Friday, September 28, 2007

So another day. I feel I dunno kinda blah. Not bad just blaaawwwhhhh.... Getting the hair did, going to go shopping, probably should eat something but I aint hungry at this moment really. I figured I'd blog and see how I feel after that. The day is cold with the sun shining I feel like I'm taking crazy pills as far as my wardrobe. I think I put on the wrong pair of jeans that once looked good and now look just ugh, my hoodie is cute but I feel the jeans are throwing it all over the place. Hence the need to shop now.

I am kind a tired I know that will go away. I'm just bored. I know right join the club sometimes it be's like that. Mo vle aie mo san pa.... I'm not depressed or anything just doldrumic. I need do something exciting like race across the sea, or speak to my animal friends or dance all nite whilst shaking my ass hard. So I', just doing little things updating my bgc account which I never really use excpet to listen to music basically and occasionally chat...God knows I can't be doing hookups when I got a man if anything I look for friends (really) but of course most of the men on BGC are not looking for someone with goood conversational skillz.

At any rate I have Bumpalump for a moment tonight and that will be exciting wehther I need it to be or not so .... Just an aver age day, reading a book called Nappily Ever After and it's pretty good so far and now I'm hungry. Shake off those doldrums you'll have fun today.

I know I will too. Good weekend to all.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Polar Bears

In 50 years this may be only the way that Polar Bears will be remembered. This video even though it is cute is so damning to us a Humans... I kinda cringed when they say maybe it's us... Well give it a look.


These women are survivors and sadly this is a reality for far too many of Afrika's woman. Get involved write your congressman, join Amnesty Internation every voice raised in opposition to genocide makes a difference. We can no longer afford to be silent!!

A new day, the start of my won 4 day weekend. Closer to getting trente (30). AIE AIE AIE pas moi!!!! Okay I;m aiight now, not like I'm having a crisis that the 20's are ending for me or anything. Okay I am but just a tad. I think I'm allowed. So today I'm just going to ake it wasy, go for a long walk, and see my sister in law...That will be nice.

I'm really excited about my birthday because I told Trumph I want a suprise party. Trumph is such a male sometimes which I love and at the same time despise. He is sweet but not romantic...

K (ME): So my birthday is coming up and I want a suprise party and everyone has to bring me gifts.

T (Trumph): Oh God.

K: Shutup! Stop being a bitch.

T: BE quiet lemme think baby...Okay so how am I going to do this I have to work on the weekend.

K (grinning wildly and jumping about with excitement!): Well we will do it at night!
T: U mean I will do this at night!
K: Well ye-ah?!
T: Baby how can I throw u a suprise party when you already know about it?
K: It will be a suprise if you do it boo bear.
T (eyes roll until kiss him): Okay baby okay.

Yes seduction is a powerful tool aint it? Okay so I guess my DT was a dilute so Iahve to go out there and take it again this time without the aid of a car what a crock of shit! Huh ahh bien I have to pee in a cup again for toady. Breat I have no idea how this is going to work but we shall see. This was not what I wanted to do with my day! Oh well, here goes. It should be fun. I know I'll pass at any rate my system is clean. Still I'm irritated. There are worse things. And I have to get out there by 4. This will be fun. I am so irritated.

At any rate life is still good it just means my job will start later and have to deal with this shit today. Great! Well at any rate everyone be blessed and be happy.. Bissous....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shoes the Full Version

Let's get sum SHOES!! I love this shit. I know I know I'm a loon...tee-hee!

Chris Crocker - Britney, this is for you.

And White Men say we are strange...Yeah okay... Funny though he is more entertaining than Britt was at the VMAs

Chris Crocker - Eat My Cornhole!

I'll totally pass on eating your cornhole but I think his Brit Rant was hilarious.

Another day another day feeling good feeling good. So today was the last day of my temp job and I will be now moving to another department until then I have the rest of the week off thank God. It was cool though they gave a feast from the Olive Garden and that was lovely than I went home I declined to see superbad. Still felt sick.

I came home and cleaned up the apartment and now I am blogging to you guys. So this one guy Andre Allen is holding a vote for the top ten sexiest bloggers in blogland. While I won't vote because I think if your sexy you usually already know yoiu look good and certainly don't need me letting you know by a vote, because well I don't get anything out of it I think I will play along on my own blog. So who are Kyon Jibrile Saucier's top 10 sexiest bloggers? Well I'll tell you though in no particular order of me rating is their sexieness measured.

1. Frank Leon Roberts: Those lips, that face, and the intelligence reflected in his eyes. Aie mon Dieu, amenes moi maintenant Papan! He is definately sexy. Never met him before but if I am ever lost in NYC please be my tour guide.

2. C Baptiste Williams/ Reddman: He is gorgeous to me. I also like his personality at least from what I gather by reading. He seems very strong, no nonsense, and he seems to radiate through his writing a very powerful personae. Not sure what he is like in person but he is fine.

3. Derrick Briggs: Have you ever seen a man so very classically handsome in the African God way? Yeah I have and he is one of them. He seems like a sweet heart and of course is he is a looker.

4. Mr Jones Mr JOnes: He has the best smile and his blogging is a polished very debonair mode that I like. I think he was cute with the weight looks better without out and is now in fine status. Ahhh Monsieur Jones mo pe donne toi un bissou. Et autrtes choses aussi... Yes he is on the sexy list.

5. Keith Boykin: Well that's a given. Great body, nice face, intelligent, successful, poised. Yes I know he can be a little bit of a bougie snob at times, which he sometimes has to be he so famous everyone comes up to him to talk/holla, and trust me when your that famous it gets old, you meet alot of wierdos... SO I get that. Still the man has a chest that makes you want to.... Aie.... U get the idea.

6. Maurice Jamal: Well I just find him so cute. He has a sexieness about him that is kind ofthe quiet hidden storm kind. I feel him so he is on my sexy list. Plus I love that skin tone.

7. That Dude Right There: Not only is he a loyal reader but I think he is really cute and I love his candid deiscussions on sex. That to me is sexy, he shows confidence, displays his strength in his work and just about everything he says I agree with. Plus I love those eyes and the skin tone. Sexy sexy sexy...

Well that;s all for me that I find sexy. Certainly it is not an intent that I want to date them or something I just find you all to be very nice eye candy and that makes reading your blogs easier. I mean can you read when about people when they are so ugly they hurt your eyes? No neither can I! LOL!

So this weekened I have Bumpalump and I can hardly wait for that well have another adventure with Alexi I suppose. I feel good today. Yesterday I ahd someone do something that i resented to me.

Actually it was Monday night. SO Trumph and I were going to go see Resident Evil 3 and we stopped at CC Seattles for a drink... Lutha was there. I like Lutha he is normally a kool guy but he made some revelations about certain drugs he likes to do and attempoted to in my opinion attempt to entice me with them. Just so you know don't do that to a person who has had such issues ever. It's fucked up! I overcame his unsubtle and disgusting inviatation but I was irritated. Trunmph told me to let it go and I have to a degree but it just goes to show you how much you never know someone. And it shows me how new still I am to the Seattle Scene.

Is it worng for me to miss Portland a little? I mean I don' miss it really just me friends. I am I suppose just too me sometimes to really understand other people. I mean half the guys here want to fuck me and are evil to me if I do not respond to that, the other ones seem to be stuck up, and yes I know that is the LIFE, but without a strong friendship network even with a boyfriend it can still be lonely. Oh well slowly my Seattle garden of friends is growing and it's all about quality over quantity right? Of course I;m right.

So Resident Evil 3:
It was a good ass movie. I loved it. I jumped and covered my eyes, (I'm such a dork like that) and loved the actions scenes. Trumph and I kept saying:

"Alice is a baaaaaddd byeeitch!" And she was. Plus Trumph and I found this gay bar in Wallingford of all places, that makes good drinks for cheap.

Well tonight is another tv night. I like tv this Season. I have favorite Shows already.

Cane: The Cuban Sugar growing family with a Rider for a father.The show is the shit check it out on CBS.

Reaper: I love supernatural shows and this one is funny. Very nicely done and set in Seattle. Another favorite. It's on the WB.

Finally tonights line up Top Model. Why because we love you Tyra. Well I really don't I think you've got a landing pad for a forehead Tyra but I feel you and you're still pretty and you put out a good product. You got some ghetto bitches on your show this season though.

Okay well I have run my fingers/mouth enuff for the evening. Be blessed and keeo on spreading light and love. We only have one life to do it with so make yours count okay.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Well a new day is here and I am stiil horribly sick. Well not horribly I am kind of exagerrating but I do not feel good at all. The job thing is going to happen I just have to pass and take a DT tomorow which I will do with no problem. It has been a long and crazy weekend and I think I lost my disk. Great right. Well at least I got some new music this weekend.

Yesterday and I Alexis hung out and then Trumph got off of worek and we all were in the mix. Trumph told this morning that apparantly Keith Sweat, yes the Keith Seat the whiny voiced singer who sings Twisted among other thangs, was impressed by the sound of his band. Infact he made his band listen to them before he went. Trumph's band, well he plays for the band, Goody Bag opened for Keith Sweat Fri and Sat night. So I was glad for him for that. Today has been a slow day, of lots of waqter and sleep. Oh and I am almost finished with Tale of the Body Thief, I love Anne Rice.

Life is good for the moment I am not complaing even if I do feel like shit. It';s still wonderful to be alive and Trumph is taking care of me. Now I've got to find that disk...

Ahh bien be blessed everyone.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alive in Baghdad - Iraq - Baghdad is Like Grand Theft Auto

This is the last bit we have to stop this war now!

Iraq - Alive in Baghdad - Surging Around the House

More for your eyes to see. This is the horro we have created in Baghdad.

Alive in Baghdad - Majed Jarrar, a Teen in War

More of the same.

Alive in Baghdad - Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq

What you will not hear on the evening news.

Bonjou vas tous? It has been quite ahile since my last post and the world of Blogland seems to be progressing quite well. Aie Mo Grand Met, there is so much to tell.
Trumph and I are doing well though at the moment I have caught a rather nasty cold courtesy of Bumpalump. The little tyke made me quite sick thus this was me last night as you see here. Doped up on cough medicine and laid out with my little one.

I've made a new friend in town a lovely cocoa woman named Alexis Rosie, who is half Ibo and half Creole, which is cool. Yesterday she hung out with Bumpalump and I on the hill. We went to brunch at the Broadway Grill, then went to the park and played with Bumpalump before heading off to Toys R US. Bumpalump deserved a new toy and I bought him this Superman action figure for like preschoolers, you know the kind of bulky super durable ones. It was good thing I got hat kind too because Bumpalump kept trying to make Superman fly. Alexis is hella cool and we got madd compliments on Bumpalump people kept being like oh your baby is so cute. We just smiled ad nodded and then winked at each other. Bumpalump is speaking a whole lot more and his little vocab is growing by leaps and bounds. I've alos found thqt he enjoys chasing pigeons in addition to attempting to talk to every dog he meets.

So I got his nasty cold because I wasn't really paying attention to copious amounts of snot dripping from Bumpalumps nose and yesterday I was feeding him with a fork that i was using myself. So there you go. I am now infected with his baby cold. Not da business.

Last week I returned to Portland and hung with Demo for the weekend. It was so great to see my nigga again. I love that man and I missed his ass. We just jugn and reminisced and he told me he's coming to Seattle soon. I'm like come quick nigga come quick. Portland was nice to visit but thank li Bon Jesu I no longer live in that city.

SO hopefully I will get his new job I've applied for at my company which I most likely will everything seems good. Okay just now two hawks both of them fledglings just learning to fly ran into the window at the library where I am typing away. One is stunned the other one appears to be dying. We're going to have call the Federal Wildlife agency to take care of them. Both of them are endangered species. I'm telling youy only in the NW. A woman of the Native Peoples is keeping watch over them, pauvres zozos, I hope they are all right. Ahh c'est la vie.

In general life is well and my 30th birthday is steadily approaching. I won't say I am depressed nor anxiuous because I am not. I'm ready for the enxt decade and I have alot to be thankful for. I really do. Excuse me for a second I'm going to look back at the birds. Okay well the brids are not dead they are up now at least. I guess doing there thing, the Zoo is coming merci li Bon Dieu to help them.

Da Questions Dawg, Da Questions:

1. How do two Hawks run into a big ass glass window like what happened just now? I mean I saw they were chasing a pigeon, I guess when the pigeon veered right why didn't they do that same? Top of the aerial food chain my ass!

2. Why is my friend Gilberto such an antisemite sometimes? I mean I love him but I've no hatred of Jews. His antisemitism is becoming quite annoying and I could give a fuck that he is a Brazilian Morrocan.

3. Why is anyone even giving Ms. Spears the time of day by plying that dumb ass single all the fucking time? Yeah Bitch you should be in seclusion I would be too after that train wreck 3 weeks ago.

4. Is it just me or do you think that Fags are hoot too?

5. WHy are Gay White Men so whiny and why diud they keep giving me and Bumpalump dirty looks yesterday. I just saw the Halloween remake and I had no compunction abut going Michael Myeres on their asses.

6. How are you going to be telling everyone in a certain bar I go to that I am a hustler, then as soon as my friend goes to the bathroom come up to me, tell me you want me to fukk you, and then offer me cahs to do it? You know who you are you fat fuck!

7. Don't you just love the new Kanye and 50?

8. Is it necessary to grab my ass everytime I greet your do some inappropriate grope of my person? Next time I say wassup to u and give you a hug and you try and stick your finger into my ass I am going to break it!

9. My boyfriend Trump says I have a very dark side to me do you think that's true? I mezn I would never kill someone if I knew I would get caught for it. *tee hee*

10. Is it just me or does the prosecutor in Jena, LA need to bitch slapped for his stupidity?! Uhm I read the timeline of all that, lots of White folkz should be in jail if Mykel will be.

Well guys I aint dead, or lost, just been busy. So I'm back. Be blessed love each other and stuff. Oh and Reddman I am glad you are getting acclimated back to DC. No fighting!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dimanche, 2nd day of holiday. Trumph ahs gigs all day and once again i'm alone. We had a nice day yesterdaywith Bumpalump and took him back to his mother this morning. Trumph took Bumpalump to Bumpershoot, this big art and music festival we have in Seattle every year and Bumpalump loved it. Afterwards we went to Subway, then headed to the park. Well lemme back up. Went to the barber to get me fresh and clean, while we were there Bumpalump swolle his diaper so of course Trumph had to change it. Trumph bless his heart and soul can't change a diaper. He's great with everything about Bumpalump but his bathroom duties. So I when I get done with my haircut and come out I see Trumph struggling with Bumpalump and the diaper. He got it on and we start walking up the hill to the park. Suddenly Bumpalump feels wet and so does my shirt. Small wonder. Trumph didn't do the diaper right and the baby peed on me.

Headed back to the car got in and drive to the park. Changed Bumpalump at the park. Bumpalump peed on me again at the park as I was changing him. Changed his clothes and diaper again. Bumpalump went on the swing and revelled in being one. Lucky lil dawg.

Then we lef t and came home where we danced and sang, (B and me) then took a nap. Jason went out to a gig/party while I stayed with Bumpalump watching CSI. A good night. Babies are fun, them peeing on you...Uhmm not so good. Ahh bien see y'all....

Saturday, September 01, 2007

So this has been a long week and I am glad it has ended. I've been loving life mostly as I should be it's still summer. Trumph is now working for which I am glad even if he now neglects the house work, still it's not so bad now. We've had Bumpalump this week twice. My he is too much. He's beginning to talk in actually clear words and it's exciting to see ad cute to hear with his little voice. He's also becoming quite rambunctious, running all around and all over the place. He and Trumph still crack me up together. It's like watching a lion and lion cub with those 2. Bumpalump crawls over Trumph, who will promptly pick him up and throw him about on our bed, while Bumpalump just laughs and laughs. I love them both sooo much. Blessed I' truly blessed.

So it's the Labor Day Holiday. I think I'm going to either a Barbecue or a concert I' not sure which. John Legend and Wu Tang is in town and I kinda wanna see the. Fergie will be here tomorrow too. But I'm not sure. Either way I know I'm going to do the barbie, I mean that's free food.

So I've heard Kelly Rowland's CD Trumph picked it up, and I can't stop listening to it. It's actually good. I keep thinking, okay Kelly this is what you should've put out first. Allot of people said it was crap but I don' think so and I know music. You can't be with a musician and not have some stuff rub off on ya. So if u aint heard her check her out it's good. Actually I've been getting alot of music lately, and all my picks have been good. Trumph's taste is okay. I dunno he loves Amy Winehouse who I just think is drunk train wrecked British Jewish Girl who can sing (sober) but who needs to get her shit together. Another Joss Stone big whoop. Oh well that's why he and I are 2 different people.

We went out last night to the Crescent and I sang Unchain my Heart by Ray Charles and then we went dancing at R Place. I almost punched this drunk little queen because I thought he'd spit on me, but he hadn't he had just spilled his drink on me. I gave him a dirty look though. Left the club headed to Dicks that makes soe of the best little burgers in Seattle and then headed home. Very nice night.

So all this talk about Sen Craig is quite amusing to me as I'm sure it is to all of you in Blog land. First of all why did he tell on himself if he " is not and never have been gay"? Yeah you created your own scandal by admitting guilt and opening your mouth when you should've kept it shut in the first place Craig. We all know you like dick, you caint hide! Oh well as the good book says what a man does in the dark shall always come to light. There ya go. What a hypocrite though. Just goes to show you how moral the moral majority really is doesn't. They either cheat on their wives, fuck wit' hos, or like to have sex in nasty ass tea rooms (which is gross, public restrooms are ore often than not fucking disgusting how any one gets off on the smell of stale urine and old shit is beyond me)with dudes... All the while claiming they are pro family values and the like. I know some of the skankiest hos with better morals.

SO In a month and 10 days I shall be entering new decade of my life. I'm not panicked yet, but I am a little. Time marches on never stopping always going. 30 me? Then again you know what? God thanks for letting me live to see it. Please another day is another day who am I to begrudge the fact that I am still alive?

Well I should be going we watch Bumpalump today this afternoon so I have to get in Papan mode. It will be fun, we always have a great time. Be blessed guys. Okay wait I'm not done yet.

Okay so here goes a little silly list:

Guyz I would love to kiss if I wasn't with Trumph:

10. Jay Z. Those lips have to be for more than rappin' with.

9. Freddie. Fine Freddie from back in Portland now I believe in Atlanta. The man is so fucking sexy and he moves like a cat, aie aie aie you really just don't know. I wouldn't mind kissing him again nor what would follow after that kiss.

8. Yaro. Another man from my past. Since I lived in Portland and Truph in Seattle when we first we basically dated (meaning we visited each other and talked via the phone or email on occasion) but were not together until I moved here to Seattle. Yaro was my Portland copain, he is fine too. I actually fell for him and Trumph at the same time. Then Yaro moved away to the Bay Area in Cali and I moved to Seattle. Aie ouais Yaro I would kiss you again if I was single.

7. Timbaland. Well yeah he's a little chunky but I think he's cute. Plus I like his voice. Why not kiss him?

6. Young Harry Belafonte. Have you seen Carmen with Dorthy Dandridge? If you have seen that movie you will understand my choice.

5. Jensen Atwood. Who wouldn't want to kiss Wade?

4. Mr. J-o-n-e-s. He is cute, he really is. Why not if he was down and I was single I'd plant one on him. Okay there are some other blogger guys on here that I would kiss too but I dunno some people might be all like I 'm trying to stalk them and that is not the case. I'm just saying if I got the chance and conditions were right...

3. Shemar Moore. Nuff said.

2. Ernst Walker. That man is so fine. And he looks alot like me. We at least favor each other so it would be like kissing a taller older version of myself and that would be hot. Yeah I would kiss him.

1. Trumph. The first time I saw him all I could think was, who is this man, who is this man? He has to be in my arms. So if I was single and Truph came my way, I'd definitely kiss him. Plus if my man isn't at the top of my list why the hell am I with him. He still makes me breathless.

Aiight y'all have a good weekend and peace.

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




Yeah when I was younger I could've been considered a geek. Always my eyes fixed upon a world none could see. Always seeking to escape from the mundane things of this life.

But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
And why not? Dreams were not meant for the sleeping times

For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider
Bear Claw

Blood Elven Prince

Blood Elven Prince
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Drow Hunting Party

Drow Hunting Party
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Adieu mes zamis....

Adieu mes zamis....
May the light of Elves shine upon you....I know it's corny but this is my page!