song and it moved me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well let's see what do we have here? How has my fortunes changed since last week? Well rent is paid. Things are well in that aspect. I have been spending time with Mere KJ we have just been having some nice times together. He is a wealth of kindness and love in addition to much needed encouragement. Trumph, Mere KJ, and I all went to a most horrid job fair on Tuesday. It was the worst job fair I have ever been too and it is hardly worth mentioning expect that we went and then had IHOP afterwards. Those loaded potatos are very good. The bacon, chedder jack ones are the best to me.

I am now working with POCAAN the People of Color Against AIDS network as an odd under the table job on a grant. It is not so hard to write grants and who knows this may pay off as something more. It has put a tiny bit of cash in my pocket which I am grateful for. God still is watching out for me. Though my faith did linger is for the moment strong.

The weather in Seattle has been gtray and typical March like, though at times Spring attempts to push through. I am eagerly anticipating the sunlight, waiting for it to wash over me. Hopefully soon it will. This rain has become ever more wretched to me.

Terry is finally leaving King Henry the 8th and he has since stopped being Anne Bolyn! Thank God it was about time. Henry has been nothing but a manipulative, conniving, wishy washy up and down all over the place male to him and it is getting old. I hope to the lord our God that this time Terry follows thru and leaves him. I do not like to see my friends in pain. Speaking of friend's... Javiav is mad at me he thinks I do not pay enough attention to him. I think Javiav is kinda crazy. He always wants all of my attention and I told him, I always tell him, Javiav you are not my husband. But he doesn't listen. You know alot of males really do not listen to me. They always have something to say to me, but listening to me.... Huh? What? No they can never do that. Ahh bien.

Goodness me now the sun is shining outside. I love it. Spring day again!!!! I turn to an Elf at Spring. I do. I frolic and climb trees and sing and revel in the warmth of the day and night. I saw the Watchmen. It was good actually. I want Dr. Manhattan's powers because then I would be super bad assed and have powers. And powers are fun!

I think also that... Non I know that I still love Trumph and now I am starting to wonder if I should , or if we should try again... I might be open it to but I dunno it may be a mistake so I am cautious. Trumph and I may yet benefit from more time apart. I don't know that I want to be back in a relationship with him or nayone else for that matter. I revel in my freedom as a single male.


1. I want to kiss Mr. Jones. I dunno he is still cute to me.
2. I want to kiss Jared Schuler. He is cute to me 2.
3. I want go to the islands in the Sound this summer with Trumph. Just for a day. It was so beautiful last time we went.
4. I want Cliff to be well.
5. I want Javiav to not be so possesive and if he is attracted to me stop playing these games whatever they are.
6. I want Terry to find someone who trully loves him here in Seattle and to be happy.
7. I want a job that should be number one.
8. I want to find someone who loves me that I love or at least am attracted to. No more scray men wanting me. It's old. I change the channel each time it happens. But it sitll keeps happening.
9. I want this economy to get better and this recession to end.
10. I want simply to be happier and for God to continue to reveal himself to me.

Well the sun is shing and Im going y'all be blessed. Adieu!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aujourd'hui il pleut. Ouais le pleut a retourne a Seattle. In typical Seattle fashion I am, out in the driving rain not at all wanting to be cooped up in my little room. I went to see Terry aka Anne Elizabeth (we fancy ourselves the Bolyn girls and so Terry is Anne Bolyn and Elizabeth the Queen of England the redheaded one and I am Mary Bolyn. I have not yet figured why he gets to be 2 Nobles and I just one but that's okay because try as he might with his man right now Terry is forever having her loped off by her Henry the 8th), and asked him to come to breakfast and he was all like call before you come and I said I did you did not answer and he lives right down the street and he was just being kinda bitchy so I was like whatever and I left and he said thanks in this sweet but bitchy way but I am over it. That's Anne Elizabeth Tudor Bolyn aka Terry Kelly for you. A Noble and Queen in every sense of the word. So then I was like you know I am hungry I mean I was still so got on the bus and wetn to Capitol Hill for some breakfast and now I'm full and blogging.

I feel better now. I am not so depressed as I have been and I feel more alive. I felt so sad this week earlier but we all have our days. This being said I have not lost my faith. If anything I have regained it. Which was much needed for my spirit. I was feeling tattered aboutthe edges. So much has happened in these six months I am now expecting the up and up to take place. I am waiting on the Lord for his guidance. I am trying to hear it more clearly every day.

Tharcisse is lost to me. He eded up being a Smithfield Whore so I left him stay in Smithfield and thank the good Lord I did not have sex with him and I am chalking him to another dating thing. God dating. It is hard sometimes but ahh bien. It's just you know someitmes I want a man and hten other times I'm like no way. At least no way right now. You have way too much going on. I do though at times miss Trumph in the way that it was or at least I miss having a man around ...Like I miss

1. Waking up with someone. My ex Goldie once said to me: "I wake every morning to those big brown eyes and loose myself in them each time and I beleive in those moments that I could wake up to that sight forever. " When he told me that it almost made me cry. I miss having someone near me in the morning to hold or just feel next to me. To awaken him with a kiss or smoemthing more I miss that.

2. Shared activites.
3. Sex. Well I suppose that is number one but I don't want to seem like a rowdy slut.
4. The security. Say what you will I like a male who can fight and protect me. That's proably why I am so attracted to football player build type brothas.

That's it really. Not too much else.

Javiav and I went drinking yesterday in our ghetto fashion which is us riding in his lexus drinking vodka and assorted beverages. I know it horribly dangerous but we did it and had a lovely time reconnecting it has bee awhile since I have seen him. We had a good time. It's funny once I was like in love with Javiav and now I am not. He is a loyal friend but as far as me wanting him for something more... No. That would be a disaster.

Aie guess who just came in?! Now you want to know about a Smithfield whore sitting near me is one of the biggest! Antonio the MethSlut! Everytime he sees me he looks up and down at me or makes this little face and I hate him. He is a vicious, rowdy, disgusting bitch who deserves nothing less than to be eviscerated. None of us like him and he is gross. Dirty slut! Filthy Whore! Wretched bitch! LOL! And worst of all he is positive and spreads it around by having unprotected sex with people to suport his meth habit that he thinks no one knows he has but all of us know. You can smell it on him. That's why he should be eviscerated. People have a right to know those htings and they should be allowed to make that choice. I've no fear of HIV. I don't I have dated people who have had it but I was informed of their status and knew what I was getting into. You know why is when people are mess they all have to look down at me? It always happens. The most fucked up people look down at me and it used to bother me but now I just laugh at them.

The new J Holiday CD is good you should check it out if you get a chance. Okay now there is a police officer in the Library and it looks like he is looking for someone. Why are the police here? He looks bloated too. LOL! Well he does and now he is leaving no they are mot they are going into the bathroom I think they are going to get someone or something. No he jus went to take a shit. Now they are leaving. Yay. I don't like the police. I'm sure you know why.

Okay so now I am kinda horny and I want to get into something today. Je besoin zigi. I kinda do. I do. I'm going to go find some. Bye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Si il est Mecredei, il fait froid, and I am still in my funk. Not all the way but in a funk still doing what I must but still a funk. I am not liking the world very much right now. And I am feeling so very alone...*sad smile* Still I have kept my faith in some way. I know that God has something in store for me. Something goood. Plus I am not the only facing problems in this world or this nation at this moment. A very good friend of both Trumph and I when we wre a couple named Cliff has gone off the deep end and descended into a crystal meth fueled madness. No one has heard from or seen him in many many days and I am worried. The drug has taken him completly, he has lost his home, his job, and in many ways now himself. He has HIV too and I am so very worried that the next time we have news of him it will be to claim him from the morgue. Aie Saints and Jesus preserve us all please do not let that fate befall him. Please let him be safe and cared for at this moment and let him be redeemed.

Tears are falling from my eyes now. I know how he must be feeling. His mind is I'm sure reeling from the high and the omnious reality of his situation now crashing upon his soullike a ton of bricks... I think if he hurt himslef or were hurt anymore than he is now andI know to say this is selfish but I would feel just so much worse. There have been too many upsets lately, the death of a dear friend is hardly the last thing I want or need to deal with right now in my whirlpool life now. Please Lord of all wherever he is let him know there is hope for him. Let him know there is light that he can walk in out of the darkness of the drugs that are devouring him. Please.

In the meantime however life will go on and I will contiuneu to live it and just wait. Wait on the timeing of God and more importantly I shall guard and gird myself and my resolve. But for the grace of god there go I. Arrgh the guy next to me smells like ass and cafe. Gross. Yes pleeze move coffee gas butt! That was nasty sorry.

Well so then I go.....

Monday, March 09, 2009

Je suis fatigue... I am tired of the mal chance that seems to have invaded my life six months ago in october when all of this madness began of transition and breakups and becoming homeless than getting a place, and then loosing my job, and the list is ever growing nad endless and I am tired and I am weary and I am at my wits end. I likewise feel my faith being tested and I am pretty much over that too. I fsomething good will happen than please let it happen soon. I am tired of waiting tired or being so broke all the time, tired of all of it. This season has been degrading and worrisome and I am beginning to hate it. I am beginng to change and not in good ways. I think I am starting to despise males and view them in a way that is very base...I mean where I am at this point (which changes because I am so fucking moody it is not funny but more often than not lately I have been depressed or angry)I am like sex great miss me with the love and getting to know me, and wanting to be close... Even though I kinda of want that... ARRRGGHHH!!!! Total stream of the mind right now I am just tired! And I am enraged!

I fucking hate Trumph! I hate him someitmes! Trumph you left me you fat short bastard! You fucking selfish asshole you left me! You left me alone, on my own like a piece of garbage you foundi nthe street after 3 and half fucking years! My mind was a complete and utter fucking mess for sometimes because of that too. I had to live with strangers two sets of them for about a month and half to get my stuff back right! Part of this season has been your fault and even though we are firends I comfort you when you hurt because bitterness is dumb this whole situation still cna piss me off when I think of it! That's alrigth you little shit because in many ways your are repaing a whirlwind of what you did to me and so well... I suppose I have that vindication.

This economi situation is a small bit from the fallout of Trumph and I but loosing my job has topped the cake and I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something like this would come to pass after I finally got my place, perhaps my sister is then not the only one in la famille avec la vue...I saw it to as clear as she has her visions and I thought no not me. I cannot see le Bon Dieu, my Father giving me a blessing to only deprive me of it and have me trully be homeless. Not at all! I will keep the sacarstic next line I was going to write in my mind. No sense putting it on here. BUt realy GOD WHERE ARE YOU!!!?? Because I will not go thru this again! I can't. I'd fucking rather die first! Okay not really but you understand what I mean. No I would not rather die first but still!!!!

All around me evil assed people and shady bastards and bitches prosper, people who are as amoral as Smithfield Whores do much better than I and I am just very tired. I understand now how people are being driven to do crazy shit to make it... Still I will just continue to do what I have to do even though uneployment is fucked, and I did not get that fucking tax refund last weekend, and I have not gotten job yet but been on interviews that are frankly becoming to me an exercise in futlilty!

I will keep my faith even if it almost all completley gone.

Friday, March 06, 2009

B. Scott - Bitch Hold My Ponytail (S2:12)

Oh my God it's the B. Scott song. I love it!!!

Bien bonjou mes zamis! Kommen z'affes? Bien j'espere. So here it is what has been going on with me lately. So everythig hinges on me getting my tax returns today which are supposed to be here today and I hope they are 'cause a brotha needs that money to pay my rent. And my cell phone bill. And get a haircut. And to just have some fucking fun since I have almost been a hermit because my phone is off and I can'tget ahold of anyone for naything unless I meet them out. I'm sure all of my copains are pissed at me. It is not my fault guys I am an econo victim. So I have been good an resisted some tempatations like stealing. Oh please like no one has ever thought f stealing when they are in dire straits so that is good. So GOD BLESS ME OKAY!

Okay! So this week I worked from Tues to Thurs at the Microsoft Web Hosting Summit at the Bellevue Westin as a French Translator. It was any easy job and I actually had a great time. Except now I have motre than anything a huge accent that has not gone way. I didn't have to do too much translating or interpreting so that was cool but I did do some. Can I just say too que les Blancs Francais can be freaking rude. Some of them were complete assholes. Most were not. All the Eastern Europeans were cool. So was the Italian Couple from Bologna and all of the Nederlanders were awesome. So I had a good time, I ate like ak ing there was so much food and I got a shitload of pens which you always need more of 'cause I don' know 'bout you but I always loose pens.

I did some other things to like I went ahead and had to be a gopher at times but hey I was kool with it. First of all I needed the money and I figured that this temp company was keeping tabs on my performance plus honestly I have worked alot harder for alot less money. Hopefully since I went ahead and did a good job than it is cool and Smart Talent gives me more work. Please give me more work that can head towards a job. 'Cause I need it. I do.

So that here I am and all is okay. It is early in the day so let's hope the rest of the day is good. And for all of you... All of you be blessed. Have a great day and a lovely weekend.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bonjou guyz. Life goes on and it is spring here in Seattle. The sun is shining and it lovely here. Absolument. Demain is my translating job with the Microsoft convention let's hope it goes well. I hope it does. So here is to my first job since the layoff speaking Francais of all things. Salut a moi!

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




Yeah when I was younger I could've been considered a geek. Always my eyes fixed upon a world none could see. Always seeking to escape from the mundane things of this life.

But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
And why not? Dreams were not meant for the sleeping times

For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider
Bear Claw

Blood Elven Prince

Blood Elven Prince
Worlds within worlds

Drow Hunting Party

Drow Hunting Party
Dark Elven Elegance

Adieu mes zamis....

Adieu mes zamis....
May the light of Elves shine upon you....I know it's corny but this is my page!