Saturday, August 25, 2007

Silverwing Episode 10: Rats [3/3]

part 3 of Silverwing

Silverwing Episode 10: Rats [2/3]

Part 2 of Silverwing

Silverwing Episode 10: Rats [1/3]

Silverwing is a cartoon about bats and it's acutally cool so enjoy guys I put a whole episode on here.

Baby Got Back In Walmart

Okay this is hilarious. I do stuff like this now. Oh my God I'm going to do this with one of my friends. LOL!

Bonjour bonjour se samedei encore... Ouais se parfait! So it is the weekend, just got my hair cut, been paid, going to get a new fit... And I won't have Bumpalump until tomorrow. I suppose that's the only drag for today. still it's okay I can go shopping easier without having to care for the baby, not that I mind in the least but well those with little people I'm sure can understand. It is a labor of love emphasis on the labor. All is well and bright and I am loving life.

I suppose today I'm just kinda in a real chill mood, and things seem to be going well. Trumph has gigs all day so... I dunno this will be a short post because I am hungry but let's see. So yesterday at work I watched Vacancy. Has anyone seen this movie? Mon Dieu what a twisted and horrifying film. I'm kinda cool on rundown motels now. I told Trumph from now on we stay in Hotels or people's houses. None of this stayin on the wayside business.

Now of course I loved the movie because htye were not extremely stupid white people however I could not have made myself comfortable in place that had roaches and bathroom like that motel had. Trumph and I would've bounced on GP just for that. However the way the film built up after they saw those snuff films. I mean I was pretty shook. Not that it takes much though.

Tonight I'm going to do one of my BGM community things and go to a screening of Ski Trip which I've seen already but it's cool I like the movie. Maurice Jamal is a genius, and from what I've read and seen he seems like a really cool guy. I am in much anticipation of what B Boy Blues will be like.

You know something love is hard. I mean it is. After the honeymoon phase ends it becomes sometimes difficult but it is worth it. I feel so blessed even though I bitch about him at times to have my Trumph. He's so good to me and I can be such a tete de merde at times. He can be an ass himself but I dunno we balance each other out.

Trumph has taught me that life is still wonderful, that unconditional love is possible in a relationship, that acceptance is real in a family, I feel with Trumph that we matter because of how kind his family is and has been to me. His mother Mme Beatrice is an angel.

I dunno it's just like whoever you are that is reading this now stop... Reflect and then count your blessings. You are still here and you can and will overcome. God has enough love for you, there is love for you in this world and I'll bet if you really think about you don' have to go far to find it. No I'm not in a Pollyanna world, I'm just being real. I hurt, I cry, I've suffered, but I know love and I have it in my life and that is so beautiful.

So today to all of you I give love. Now give that to someone else. Be blessed and Bon Weeked mes zamis.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Si bonjour mes zamis, wass goin' on? Good things hopefully. I've looked over alot of your blogs and all of you seem to be doing well. Reddman is moving back to DC, Dat Brutha Right Dere is in Montreal and hopefully learning French... Trust me amour knowing French is a good thing, Mr Jones is predicting a pretty sad orison life for Michael Vick, Sean got back from Chitown and has great photos of it, I think Frank is now 25 and me... I am just being. Just enjoying what God has given me. You all look like you guys are having alot of fun though. I'm kinda jealous. Okay I am jealous but hey I still have the sea. That is actually clean. Kind of. Anyways...

This weekend I have Bumpalump which will be great because I need my baby fix. Yes Yes I am baby deprived. The apt just feels empty if he isn't there at least once a week. It has been 2 weeks and I miss the babykins so I can hardly wait to see him on Saturday.

Today work was difficult got like 3 payments and talked to some bitchy Queen name Clyde Phillips. I kept on telling my supervisor to call him Claudia. LOL! He started laughing. It was a way to vent. This Claudette was a fuckin kochanri you know, all clipped and shitty talking to me. I wonder if we were face to face how the conversation would've happened? Who knows but I'm sure it would've ended with his tongue cut out of his foul little mouth by yours trully. Whatever call me cruel and psychotic I don' like people who are mean for no reason.

Like just being bitchy or cruel just because to some random people who haven't done anything to you? How cowardly! How about you just cuss out the folkz that pissed you off or if you can't do what I do. When people make you mad and you have no power over them or you love them but you're still pissed at them imagine horrific, grisly things happening to them. Like sometimes when Trumph or one of my friends, or even my relatives make me made I just imagine them being torn to pieces by rabid cannibalistic feral ghouls and I feel better. (HAHAHA! AND you thought I was just smiling to myself cause I forgave ya!) However I try not to be mean to people cause that isn't kind and nice.

You know the age old adage what goes around comes around, what a man reaps he shall sow. Or in Kyonese, Karma is a bitch and then she has puppies! Teehee. So Clyde Phillips I hope you come home and find your man fucking someone else and you run out of your home blinded by tears into traffic which has been stopped because a rampaging Elephant is coming and then the elephant smashes you with it's feet but you don't die you just linger there all fucked up and crows feed on your flesh and then you die... See how I do, I feel better already. Oh whatever lit's better if I write it then do it.

Hey guys seriously though have a good day and be nice to people. Especially to me. Cause if not...Oh I dunno please my bark is worse than my bite. Seriously guys though ahve a good night and give love to all who need it.

Oh it is sooo good to vent.

Thundercats - The Tower of Traps: Pt 2

And here is part 2

Thundercats - The Tower of Traps: Pt 1

Here I finally found a Thundercats episode. All is well!!!

30 Days Of Night R-Rated Trailer And Exclusive Scene

Here is that new Vampire Movie I was talking about 30 Days of Night!! I can hardly wait until October!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

unbelievable gore vioelence kurdish Girl Stoned to Death

Du’a Khalil Aswad honor murder, senseless, senseless.

So no responses to the Iraqi thing but one. Well I figured as much I probably wasn't telling anyone anything they didn't know but I just thought maybe some helpful analysis would do good. Whatevah.

Anyways life is okay. Work has been interesting, not bad at all just work. U know at first I thought I had nothing to say but now I do. Now this once again is a purely Northwestern phenom or at least I hope it is but these White Gay Men! Oh shit I'm so fucking tired of them sometimes.

Lately White men have been hitting on me or engaging me in discussions of race while drunk. Both aggravate the fuck of out of me. Firstly White Gay Men in the NW seem to touch and grope and sorry I don' know where da fuck ur hands have been don' fuckin touch me! Secondly, I dunno my pictures are on, you have all have an idea what I look like maybe. I know some men have their types and that's cool, it's not as if I don' have one but do I look like I am fetish. You know the only Chocolate surprise I want is in a Hostess wrapper. Still I get it all the time.

Like last night. Some White man approaches me talking about he wants to have an affair, and I'm so gorgeous and all this bullshit. So I don' turn him away per se, I mean shit I'm having a beer unwinding after work it's all good. He starts off with his Gay white boy thing and I'm like whatever, he tells me about his job in the mortgage business and how he has noticed Black People tend to be poorer than white people (no offense intended he repeats) and I just look and listen waiting for the moment when he offers to buy me a drink cause that was the only reason I was suffering his presence (hey if I'm tipsy or drunk I can deal with just about any annoyance), then he starts tyring to touch me, and all this. I dunno.

Lately the White Gay Men I meet are getting very racist, and very insulting and I am finding that I am loosing patience. I don' really like White People but I deal with them. I find White Homosexual Males to be one of the singularly most annoying people I have ever had to deal with, but I give 'em kind of a pass for liking dick but lately I am just sick of them.

I mean these men approach me and start talking about racism, make some ignorant ass comment, make allusions to my dick size, and sexual statements about chocolate and shit am I supposed to be like (in their minds at least) ohhh aren't you sweet.

It's times like this when I envy many of you my readers. This is not to say that you in the bigger cities do not have to deal with this, but I know when you do it is few and far in between...Well unless you're a Sno Queen and then well you get what you pay for don't ya?

Yeah I can't stand White Gay Men. They whine about shit, some of which is legitimate but really please. You've suffered? Try being me and men that look like me and come again? I mean I often feel so out of touch with the greater White Gay Community in Seattle cause that isn't me, and mine. Not my Gay or Bi friends at least. It just ain't. We have other things more pressing than whether or not we can get married. I'll take a civil union.

Capitol Hill is great but I care more about the CD and South Seattle where people that look like me live. I know I know I'm preaching to the choir. I suppose I just need to vent a bit because unlike in the South or East Coast or even many parts of the MidWest in the North West when you are Black and Gay you are such a minority. There is no escaping that fact and no way to even attempt to court hte illusion that you aren't. And that shit can be draining.

Well anyways I found some new movie trailers today. SO there is this great Graphic Novel series called 30 Days of Night about Vampires that attack this town in Alaska called Barrow. They are making it into a movie and I can't wait to see it. Y'all know I love my horror films. This one looks so good to that it made me forget the Zombies. So I got a trailer for you on that.

I also read something very disturbing today that bothered me about honor killings. Basically honor killings happen in many parts of the Islamic World mostly though it is an Arab/Kurdish/Persian/Afghan/Pakistani/Bengali Muslim phenomenon where a woman does something improper either in deed or by rumor with some man and ends up getting killed by male relatives or males in the employ of her family to restore the familial honor. This honor killing of young Yazidi Kurdish Woman was particularly painful to my spirit and mind blowing.
I know it happens still but to see the pictures...Aie aie.

Du’a Khalil Aswad (c. 1989 or 1990 – c. April 7, 2007) was a 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd of the Yazidi faith who was stoned to death in an honor killing.[1] It is believed that she was killed around April 7, 2007, but the incident did not come to light until video of the stoning, apparently recorded on a mobile phone, appeared on the Internet.

Some reports say Aswad was murdered for having converted to Islam to marry an Iraqi Sunni Muslim boy.[1][3] It is disputed whether or not she actually converted to Islam; some reports say the Sunni boyfriend has denied that she had.[1] Other sources instead indicate that Aswad was killed in punishment for being absent from her home one night.[4]

Asylum and return
Some news agencies reported that Aswad was being sheltered by a Yazidi tribal leader in Bashika in fear of her life until her family persuaded her that she had been forgiven and could return home.[4] Other reports indicate that she was instead given asylum by a local Muslim Sheikh.[2] It is not known whether the same members of her family that convinced her to return home were responsible for her death. It is not clear from the video whether she was ambushed while returning to her home, or if the mob stormed her home and dragged her into the street. Estimates of the number of attackers range from one thousand[2] to two thousand[5] men.

Stills from the video of the stoningThe incident took place in Bashika, a town in Ninawa Governorate, and was filmed on mobile phones and widely distributed throughout the Internet.[6] Aswad was apparently stripped of her clothing down to her undergarments,[2] allegedly this symbolized that she had dishonored her family and religion.[2] During the stoning, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, Aswad can be seen in the video attempting to sit up and calling for help as the crowd taunts her and repeatedly throws a large chunk of rock or concrete on her head.[2] A man can then be heard declaring "Kill her!" in Arabic. Finally an unidentified man steps up and finishes her off with a rock to the face. After her death her body was apparently taken to the edge of the town and burned. Then she was buried with the remains of a dog, allegedly to demonstrate that she was worthless.[7] An autopsy revealed that Du’a Khalil Aswad died of a fractured skull and spine.[8]
It is believed Aswad's murder caused a reprisal attack in Mosul, in which 23 Yazidis were killed.[9] Both her murder and the reprisal were condemned by Amnesty International[4] and by the Kurdistan Regional Government which asked the federal government to investigate.[10] Authorities in northern Iraq have arrested four people in connection with the killing.
A protest of Aswad's killing in Arbil attracted hundreds of Iraqi citizens who called for an end to honor killings.

She was from her pitures a lovely girl and it was horrific to watch. I'm deciding to post this because sometimes we need to see inhumanity. It helps us to be less complacent. I have no doubt in regards to this incident though that this wouldn't have happened if our government took a greater interest in the lives of Iraqi People instead of trying to steal their oil while they murder each other due to in part to our meddling... At any rate here is some more information I suppose on Iraq anyways in spite of my not wanting to talk about Iraq today. I wonder has the situation truly improved by our presence. I think not. Women in Iraq have less rights today then they ever did. It is ironic that under Saddam and the Baath Party Iraqi Women had the most comprehensive rights package of women anywhere in the Middle East except Israel. Now we have honor killings.

Well I hope I gave you guys something to think about. Be blessed, show love and have a good night. I will talk about happier things in the coming days. I promise. PAIX!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bien sak passe des hommes! How's everyone doing today? Most well I hope. This has been a long week, I worked today which is never fun working on a weekend, it's about as bad to me as working on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Noel. But it's over and all went okay for that period. Now it's me time.

So I have been giving this a bit of thought and I have decided that since I know now that i have a readership that for the next couple of posts I would talk a little bit about the country of Iraq. I think it's an important issue. I won't like give a dissertation but I can perhaps clear up some questions alot of people have about Iraq and it's people. So today we will talk a little bit about Iraq's demo graphical history and why we have the Shia, Sunni, and Kurd thing going on. It won't be too indepth and y'all just might learn something so open your minds and learn.

Q: Kyon wassup with this whole Sunni Shia thing? Why are they killing each over this? What's the real deal?

A: The Sunnis and Shia are 2 of the 3 denominations (for lack of better word) of the Islamic faith, with the Shia world wide being the minority. Most Muslims world over are Sunni. The other denomination in Islam by the way is Sufism. Shias adhere to the teachings of Muhammad and the religious guidance of his family (who are referred to as the Ahl al-Bayt) or his descendants known as Shi'a Imams. Muhammad's bloodline continues only through his beloved daughter Fatima Zahra and cousin Ali which alongside the Muhammad's grandsons are the Ahl al-Bayt. Thus, Shi'as consider Muhammad's descendants as the true source of guidance while considering the first three ruling Sunni caliphs a historic occurrence and not something attached to faith.
Sunnis on the other hand revere the Caliphs as inspired by the Prophet and Allah not a historical occurence. Now Iraq has always had a Shia presence because of the country's proximity to Iran which was dominated by the Safavids, a Persian Shite Dynasty/Caliphate. However up until the destruction of Baghdad in 1258 by Mongols the country was dominated by Sunnis.
Jump forward to Saddam's time. Saddam knowng that Shi'ites were the majority of the population and a real threat to Baa'th Sunni domination after the destruction of the Iraqi monarchy made sure he repressed the Shia. It was as brutal and as evil as was everything else about Saddam's reign over Iraq. When we entered the picture we had no idea or conception of the suffering of the Shia under the Sunnis, nor do we evr really think that hey maybe the Shia will use this time to settle the score with the Sunnis. Which they did, which our troops were not half as active to attempt to prevent. Now the violence has spilled out of control and for better or worse Iraqis Arab areas have split in a violent cataclysm of faith cleansing which by the way is not the really the will of the majority of Iraqis but a small hell bent group that wants power over the others.

Contrary to popular belief while Sunnis and Shi'ites have fought each other in the Islamic world that fighting has not been going on forever nor have there not been times when the 2 groups peacefully coexisted not only in Iraq but all over the Islamic world. Okay if you have any more specific questions ask them in your comments because this is a subject I am just skimming like everything else in this post.

Q2: What about the Kurds?
A: The Kurds are a Caucasian Muslim people that live in Northern Iraq and Iran as well as eastern Turkey. Basically after world war I the Kurds were promised their own nation, Kurdistan which compromises pieces of these 3 countries. They never got it. In all three countries they have had Independence movements that have been brutally and viciously repressed. Kurds and Arabs do not get along all that well in Iraq and the Kurds were constantly on Saddam's shit list. Now however they have much of Northern Iraq which they are trying to actually (all other things aside lets just be real) a little Kurdistan which they can definitely do with the oil rich north of Iraq. However the terrorists aren't having it and now the Kurdish north is experiencing violence on an unprecedented scale. For the record Kurds are Sunnis. It is interesting to me that with all the talk about Iran one fact has not been thought out by the US. Iran does have a stake in Iraq. If the Kurds do establish an independent state many Iranians believe that Iranian Kurds will attempt to join their regions of Iran with Iraq. As for the Turks they've basically said that will happen and as a result they are attempting to put troops in the North of Iraq to stop that. Pray they don't cause this war is really just 2 steps away from getting allot more ugly and horrific. For more questions on the Kurds post them to your comments.

Aiight enough for today. I didn't give you a dissertation but you understand little more now. PAIX!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bonjour vas tous!
I'm feeling in a silly somewhat juvenile mood today, which is like allot actually but anyways here is a very special round of:

It's Da Questions Dawg Da Questions

1. Does your man know that you're cheating on him, or is he just gonna be the last to find after out after I tell him that we all know u aint faithful?

2. Do you ever wonder if anyone on Hell's Kitchen has ever tried to beat Chef Ramsey's ass after he smooth cussed them out on national television?

3. Speaking of Hell's Kitchen does anyone know what Eddie's gender was? No for real tell me 'cause I have no fucking clue.

4. Do you happen to catch those Valtrex commercials on the tele and think to yourself as the one person says:
"I have genital herpes!" with a big as smile, and his or her partner lovingly strokes their hand and chimes:
"And I don't!" Well I mean do you ever just think to yourself, that scenario can't be reality? No one would stay with someone willingly who gets warts on their junk. Or would they?

5. Speaking of genital herpes, I dunno, if you noticed a bunch of bumps or warts on some one's dick/cooch/asshole or huge sores on their mouth before you got ready to get down with them wouldn't ya just stop for a minute and be like, uhm... No?

6. Speaking of drugs don't some of the after effects to some of these medications seem worse than the affliction they cure? Like there was one for anxiety I saw on the tele recently. It was all, warning side effects may include, nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable flatulence, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, incontinence (meaning you can shit yourself at any moment unbeknowst to you) and explosive bowel syndrome. I stop and paused and thought hmm I can have anxiety attacks or take this drug, loose my sex drive, be hot as the fires of hell, stink and occasionally when I'm out anywhere just crap my pants. I dunno about y'all but that would make me pretty fucking anxious....

7. Didn't Tammy Faye come thru all of the trials and tribulations so much better than Jim Baker even if she did die? And furthermore when Jim gets to the pearly gates and finds out that well he just isn't welcome can't you just see Tammy's face as she has the final laugh? I can, and it's hilarious.

8. Do you look at the war in Iraq and ever scream enough already what the hell are we doing over there?! Furthermore do you even know why were in Iraq anymore? Please tell me 'cause I don't? (Well I have ideas but with this administration who knows anymore)

9. Do you have a funny lady at church who always sings and praises the Lord with a voice and in some weird manner that only he loves and you laugh at her, but you feel bad' cause your at church so you just giggle under your breath but it makes your stomach hurt and so you just sit in church cover your face and cry silently in mirth and people say:

" Ohhh see that man/boi/chile/ whatevah there don' got the spirit of the lawd upon him." And so you feel worse but you don't really? No not really. (This might just have applied to me as a teenager, well I'm lying I still laugh sometimes.)

10. How many of you have farted in public and tried to (unsuccessfully or not) pass the stench of your crime on to someone else? I have lots of times. It's easy you just walk away quickly and then scrunch up your face and make a scene with everyone else who is smelling and conveniently point out the stinkiest person there. Unless it's you. Than your just stinky and we all know that you are so it's okay we still love you.

Okay maybe some of those questions were juvenile and silly but I had fun writing them and these questions deserved to be asked cause I can't be the only one that thinks them. I've read some of your blogs you ask ones just as strange just not so honestly.

Well remember laugh, love, dance, eat good food, and smell the flowers. Tell the ones you louve that you love them and show a lil love to the ones who may not deserve it. Have a great evening and be blessed mes zamis!! HEY HEY! No fighting *smile*

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kyon's Fantastic Wishlist that Will Never Come True but I Want it Anyways! (whew)

1. Superpowers: I want telepathy, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. That way I can control you, make you hallucinate, read your mind and know what your up to and or about. And if don't like what's in your mind or you resist my telepathy I can move you away from my prescence and if you come back I can just set you on fire. Tee-hee!

2. To be an Elf: Yes I want to be a Black Elf. Flawless skin, immortality, magical powers, super bad assed beautiful features, a great voice, an inner light that shines. I mean I could seduce everyone and for those that would hate on me...Well no problem I could just watch them age and show up every so often at their birthdays by use of my magic and laugh at them.

3. To be ablwe to breath under water and have retractable fins: If I had these abilites than I could play with dolphins and that would be fun.

4. To have a brick inlaid PRADA bag with a matching flame and paint resistant chinchilla fur coat: That way I can walk around in my fur coat and be like fuck you I'm rich and if anyone gave me lip I would knock their teeth from their mouths with my bag.

5. To have all my enemies in my power: Nuff said.

6. To meet some of you guys: Well it could happen not so impossible but I would trade meeting you guys for super powers.

7. To control time: If could control time, well let's just say things would be different.

8. To become a bionic man: YES YES YES!!! Hell yeah build a faster, stronger Kyon!

9. To give birth: I mean pain aside, I'd have a baby, and plus do you know how freaking rich I would be if I gave birth?!

10. To slap George Bush: Nuff said.

If only these things would happen...Ahh bien paix mes zamis....
Aie quel un jour quel un jour quel un jour.... Si se Dimanche. I'm blogging. So I decided in keeping with staying on top of my recovery process to begin going to NA. For the record I hate NA meetings. I hated them in rehab and despise them still. Firstly to me they are boring because you have to listen to everyone talk. Now of course the good thing about that is you learn and keeps from your poison of choice. The bad part is you have to listen to their bellyaching and sobbin' in order to extract the pearls of wisdom from their narratives.

Secondly I knew that if this was a Gay NA Club which it is, I was more than likely going to be ogled which I don't mind but in my opinion White Gay Men can be so irritating when they do that. It's like seriously did you just drool when I walked in the room. No I mean their is a stream of saliva hanging off of your lip.

Thirdly I could be doing something else with my time. However those are not good enough reasons for me not to go especially if this is a group that can help me manage things which need to be managed. I've been complacent since I left rehab and that can be detrimental so I decided to be proactive and went. And you know it was not so bad. I got ogled, no one drooled even though all these White men kept grabbing and hugging me and I think someone felt me up during our circle prayer end of the group thing...But those things aside, the message for today was timely and I felt energized in my endeavors to not use drugs and be all ickified. 'Cause for real drugs, hard drugs make you ickified. So that was good.

Trumph and I went to Denny's this morning for breakfast and we will not go to that Denny's ever again. The service was horrid and can you believe that my Trumph left a tip. He always tips, I don't because I just don't, but he does. I try to talk him out of it but he still tips. This time however he should not have tipped them. Trumph is just a nice guy though, well not really he's moody but he wants everyone to think he is a real nice quiet guy. And he is when he wants to be. Everyone else thins I'm the psycho bitch, and I am...'Cause it's fun.

It's lovely today. The sun is shining and the air is warm. It feels like summer again and not that pseudo summer we have been having for the past couple of weeks. I feel in a good mood today as I knew I would eventually feel. it has been a queit weekend, hung with my friends, read a little and I'm going to the Gathering tonight at Kenny Joe's where I will eat, drink and be merry and talk about politics, the state of The People, the state of The People who are in the Life, and whatever else one of those queens will think of.

Well here's to augmenting your inner strength, salut a moi. Yay Kyon! I hope you guys are having and will have as good a weekend as I have. Be blessed and be loved. PAIX!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

[Drawn Together] - Best of Xandir Part IV

the last of Xandir

[Drawn Together] - Best of Xandir Part III

and more Xandir

[Drawn Together] - Best of Xandir Part II

More Xandir

[Drawn Together] - Best of Xandir Part I


Self improvement: I need...

1. I need to make sure that I start taking better steps in my job development. I feel I have been so far in Seattle and I need to continue on that. I mean I don't know about u but I hate bin' broke.

2. I need to stop being so proud about certain things. I can't do everything by myself nor am I all powerful. Asking for help or using things to further myself in my goals of staying drug free, or advancing my career goals, or even just having a good shoulder to cry on at times is not weakness, it is common sense. I mean in the end it helps me.

3. Begin cultivating the good people I've met so far in Seattle into really good friends. No man nor woman is an island and I am no expectation.

4. An Xbox or Xbox 360 because video games keep me out of trouble. You're laughing but I assure you they do.

5. Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.

6. Finally finish this novel.

7. Love more freely, laugh more deeply, and enjoy what I have instead of constantly focusing on the things I don't.

8. Call my Mama. No I really do.

9. Develop a super power of some sort. I dunno something that makes me telepathic than I would never have to work again.

10. Find a way to get my stubborn siblings to talk to each other again.

Damn I got my work cut out for me. Especially the super power part.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Elves, Elves, Elves, Elves why is it that I love Elves so much? I dunno maybe because they are so bad assed! I love fantasy and I've been working on a novel to attempt to try my hands at them so here is a small portion of what I've been working on, if y'all think it's something you'd like to see holla!!!

Dashevu: The Elves of the Shadow
A wewetou Afrkia enfantilzaim sonkofa!
To all Afrika’s children remember!
So with our grief and pain and hand,
Doth all we Fey leave beloved lands
Our Mama’s fate we bequeath to thee
For now is the time of Humanity
Remember us long after the days when we once walked the lands
Think with fondness of us the People Who Can Fly,
It is now your time, it is now your time.

Be still my heart,
Tears form in my eyes,
Be still my spirit for the sun still shines,
Be still my mind for we shall not die,
Still in clarity we see that out world belongs now to Humanity.
Sankofa! Sankofa!
Remember the places of light, which shone bright with enchantments divine.
Remember us!
Sankofa wewetou Afrika
Remember the BaIli who will now dance in the place between waking and dreams

And when your children are sold from you,
When your hearts break with grief for stolen lives and loved ones too,
When you are overwhelmed and believe that you shall not endure
In dreams shall we come and give you strength to continue,
From our lands, the undying shores where it is evergreen, and the stars
Shimmer over an endless crystal sea.

Now with our minds wearied by pain
We must admit that the world has changed. Oh she has changed, oh she has changed and now we Fey must pass away.
So children of all Afrika whether scattered far from her face or held close in her bosom
Remember and in your dark times we’ll hasten to your dreams and give you peace again…
A wewetou Afrika enfantilzaim sonkofa!
For now the White Men come upon you, may the Loas and Orishas protect and save you all.
Oh how all has changed. How our Mama Afrika has changed…. Be still my heart.”—The Zabote Nok BaIli, The Parting Song of the Fey, Afrika the 9th Age

“We are the first peoples who danced upon our Mama Afrika’s chest. We are the children of Aida-Wedo and doth doest her light from our visages fair so shine. All of nature is our delight; the sun, moon, and stars shining with their brilliance are our muses. We are the BaIli, the First People, and none upon Mama Afrika’s face is so fair...”—Early Flower Fairy Poetry, Hurajacame, Flower Fairy Kingdom, the 1st Age

“We are the shadow, we are vengeance, we are the horror of our surface kin, for seek we do to be avenged upon those who exiled us below so long ago in ages long past, from the warmth and light of the sun to this cold and empty perilous darkness! —Early Shadow Elven Poetry, Mingloza, Shadow Elven Kingdom, the 2nd Age

Ye Krik! Ye Krak!
My heart is heavy and my mind has become slowed by weariness that I have thus far not wished to give name. Some have seen this as a madness that holds me fast in its seemingly impenetrable grip. Such things, insanity and madness can be quite common for those of us who are Immortal they say, for I am among one of the eldest of Ilinganya living in these dark days, one of the first of us to be awakened beneath the azure lights of the stars and the soft whiteness of the moon.
Thus even my children speak now in hushed tones about me, sending their concerns to each other believing my mind to be gone, as if my senses do not perceive their words. They sigh, they weep softly, and attempt to bring me comfort, and still my humour does not improve. In whispers then do they exchange their opinions of me and speak so very soft to keep me from hearing their fears. Uneven and nervous laughter sound about me, my courtiers exchange sympathetic smiles and my kin begins to wonder if I am the victim of some mal enchantment. Would it be that these were the real reasons for my malady of late and I would be so relieved that I’d accept my madness without complaint… But my kin, my courtiers, and my subjects beloved though they are, guess of my pain in error. No madness afflicts my mind, no evil enchantment dances in my blood, nor do I long for the release from life of death. Instead it is a great and powerful sorrow that holds me fast. For one fact is now more apparent and very much true, too difficult to any longer ignore…
Afrika is changing.
I feel it in the earth, in the corruption of the soil. I taste it in the stagnant water that was once clear and sweet. I catch the scents of change carried by charnel breezes on soot-tinged winds. The land of our many peoples is no longer hospitable to us. For us, the BaIli , the Fey our time in Afrika is drawing swiftly to a close.
Afrika is changing.
Humans already far to numerous and therefore out of balance, pour over ancient boundaries and once respected borders daily, coming ever closer to mysteries they cannot comprehend and cultures they can never hope to understand. Even now much of what once endured for many a millennia is gone, lost forever beneath the crushing heavy footsteps of the Human race and torn asunder by the avarice that marks the World of Men. For Men, Humans far more than any other race desires complete and total dominion over all of Afrika, in place of even the Loas and Orishas themselves and until the very ending of the earth.
The other races respond to the Human threat in the ways they always have. Denial. The Dwarves, the BaKhazabrah have delved deeper into the earth caring nothing for the shifting world that lies outside of their mountains, caverns, warrens, and great hills. Instead they find salvation in mining for gems, crafting great works of gold, silver, copper and iron, and feting in their great and wondrous halls of stone.
The Halflings, the BaAugogwe live amidst their quaint, quiet countryside havens where the flowers bloom and the yams grow in abundance. They are content to be safe inside of their burrows and remain in innocent ignorance of the growing dangers of the outside world.
The Gnomes, the BaKitsuni go about their lives in their giant termite mound like realms, too busy raiding honeycombs, and singing in the trees or playing mischievous pranks on those lost in their woods to pay any attention to an ever changing world.
The Giants, the BaMalo but for their great size no longer bother with Humans for they live in the mountains where Humans do not yet go and so they feel unaffected and care nothing for the troubles of the little peoples of Afrika. In their pride they believe they are untouchable and yet so very few of them now remain.
The BaEntwida , the Ents are so few in number now that it seems that to all they are but a memory of the earth, for too long has it been since I have sat nestled in the arms of a tree herder listening to the secrets whispered by the trees beneath the warmth of the sunlight and the soft humming patter of the rain.
And my people my children. The BaIli, the Fey go about our lives in our prideful arrogance, delighting still in the light of the stars, and the beauty of nature in all her dispositions. We choose to allow ourselves to be dazzled by the sunlight as it plays over a rainforest after it rains casting rainbows over the sparkling drops of water, ignoring the changes that all of us feel in the earth to which we are so close, as nothing more than simple rumblings. Refusing to admit that what we feel is the impending doom of all the great races, for something far more horrific than Human Expansion threatens all those who inhabit the face of Mama Afrika. The time for the cleansing of the land has come…
Afrika is changing.
I am Nkosa Mamashenge Aida MoSozi Rumbusu, the Queen of the Illinganya Weshi , the Wood Elves, specifically those who dwell in Kingdom of KujaItari. Ours is an expansive and gorgeous rainforest, beneath whose emerald canopy have we found both rest and sanctuary for thousands upon thousands of years. For as long as the trees have stood have we dwelt here in KujaItari, nurturing the trees, the flowers, and sweetly caring for the animals and all things living that are sheltered in our wood.
I have lived since we began, far longer than any of my Wood Elven brethren, and my Fey Cousins for I was one of the first of the BaIli to be awakened. Oh my children the things I have seen… I saw the ascent of the nations of the Fey Peoples, the BaIli, in all of our majesties, glories, enchantments, and beauty. I’ve heard the songs of the Fairies as the sun set and faded giving way to twilight. I have watched Sprites dancing amongst lush jungle groves and observed Pixies frolicking in the warm light of the sun upon the savannahs and veldts. I have witnessed Elves feting under the soft white light of the moon and the cold blue brilliant fire of the stars. Listened with wonder to the tales of the forests and the songs of the trees whilst sitting rapt at the feet of the Ents and their graceful Entwives.
I was there when the great wars of the Fey came to pass; I watched in horror and grief as the Elves, the Fairies, the Pixies and the Sprites all of us, tore ourselves asunder. I remember clearly when the Dashevu , the Ijuela , the Cravishagas , and the Yenu were cursed by the Vodoun and forced below the ground never again to live under the light of the sun.
My eyes and memories know of Human and Dwarven Kingdoms that have risen and fallen, my ears still echo with the cries of those who once lived in Elven and Fairy strongholds that were destroyed by Human hands and works. I’ve seen bitter enemies amongst the peoples of Afrika forget their differences and forge great and lasting peace.
I was there my children when the 1st and only alliance between Humans, Elves, Fairies, Sprites, Pixies, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Ents, and Giants fought the great darkness that once threatened us all with certain extinction and overcome victorious! Such sights I have seen. What songs I have sung, such magic have I weaved, what splendors have these ancient Elven eyes beheld? Yet those times and images have long since faded almost past remembrance as a new and uncertain age comes upon us now…
Afrika is changing.
Something foul and undeniably powerful, something ancient, something forgotten that should not have been stirs quietly in South. The signs of Mama Afrika’s resulting pain are everywhere and none, not even the Humans can deny the growing signs of her malaise. The mountains and hills scream in pain. The earth cracks and dries yielding nothing of her once overflowing bounty. The great herds die off in droves, victims of a plague unseen for thousands of years. The rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds are poisoned, the water foul and undrinkable. Fish, crocodiles, hippos, frogs, and waterfowl wash upon their shores twisted in death agonies by the thousands. The sky darkens, while shadows form and mar the land even by the cleansing light of day. All of nature is crying out and travailing….
Afrika is changing.
Daily do skirmishes with the Nyaru , the Goblin Folk and other monsters increase in number and murderous viciousness amongst all the Peoples of Afrika. I have seen these battles for survival pitched in my mind and to my horror it is the forces of evil that overcome more and more, the forces of goodness. I feel an evil, alien and cruel in it’s machinations slowly and stealthily growing, germinating and taking root in the earth whilst all the Peoples of Afrika, even my cursed cousins, the BaIli Nizara below, begin to tremble with a nameless fear.
May the Vodoun save us all for these acts are her doing and I know and feel in my very bones that she in all of her unmatchable evil is amongst us again. Somehow, forgotten by time and ignored by the salves of victory, peace, and prosperity she has returned and she is far stronger than before. Surely as I speak to you she is seeking her goal, for her darkness to be put forth again to cover all of Afrika past even the ending of this world.
She, this nameless evil is a hungry, malicious, cruel, and avarice filled monster that thrives only on the pain of death, the agony of battle, the destruction of all life, even her allies, consuming all before her and leaving ruin, corruption and death in her wake. Surely as I speak to you my children she is coming for she desires this. Meanwhile we are all divided by our views, our opinions, beliefs, our myriad of histories, our methodologies, our hubris, and our arrogance, all the while her darkness once so nascent now grows and creeps steadily ever closer, gaining with each day passing more and more strength. Aided by the Nyaru, the monsters, dragons, demons, and all things foul and monstrous that lives above and below she draws sustenance from their powers, gains vitality from their collective evil; and she is beginning to hold sway over them. If she succeeds in her quest of blight and doom than all of us; Human, Fairy, Pixie, Elf, Sprite, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf, Giant, Ent, even the very animals who live along side us, and the plants that ornament the face of Mama Afrika in all our shapes, colors, and extraordinary beauty will be lost forever consumed by her terrible and unquenchable hunger.
Yet those Immortals such as I believe a time shall come when those who many of the BaIli and those of the other races would believe to be the very children of such a being shall confront her darkness and save us all. For they are not her children but instead they are my kin, for no race that is BaIli is beyond redemption and their salvation shall be the salvation of all Afrika’s children. Thus shall we BaIli be renewed and we shall cleanse the land of her evil alongside the other races one last time. Then we BaIli, all of us, must with a great and heavy grief depart from Afrika. For this is our last age now and the Humans come upon us like the waves upon the sand, always moving in, never satisfied, thirsting for domination. The world is no longer ours to share beside them.
Like darkness they too shall come with their avarice, their earth stripping greed, their lust for complete power and dominion, their blind eyes that refuse to see, their deaf ears that will not hear and their fear of difference that hardens their hearts against even each other and causes them to war in conflicts that spiral farther and farther into the realm of chaos.
Afrika is changing…
Oh Mama Afrika upon whose face I lived, loved, lost and borne children, upon whose chest I have danced, battled, and ruled. In your arms have I laughed and cried, to your heavens has my voice sang clear, to your bounty have I shown stewardship and reverence. Oh how I lament your fate once the First Peoples, the BaIli, the Fey leave your fair and mysterious shores. The Humans shall not usher in a better world and I have foreseen the horror the Humans of Afrika shall see when we have departed the shores of this most wondrous homeland. I see savage and striving warfare, debilitating famines, villages and cities burning, and trains of men, women, and children torn from all they know and love bound in chains stretching from the jungles, forests, and savannahs unto the windswept coasts where the sky meets the sea.
Men from across the sea, men with the bleached skin of the dead who prowl this earth as ravenous hyenas shall appear consuming all they can, killing whom they will, slaying even the Vodoun with a faith they shall not follow as they rob and thieve the Humans and treasures of Afrika to die in far off places unseen in the grip of crushing, unyielding lethal servitude.
The wars will then accelerate and lead past slavery to these Bleached Men ruling the land, and rupturing the tribes and ethnic groups among the Humans, poisoning the land with a new darkness, taking all that is rich and leaving a grinding poverty and unfathomable dependence upon them in their wake. When they finally leave, they will leave you Mama Afrika, broken and bloodied, bereft of millions of your children, grasping for your jewels, sobbing at the memory of your once majestic forests and wrought with pains that you never endured in the worst days of the wars of my people. All these horrors shall the Humans perpetuate wholly upon themselves…
Afrika is changing…
This land is no longer mine and the time of my kind passes even now. So come my children, stand fast with me and gather round to witness the start of the events that shall redeem my cursed cousins who reside below. For without them all is naught, and we of all the races shall fall into darkness, flames and death. Without them, we the BaIli retreat to the undying lands broken and incomplete and without us surely shall the Humans crush them in the never-ending wave of numbers that is their advantage. This omnipresent crush of Humanity shall rise up against their strongholds and wipe them away, their blood ushering the time of Men in Afrika with horror that shall bring horrors. Yebo my child Afrika is changing and the last age of our long time upon her face now begins. I only hope that we are able to save ourselves in time before we are all lost in the great darkness that the evil one stirring in her dark silence is seeking…Protect my people blessed Aida-Wedo; Queen of the Rainbows, for Afrika has changed.
Ye Krik! Ye Krak!

Soooo what do ya think let me know. Aiight hope you all are having a great day peace!

Monday, August 06, 2007

HAMLET ON THE STREET - Monologue by Craig Bazan in Camden NJ

This is really a good performance...I was convinced.

Today is a strange day. Trumph is in dark humour and I am just kinda like wahtever. Work was pleasant but I feel drained. A most typical Monday. Some young Somali boy asked me to use my headphones and I told him no. I think I was kind of rude to him and I didn't mean to be but I don' know the young brotha and I certainly don' have the deisre to chase anyone down this evening. Aie aie qul un jour... Ahhh bien I suppose I should tell what's in my head. Perhaps do some serious reflection.

1. A friend of mine is dhaving some health crises and I'm not sure what do with that especially when it may be something I shall face in a way with Trunmph...

2. I have learned that life is what you make of it but sometimes it is so damn hard. Perhaps it because we make it so but I just wonder sometimes why it feels like I'm so lonely? I have a man, I lead and aiight life. Certainly I'm not rich but that's okay. Material things are nice but I mean I go on with what I got. Perhaps in just a tiny way I'm homesick? Longing for my friends a little. Seattle is wonderful but I am so lonely and I am so very unconventional. I don't care what people say it is so hard to make new friends and many of my relationships feel so surface. The only person that really kknows me is my and while that is not bad, I've learned that men can change and so it aint all good either.

3. There is so much I want to do but so much of life that seems to encumber me. I mean here I am, a former drug addict. Just the label fills me with shame. You have no idea what I did sometimes, you will never know but I wasn't always so like I am now. I was but that was before him and his introduction of that crap and oh if only I could go back. Time does heal all wounds but the wonds are still there just the same, beneath the scar tisse and sometimes it just hurts...

I know I wll be okay but I just had to let that out. So let's learn shall we? I belive we shall. So first of all the answer one of the questions in the questions dawg that questions was Brazil and the year that the slave trade ended there was in 1900. Actually too the last country to have slaves of African Descent was Saudi Arabia which ended there slavery in 1960. So there is one fact.

Here is the next one. Do any of you have any idea how large and vast the African Diaspora is? I didn't before today but I found out that there are Black Communities not only in the Middle East but also in SOuth Asia called the Sidis. SO y'all can read about them here:

The Siddis (also called Habshi, from Arabic حبشي abashi, Abyssinian) are a black African people in India. Siddis possess large amounts of sub-Saharan African DNA. They mostly came from eastern Africa and some were sold as slaves in the Indian subcontinent by Arab merchants in medieval times. Others also came of their own volition as soldiers or mercenaries, sailors and merchants.

In Western India (today's Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra), the Habshi gained a reputation as being physically powerful and fiercely loyal. This made them popular amongst the local princes as mercenaries. The 17th century saw the largest influx of Siddis, as many were sold to Hindu princes by Arab and Portuguese slave traders. Despite their reputation as good fighters, many were also used as domestic servants and farm labourers. Some Siddi slaves escaped into the forests to form their own communities.

In fact, small Siddi kingdoms were established in western India in Janjira and Jaffrabad as early as the twelfth century. The island of Janjira was formerly called Habshan, meaning the land of the Habshis. A few rulers of Bengal in the 15th century were of Habshi descent. The Habshis also played an important role in the history of Western India, particularly in the struggle between the Marathas and the Mughal empire; with the Habshis often aligning themselves with the Mughals. Even during the British colonial period, Siddis attained numerous military and governmental leadership positions.

Siddis of Junagadh
Presented as slaves by the Portuguese to the local Nawab of Junagadh, a local Prince, the Siddis also live around Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, the last refuge in the world of the almost extinct Asiatic Lions, in Junagadh a district of the state of Gujarat, India.

"On the way to Deva-dungar is the quaint village of Sisvan, inhabited entirely by Siddis, a tribe of African people. They were brought 300 years ago from Africa, by the Portuguese for the Nawab of Junagadh. Today, they are more Indian than African and follow very few of their original customs, with a few exceptions like the traditional Dhamal dance."

There are at least a couple of theories to explain the origin of the terms "Siddi" and "Habshi", which is what Siddis were/are called in parts of western India. Most experts agree that the word "Habshi" comes from the Arabic word "Habashi," from the Ethiosemitic word Habesha, meaning "Abyssinian" (Ethiopian).[citation needed] Most of the Habshi came from pagan areas in Western southwestern Ethiopia (see SNNPR and Benishangul-Gumuz Region for a rough estimation) that were often raided for slaves by the (Habesha) Christian highlanders, lands often outside of the areas subject or vassal to the Ethiopian emperor.[1][2] Similarly to the evolution of the term "Ethiopia," (previously used to refer to Africa south of Egypt in general or Nubia in particular), the term "Habasha" in Arabic though referring specifically to Ethiopia and Ethiopians was often applied to describe all black peoples. One theory of the origin of Siddi is that, after conversion to Islam, some Habshi called themselves Sayyadi (descendants of Muhammad), from which came "Siddi".[citation needed]

Some scholars (and many Siddis) claim that the word Siddi is an expression of respectful address commonly used in North Africa (see Sidi), like Sahib in India or Sir in England. Specifically, it is said to be an honorific title given to the descendants of African natives in the west of India, some of whom were distinguished military officers and administrators of the Muslim princes of the Deccan.

Present Status
They occupy the bottom rung of the Indian caste system, and exist mainly on the margins of Indian society. Siddis have adopted the indigenous religions (There are Hindu, Christian and Muslim Siddis), food, and customs of India; though remnants of their African heritage are retained in their music. Their "Dhamal dance" is part of the cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh. Siddis are employed mainly in the agricultural sector.

See and some of you thought that whole India fade R&B was going through a couple of years was just a thing. Who knew that we have cousins living on the Indian Subcontinent. It's so funny that we are as varied outside of Africa as we were/are within Africa.

I dunno I'm kinda just like blah. Maybe I'll feel better after I eat. Sorry I've no witicisms this day. Just chilling having a time to emote. Which is good. Trumph worries me sometimes. Not for my life or anything I just I dunno...I love him and I love myself but sometimes I wonder is this going to be forever...What if he doesn't change the aspects about him that irritate me the most. He is still being lazy about certain things...Should I stay or go...?

I have just so much on my mind today and then nothing at all. That I suppose is life. I suppose I'll conclude this post with a poem.

Starry nights which burn in patchwork skies over seas of crystal that just stretch on and on and on, where the ocean touches the heaven and they become one,
With the voices of selkies singing softly in a chorus with the waves...
This is where you shall find me.

Okay so it aint to long but it made me feel better....Paix mes zamis show love to those who need it and be strong enough to receive love back in return, and don' worry about me I will be okay. I always find the answers I seek because I have learned to listen....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bonjour vas tous, today I'm just chillin' with Bumpalump. He and I had gone to the Umoja Festival expecting fun but what we got was an outdoor church service. Sorry but I was bored and Bumpalump started acting up so it was time for us to go. He had fun though I mean he ate like 7 peppermints or something. He's with me today and we're going to go around visiting folkz and just hanging out. I know I know Kyon and his lil baby...He's good company though.
Last night was fun went drinking and helped out a new friend just by being a shoulder to cry on and ear to listen which he needed, ran into another homie, and then met up with Fraulein Rosenzaft for drinks. It was a nice night.

Well anywyas I figured since I talk about him so much you should get a chance to see Bumpalump again, these pictures are very recent. So enjoy and stay kool y'all.

Day Of The Dead

The newest horror movie coming out starring one of my favorite males Ving Rhames

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hillary vs Obama

Oh by the way if ur wondering on who to vote for...LOL!!!

Disney Boys and Girls - Wait a Minute

Another Pussycat Dolls vid with a twist, this is for Bumpalump I mean he loves the PCD girls and then there are Disny characters thrown in the mix? That's like heaven for Bumpalump, enjoy guyz!

So last night after work I got fresh and clean and then Trumph and I headed out for a night of carousing. Aie Mon Dieu I got so drunk last night when it was all said and done. We had pizza at Mama's first to make sure we didn't drink on empty stomach because I don' know about y'all but it aint about praying to the porcelain god.

Then we headed out to R Place, one of the major Black boy hangouts on Capitol Hill left for the Crescent, the sleazy karaoke bar on the Hill, and then headed back to RPlace to dance the night away. Picked up some friends on the way and had crew going, dropped them off, they gave us gas money...Well at least they did after I suggested that they should... Then we came home. I woke up this morning with a hangover that was no joke.

I hate hangovers it's like u wanna puke, take a dump, u feel hungry but u caint eat, and your all dried out inside, like the water just has been leeched from ya body. Not a fun feeling. Ahhh bien I suppose that's the price I pay for as Reddman put it "alcoholic bliss". I like the bliss part it's the after effects I aint feeling.

So by now I'm sure you all are thinking so wassup wit this kat Kyon? I mean are there really that many Black People in the North West? Whats da T? Well I'll break it down for you.

Unlike the majority of you who live in cities with very large Populations of The People and have clubs that are for or patronized mostly by The People be they straight or gay in the NW the numbers are smaller. We in fact do not even have Black Gay Clubs, straight ones yeah kind of but there are always Others around.
See Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho (an evil place don't ever go there the Nazis will catch you and lynch and you will never be heard from again...And I am not joking at all. At all costs avoid Idaho, if you have to go there drive through it quickly and swiftly. The People are not welcomed in that evil place.), were all part of the Oregon Territory. When the issue of Statehood came up to simply avoid a fight on Slavery all 4 states passed laws which are still in the state constitutions that No Negros or Mulattoes are allowed to even be in those states. So there you have it. Oh of course we came in small waves to Washington and Oregon but not most of the Great Migration of The People from the South headed to the East Coast or Midwest, some to California, very few to our region of the US.

In fact in Oregon where I used to live the Klan was quite active in times past and many of those small lovely little Oregon towns like Roseburg, Ashland, and Grants Pass had sundown laws. Portland the major city of Oregon was segregated up until 1959.

However we do have a community that is homegrown in Oregon and Washington of the People which is augmented by our cousins from Afrika, mostly Habashas (Ethiopians call themselves this word -Amharas, Tygrans, and Oromos) and Somalis. Infact I live in the Central District, one of the traditionally Black areas of Seattle in a quarter of the CD that I call Ge'ez (It is the word Ethiopians call Ethiopia). Within a 5 block radius of our apartment there are at least 8 Habasha restaurants and a community center as well. It's cool. They are kind to me and some of the males are quite easy on the eyes. Plus I get mistaken for Oromo alot anyways so it's kinda cool but the only word I know it tenesh tenesh which means how are you doing and you really can't carry on a conversation saying that over and over again. I tried to once and the guy thought I was psychotic.

An interesting thing though, the neighborhood I live in is gentrifying ( I know big surprise right where is that not taking place) so it's like we drug deals on the corner sometimes but then you go up the hill and it's like another world with galleries and sunny dis positioned White People sipping lattes. I dunno just a weird contrast.

Now how we talk up here to many of you would be a shock. No amongst each other we think we sound "Black" "Ebonical" you know what I mean that ethnic accent that we have. However it was not until I left the NW that I found that we don't sound like that to other of the People from around the country. Everyone one I have met has told I me I sounded White, which I suppose in a way compared to some from the ATL or Chitown or DC or Bmore that suppose we do,. But don' get it twisted we still Black you try and break me off and I'll break off a piece of yo' ass! Oh and by the way I find East Coast accents to be some sexy. I love it when they talk, one time I met this dude from NYC, he was handsome but not phyne but that accent and that cocky swagger that you East Coaster Brothas have...You just exude confidence and well he did too and he talked me right out of my drawls...*smile*... Good times....

The racism here is subtle in the big cities, a bit unsettling in the little towns in that they just stare, but rarely ever threatening though who knows with the sneaky white folkz up here how they think. I'd not be surprised if plans for our destruction were found on them. These White Folkz in the NW smile in your face and talk about diversity all the while sharpening the knife to shove in the small of your back later.

The Black Community is not as united as it should be, and the Black Gay Community is snobbish but the snobbery is something that everyone who is from somewhere else finds laughable.

It does rain alot in Seattle though the price we pay for so much green but it still so lovely here. Words can't convey, and we have an abundance in animal life. I told you little about my sea friends, but we have Wolves, coyote, deer, elk, moose, foxes, black bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and all the little forest critters. Raccoons whihc are so cute but scary as hell and their friends. There is an abundance of water here, from the sea to the lakes right inside the city limits, we even have a rain forest in Seattle. Yeah for real we do. SO obviously all of us even me a little bit like the outdoors up here.

Well I suppose I enlightened you a little bit more about my city and your cousins up here in the NW. All in all it isn't so bad. Beautiful, laid back, definitely a slower pace...Not os much the tree hugging granola folk that you see us portrayed as, at least not The People but White folkz do act like that at times many of them...It's home. If you get a chance come up here though it is lovely.

Well I'm sure my day will be fun today so I'll get at you folkz later and have a great weekend. A tout alors (until then).... Smile at babies, sing with birds, smell the flowers, tell your friends and loved ones that you love them, and have fun...Hey! HEY!! No fighting okay. Aiight PAIX!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Buttons-Teletubbies Edition (Pussy Cat Dolls)

I can't help it! This video is funny as hell plus I still love this song! Enjoy

Well yesterday I had so much to say and so much on my mind today I don't have so much... Passion. Instead I'm just chill. So I worked and had a pleasant day there, Trumph and I went to CC Seattle's and had a beer after work that was cool and now I'm blogging.

So let us continue in the education of all things African today shall we mes zamis? Today's topic, conservation in Africa. All agree that is important. Africa has animals found nowhere else on the globe that are as important to us in the African Diaspora as are our ethnic African Origins. And why not? Zebras, Elands, Mountain Gorillas, Dukier, Giraffes, lions, etc. are part of our natural heritage. These creatures fed our ancestors, gave rise to man of their legends and folklore, and defined the world in which they lived for good and ill.

Today I'm going to speak a little of the ill. As you know Chimpanzees are found only in Africa and they are a very threatened species. These apes share 99% of our DNA and they can be like us capable of kindness, warmth, cuteness, and fun. Also like us they can be full of brutality. They have wars of extermination, they practice infanticide, they murder each other etc. An animal so closely linked to people in so many startling ways that our ancestors have known and been close too is one that should be treasured no doubt. But what happens when that animal comes into conflict with humans? And furthermore what happens when that conflict is partly our fault as humans. Read this for me mes zamis and then we can continue:

From the front door of Anet Alikiriza's mud-walled house, you can watch the village children come and go as they fill old tins at the pump near the water's edge. Fields of corn, millet and cassava form a quilt of dusty browns and vibrant greens, and on a clear day, when a good rain has swept away the haze, the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains are visible in the distance. "After the attack we didn't go back to the old fields," Anet said, staring at the ground. "We just left the food there and started to plant banana here by the house. It is safer here."

Fear in the fields
On 22 November 2000, Anet and her mother were heading home having harvested potatoes on their parcel of farmland some distance from the house. Anet was carrying her three-month-old son on her front and a bundle of potatoes on her back. It was Anet's mother who saw the chimp first. The animal was approaching quickly down the trail, its hair bristling. Her mother yelled to Anet, who immediately screamed and turned to run.

"The chimp ran much faster than I could," Anet said. "It grabbed my leg, and I fell hard. Then it took my baby." The chimp dragged the child down the trail and into the bush. By the time a man arrived to scare the animal away with a spear, Anet's baby had suffered horrific injuries, and died in hospital a week later. Anet and her mother abandoned the fields near the lake in fear of another attack and later sold the land to pay for the large debts incurred from their trip to the hospital.

Primate vs primate
In the past seven years, there have been at least 15 attacks on young children by chimps in western Uganda. More than half proved fatal for the victims. Many survivors came away with brutal wounds, including lost limbs and fingers. During the first wave of attacks, near Kibale National Park, much of the blame was levelled on one chimp, nicknamed Saddam. Saddam became increasingly bold in his attacks over a two-year period, even snatching children from inside their homes. As the toll mounted, so did the tension between local communities and conservation officials. Saddam was eventually hunted down and stabbed to death by an angry mob of villagers shortly after he killed his third victim.

But the attacks continued. The most recent 'killer' chimp in the area, Kiki, has killed one child and maimed two others. Local people have become increasingly vigilant, abandoning remote fields near forest patches and never leaving young children unattended. While the rate of reported injuries and deaths has certainly decreased, chimps charge children or eat a family's goat at least once a month.

These troubles with chimps are a new issue for local people. Prior to the late 1990s, only six attacks on humans had been reported in East Africa since the 1960s. So why now and why in Uganda? I went in search of Kiki in the hope of finding an answer.

Kateeba Deo, a local farmer, artist and chimpanzee tracker, has spent most of his time searching for the 'killer' chimps Saddam and, more recently, Kiki. Near a small cluster of houses known as Nutuli, there is a tea estate and a tiny patch of forest covering not much more than an acre. A group of adolescent boys led Deo and me to their fields, where they no longer work for fear of Kiki. Remnants of chimp meals were abundant in the family's overgrown fields at the forest's edge - banana stems smashed and piths eaten, sugar cane stalks broken and corn husks stolen.

No go area
The boys' father complained bitterly about the chimp and its intrusion on their lives. The trouble had started eight months before, when the clearing of the forest for the tea estate got into full swing. "It has not killed anyone here," he explained, " but it chases people and eats our crops. My wife and our sons, they can't go to the field. We need that field for food, but we will have to let it go."

Deo and I were examining chimp tracks at the edge of a small banana farm, when one of the boys called out. Kiki was moving swiftly up a trail just a hundred metres away. As he hit the top, Kiki came face-to-face with a woman, who screamed and stumbled backwards. Kiki paused and advanced cautiously. When two more people came yelling down the track behind the woman, Kiki turned and fled.

Population boom
On our way out of Nutuli, we paused to look at the huge tea estate spread out before us in waves of denuded hills. When Deo was a young boy 20 years ago, the whole area was forested, and monkeys could be heard calling daily. But the population of western Uganda is currently growing at 7 per cent a year - two and a half times the national average - and supports some of the highest densities of rural human settlements in all of Africa. The toll this population boom is taking on the forests is immense.

Kibale National Park and the few bits of forest outside its boundaries have become islands in a sea of agriculture. Squeezed into this diminishing forest resource, chimps are finding it increasingly difficult to locate ample food and have adapted accordingly, seeking out what food they can in the new human-dominated ecosystems. The food the chimps do find is often the crops and livestock of local villagers - if not the humans themselves.

When Jane Goodall first witnessed and wrote of chimps eating meat, our notion of these primates as passive herbivores changed completely. Chimps generally hunt in groups, and adult males do the vast majority of the killing. Usually, they kill and eat a wide variety of monkeys and other forest mammals, including small antelopes. But as the forests are cut down, prey disappears and chimps search for alternative sources of meat.

Richard Wrangham, the Harvard primatologist, believes the first attack in western Uganda may have started with a chimp hearing the cries of a human baby and interpreting it as the call of a duiker, which would have triggered the predatory response. "The result is that some chimps learn that babies are easy prey," he says.

Human snares injure chimps
But it's not just humans who suffer from this escalating conflict. Twig, a chimp in the Kibale Chimp Project's study group, has no right arm. When I first met him, I was impressed by his agility as he manoeuvred his way down a stout tree trunk, wrapping his one hand around the back of the tree and pressing the stump of his right arm on the opposite side of the trunk for balance. All told, 25 per cent of the chimps studied in Uganda have injuries inflicted by snares.

Snare injuries, crop-raiding and chimp attacks on children are all symptoms of a greater conservation challenge. As Andy Plumptre, the East African director of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), puts it: "Human-wildlife conflict is quickly becoming the biggest issue for conservation today." WCS, along with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Uganda Wildlife Authority has developed a chimp action plan that it hopes will reduce the problem in the long term.

The battle for habitat
The plan focuses on raising awareness, linking national parks through corridors of protected land, removing snares from forests and adjoining fields and building buffers between people and chimps. "In areas where there is no forest left outside parks, building an inedible buffer of crops may be the only option left," says Plumptre.

In the long term, though, the battle for habitat between chimps and people will continue, and chimps will keep on losing ground, unless the overriding factors of human-population growth and intense rural poverty can be addressed.

Short term solutions
In the meantime, Arthur Mugisha, the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, points out that the need for short-term solutions should not be forgotten. "All the conservation programmes mean nothing if I lose my crops or my child," he says. "We need to look more into compensation. We need to give something back to local people who lose so much." Mugisha argues that we must protect chimps regardless of the cost, but local people should not pay the highest price. Twig and Anet would undoubtedly agree.

So what is to be done? I agree that conservation programmes need to be in place in Africa but what about compensation for people who are attacked? What about making sure that Humans stay out of places that animals need to be in? A complicated fact with perhaps no answer that you and I can come up with but never the less one that uch of Africa, Asia, and South America are having the deal with. At any rate you've learned more about Africa today I'm sure...

I dunno I never started off with this intention but I think it is so important to know of what faces Mama Afrika and her children, to know where we came from. I mean am I wrong in saying that many of us know ore about the Others and than we do of the People? I don' beleive I am. Well perhaps that is enough for today, I believe this weekend will be most fun and Mo Grand Met I'm so glad it is almost here. Be blessed everyone, give love to those who need it (even if they do not necessarily deserve it), and have fun...I'll be back on Monday to talk to ya''l some more of maybe even before that. PAIX!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The world changes every time I post for life continues for all as time moves by. Happy Birthday to Frank Leon Roberts because he is turning 25!!! Yay for Frank. Another year of life is a blessing man and turning 25 is good. It makes you start to think harder about ur life. Plus personally I like it when people age because it takes the focus off of me. LOL!!! Okay so where to start where to start?

Trumph and I watched Bumpalump for the past 2 days. Or should I say, I watched Bumpalump for the past 2 days. Of course it was great. On Monday we went after work Trumph had a rehersal for a gig this Saturday so I took Bumpalump out with me to Capitol Hill. We had Jack in the Box, where he ate like a little person and not a whale, and then we wheeled around. He flirted with all the females he could. No doubt Bumpalump is hetero, there goes the theory that we Gay Men make little boys homo. Of course the women were putty in his little hands, and Bumpalump has never smiled wider. Then we went to the playground and Bumpalump swung and played with my guidance and under my ever watchful eyes. Caught the bus home where Bumpalump engaged a pretty young White Woman in a game of peek a boo. Came home and watched tv and we both fell asleep.

Yesterday Trumph, Bumpalump and I went to the Bellevue mall where we feasted on Gyros and allowed Bumpalump to walk about looking at different stores. Bumpalump's cuteness never gets old, each experience brings me closer to him and each laugh and smile is a most precious treasure to my heart. He went into a store that was blasting house and started dancing, he flirted with girls, he ran around (not that fast he more toddles)and just laughed and laughed. Delightful. We came home Trumph went out for drinks while me and Bumpalump watched the Singing Bee and America's got Talent before falling out. Good dayz both of them.

Last night as Bumpalump slept in my arms I saw a disturbing report about a 1 yr old little boy who was mauled by a pack of 7 dogs. Horrific! The real outrage though is that the Grandmother who witnessed the attack allowed her 1 yr old baby grandson to simply walk about 100 yards off by himself to the main road where the dogs attacked him. GOD WHY DO STUPID PEOPLE HAVE KIDZ!!???? I mean refer to my earlier posts on the subject but I don' care what anyone says if your kid gets hurt and you would've prevented it in a reasonable way I just don' think you should be allowed to keep them. WHO LETS A 1 YR OLD WALK ANYWHERE ALONE BY HIMSELF? The story made me so angry but it reinforced what I have always known. Caretakers of little ones be mindful of your children for the world has changed and htey are not safe in it.

I avoided the news today but I am aware of much of what's been happening in the world which will kind of be my segue way to this week's version of :


1. Why are some people so fucking stupid when it comes to looking after their children? Sorry but you know what if Bumpalump walked out of our apartment building crossed the street and climbed the fence to where the pit bull lives next door and was eaten because I allowed it to happen, just watched him like a fucking idiot and didn't stop it! It would kinda be my fault wouldn't it? Some of you people should not have even been allowed to make genetic copies of your selves in the first place, and since your parenting skills are obviously so inept you shouldn't get to keep your children either. All the people in the world that want to have kids, who've lost their children to war, horror, kidnappers and the like and you don't even safe guard the most important thing God has blessed you with. I could slap all of you shit less!

2. Isn't the phrase Never Again, the most hollow political statement you have ever heard? Never Again will people be murdered according to race, marked for wholesale extermination blah blah, meaningless increase your standing in the polls drivel. Uhmm look at the news it is happening in Darfur, Iraq, Burundi, God get a clue. Why not just say we won't let people who are European that live in countries of strategic importance be wiped from the earth? I mean for the US and EU those statements are much closer to the truth, and you all don't look like hypocrites watching people suffering and dying on the tv after you finish your evening dinners.

3. Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey... Oh you poor dear. Ms Lohan how do you call yourself clean and sober and then be found drunk with coke in your pocket? Honey I mean I been there but you know what after I left rehab I made sure I hung out with folkz that didn't do drugs! you might wanna try that after you get out of prison hon.

4. Do you think I sound like a White boy? Well you're right most people tell me I sound white. Which is not a compliment on so many levels. You are basically making yourself look like a fool when you utter such a thing to me in response to my speech patterns, insofar as you are buying into the notion that White is intelligent. I'm sorry I had no idea speaking with proper grammar and diction changed my racial phenotype. Plus I speak Creole very much like a Black person, so the next time someone says that dumb shit to you, kick them!

5. Why do people go there still at our more advanced ages and say shit like you aint Black enough or you aint a real nigga or foolishness like that? By the way what is being Black enough mean to you? Usually it is pointed to someone who may speak as I do in a way that demeans my African Diaspora heritage. Not an endearing thing to say to me at all. For those of you who say stupid shit like this check it, if you can name at least 20 capitols on the continent of Africa, if you can mention 10 tribes that your African Ancestors probably came from...And no sorry but none of you on this side of the world are Zulu or Ba Tutsi, none of them were taken as slaves, see how misinformed some of you are... If you can speak to the political happenings of at least 3-5 African nations right now, aside from Islamic Fundamentalism surfacing in the Magrheb because that is way to easy...And if you know at least 10 authentic African words than maybe just may you are as Black as Black me, how about that?

6. Speaking of Africa, do you know which country was the last to end African Slavery in the Americas, and what year that blessed event took place?

7. Does anyone really care about global warming or are we just all going to keep doing this stupid song and dance routine until the planet is so inhospitable to us as a species that we and all live on earth will be extinct? Yes I said all life even the roaches...

8. Do you know that if you have crabs you probably shouldn't go to your friend's houses or try and fool around with folkz until you've taken care of it? Oh and yes you know if you have it! What yeah right, itchy crotch is hardly an attractive quality.

9. Do you really think you are so much better than someone else that you have to demean them because you really are better than them, or are you just an insecure little bitch/bastard that in spite of all you have materially are an empty, hollow sou less reject that only God loves and he can barely stand your wretched ass sometimes?

10. Have you told the people close to you that you love today? No. Well go do it now!

This post will be long but I don't care.

My name is Kyon, which is Persian for warrior prince. My middle name is Jibrile, Arabic Somali intonation for the Arch Angel Gabriel. My last name is Saucier which means Saucemaker in Francais ben sur.

Now Kyon is a very common name in Iran. It's as common as Chris or Derrick, or Nathan is in the US. There is a story attached to this name and here it is. During the early days of the Abassid Caliphate Basra located in Southern Iraq was not a dessert as you see on tv today but marshland. In the marshes were salt flats and guess who got and processed that salt? African Slaves. Thousands of them. They were East African in origin and they also worked in massive irrigation projects. Eventually in about 869 after being fed up with their treatment they revolted hence the name of the revolts the Zanj revolts....Well here just read...

The Zanj Revolt (Arabic ,ثورة الزنج )took place in Southern Iraq near the city of Basra between 869 and 879 CE. [1]. They were led by ˤAlī ibn Muħammad, who claimed descent from Alī, the fourth Caliph, in a campaign against the central government based in Samarra.

Many scholars have argued that "the Zanj" were slaves from East Africa since the term Zanj describes the East African coast. There were large numbers of people imported from East Africa via Somali and Ethiopian ports from interior as far as Southern Sudan. The slaves were mainly used to work on the massive irrigation projects of the area. Bedouins, Arab mercenaries, and others from the region joined Alī's fight against the central government. The origin of the word "Zanj" comes from Arabic, and is related to the names in East Africa of "Zanzibar" which is also known to have 9th century links to the Middle East.

Reasons for the revolt
People joined the revolt for many reasons. The majority of slaves joined due to poor treatment and working conditions (they were arguably the worst treated slaves in the Islamic world), while others joined to fight for a purer or Shi'ite or Fatimite form of Islām.

Scale of the Revolt
For some 14 years, they succeeded in achieving remarkable military victories and even building their own capital--Moktara, the Elect City, which at its peak was within 70 miles of Baghdad. Moktara had huge resources that allowed the building of no less than six impregnable towns in which there were arsenals for the manufacture of weapons and battleships.

End of Revolt
The revolt eventually subsided, with the capture and execution of Alī after the fall of the Zanj capital city of al-Mukhtara..

How this relates to my name is that Ali was originally a Dinka prince from Sudan, who found himself enlaved by the Arabs. He learned Persian and Arabic and converted to Islam, whihc gave him the impetus to stage this revolt. During the time before he became a Musil however he boasted often of his arostocratic hisotry and was mocked by his masters as Kyon... In the end he showed them when he led the revolt which sacked Basra at least twice, and his name lives on in Iran and parts of Iraq today... The ancestors said as long as one is remembered he is never forgotten. Therefore Ali/ Kyon with my name I honor you. You live on you are not forgotten.


Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




Yeah when I was younger I could've been considered a geek. Always my eyes fixed upon a world none could see. Always seeking to escape from the mundane things of this life.

But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
And why not? Dreams were not meant for the sleeping times

For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider
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Blood Elven Prince
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Drow Hunting Party
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Adieu mes zamis....

Adieu mes zamis....
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