Monday, November 30, 2009

So here they are the pictures of Thanksgiving with the Winter Court and the Wyldfae Lords. Oh we had such a fun 4 day weekend enjoy these photos and be blessed!!! Oh and I will post something soon and tell you all about the holiday!!!

LeToya Luckett "Regret" ft Ludacris (official music new song july 2009) + Download

Why is this song the story of my life. I meet these niggas and they fly and then wanna come back for "whatever" the reasons are varied but the result isthe same. They regret and I don't.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RL ft. Eric Sermon - got me a model

Reember this? I used to love this song... I would sing this to the guy i was dating at the time and substitute got me a Kyon in the song... Hey it made me feel good. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bonjou mes zamis!!! Sak passe? Good for all of you I am hoping. So let us see what do we have here? Oh so much has taken place since last I actually wrote something for y'all to read. For the last 3 weeks I have been spending my weekends in Tacoma with the Wyldafae and the Unseelie Fae of the Winter Court, the Court that I rule over as Queen Mab. And we have been ahving fun and eating good! Maeve is a wonderful new friend and quite good company, Puck is cool even though he lives in Seattle and can be complicated with his bisexuality and subsequent passive agressiveness (a most Seattlite trait), and the Erlking that ruler of Wyldfae is oh sooo handsome and kool...I have a new member of hte Winter Court too, Grimalkin the Malk a new fae in my Winter Court who I will introduce to you in photo at a later date. I love Grimalkin. He can cook and he is viscious to those who do not like the Winter Court and that makes me happy! So we have been basically cooking alot, going out to the Gay Club in Tacoma called the Silverstone....Which I am enjoying for being so ecletic in it's clientele but it is definately fun. We dance, we drink, we play and I am finding finall;y a good group of Black Gay Men who are like me. Meaning that we laugh easy, like to have fun, and we will defend each other if necessary. I really like and welcome that into my life. So this week for Thanksgiving I shall be feting with the Winter Court.
I am doing so because truthfully I am not keen on going to far this season. I just am not feeling the travelling thing for Thanksgiving, maybe pou Noel but not for this holiday. Plus Erlking is making a deep fried trueky so there ya go. My Winter Knight, Jack Frost will be also having a Thanksgiving dinner on Wedenday. So I mean it's kinda kool to Thanksgivings in a row. HE-AAAYYYY!!!! LOL! Sorry guys but I live to eat. I suppose that's my Creolite coming thru. Food is meant to be enjoyed. And I freaking enjoy food! HAHAHA!

School is going fairly well I took my midterms and to my suprise (not too much really but hey I never ever get arrogant) I got A+ on both of them. Ouais chouette right? Right! I was quite excited. Now I have 2 papers to do by the end of the quarter which should not be too hard. I will keep my fingers crossed I still have a couple things I have to in the next 2 weeks and shopping du Noel aint one of them. ya digg? So u know life always keeps me busy. Trumph is doing well with his recovery and I am most proud of him for that. He has a job and is getting back into his music and well it has been a year since we broke up now and it has all come full circle. The hatred, the pain, the bitterness over our breakup it has all gone for both of us... And while we may still at this point find ourselves in bed with each other from time to time the point is that we have both grown for the better...I still love him...I always shall but what is now is what is.

This last weekend with the Winter Court was fun except that we had an infiltrator amongst us. Someone that I did not like. Some one who was trying to come for the Erlking when it clearly to all in the Winter Court that the Erlking and I have some chemistry between each other and we are getting into a lil sumthin. This hateful little creature, a Vampire of the Red Court who is just a slimy with his flesh mask on as he is without it...Demonika Singelebaba came into to town this past Thursday. He came for the Erlking...I guess they were talking online and at some point met and maybe hookied up in New Orleans. Well after that Demonika fell totally in love with the Erlking and used his venomous narcotic saliva to attempt to ensnare him. It ididn't work the Erlking doesn't feel that Vampire bitch!Well this sneaky hateful creature who lives in Houston by the way has been posting things all over Facebook talking about tyhe Erlking is my boo and shit has been kinda bugabooking the Erlking since then. The male is intense and his affection for the Erlking reeks of desperation. All of the Winter Court believes that Demonika aint wrapped too tight. Well we finally met him on Frday Night, and I had to act and bee good since the Erlking didn't want a scene. So I didn't make one but this boy kept fucking up may name, he was watching me like a hawk and he seemed to take almost malicious pleasure in announcing that the Erlking was his. I wanted to slice him into a million pieces and subject him to torments such that would leave him a pile of Ashes on Maeve's doorstep. I hoever didn't do any of that. I was polite and kind and very nice. I even helped cook for him. And still he tried to ensnare the Erlking but the ha ha was that the Erlking ended up snuggling up to me this weekend. We didn't do that damn thing but we cuddled and smooched and I got the play! HA HA HA! Fuck you Demonika!!! So that was my little bit of drama this weekend but it ended well. I went to church with Maeve and Puck... Oh and I ahve to other members of the Winter Court I just forgot. Green Jen and Leannsidhe. Now my Court is complete. Terry akak Titania has to build his Court of Summer up.... Back to Chruch so yes went to chruch with Puck, Maeve, Green Jen, and Leanansidhe. We had fun it was an ice service even though I slept through half of it. I know I don't do it often but I was soo tired. Then I went out to the Cuff and hung with Jack Frost. I danced and had a nice time flirting with males... i eman I haven't been to the Cuff in awhile for the Tdanse so you know. And now I am blogging to you. Sio you see I have been quite busy these past days of silence. Well I hope all of you have a wonderful, loving, restful, and delicious Thanksgiving and may li Bondieu bless all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ingrid - "Tu es foutu (tu m'as promis)"

Love this song!!!

Sometimes in April (part 14) (last)

Sometimes in April (part 13)

Sometimes in April (part 12)

Sometimes in April (part 11)

Sometimes in April (part 10)

Sometimes in April (part 9)

Sometimes in April (part 8)

Sometimes in April (part 7)

Sometimes in April (part 6)

Sometimes in April (part 5)

Sometimes in April (part 4)

Sometimes in April (part 3)

Sometimes in April (part 2)

Sometimes in April (part 1)

Soemtimes in April a very good movie on the Rwandan genocide..... watch, learn, and fight against intolerance and injustice. We are our brother's keepers.

Dinosaur (2000) trailer

Cool opening sequence it really was.


This is from the musiocal but it always stirred something in me

Be Prepared The Lion King English

A sinister but cool lil song

The lion King - I just can't wait to be king

Yay I loved this too!

Hercules - Zero to Hero (English)

Zero to hero!!!

Hercules - The Gospel Truth

Of course this is da shit too. Well it is!

I Won't Say I'm In Love (Sing-Along)

you can sing along too...I told I 'd give you some english songs.

Lea Salonga - Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas)

And I loved this song!!! used to sing it to Bumpalump at night

Pocahontas - Just Around The River Bend

I love this movie and this song


Lovely once again in Mandarin

Honor To Us All - Mulan (Mandarin)

Honor to us all in Mandarin I love it. Animation is wonderful and this is how Mulan would really sound anyways. it is a chinese story.

Anastsia - Once upon a december (Russian)

it sounds so lovely in Russian. I loved this movie I did but this song moved me...

Beauty and the Beast-Belle-(French)

Of course this also has to be in French but don't worry I will have some english ones

Swan Princess This Is My Idea

This is my idea of fun in French!!!! I loved this sequence.

Soon (danish) Thumbelina Tommelise

This is in Danish as was the orginal story written by Hans Christan Andersen and it is gorgeous! Enjoy

The Plagues (french version) - Les Plaies

The Plagues sounds better to me in French sorry

Deliver us (french version) - Delivre nous

10 Best animated sequences and yes these are in French I am a creole what do you expect!? I'll give you some in English.



Make "Never Again" a Reality - Take Action to Stop and End Genocide and Mass Atrocities

Yes can we please make it a reality!?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Bonjour vas tous!! Sak passe et wassup everyone? Did y'all have a good Halloween? I hope so because mine was aiight. This week you see I had the flu this week came down with it on Wed so I was kinda out of it all week. I missed this really coolk party too called bump that Erock and I were supposed to attend but Erock went and he had a blast and I was glad for that. He brought me back some Gucci cologne. Whihc is nice. We went out on Halloween night however, I was sick of staying in and that was fun... Yesterday I went out with some new folkz

Maeve the Winter lady of the Winter Court. A fairy queen like me Queen Mab of the Winter Court!

Erlking Lord of the Wyldfae a ruler akin to me in his own right

and Puck another wyldfae power another fey lord.

They are some new friends I made lately and we had a blast at la Cocina this Mexican Restuarant on the Hill yesterday. We stayed there forever just laughing and having a good time. Then Puck took me home and I went on to sleep. Well know I did watch Dracula frist then I went to sleep.

So Rhone and I are no longer seeing each other. He went back to his Ex who by the way does not love him and only made an overture and play to Rhone because he was seeing me and the male was jealous. I was not hurt like I was with Siafu but I was upset a little bit and I did tell Rhone what I felt and thought. I thought maybe I would sway him, but the stupid male went ahead and got back his Ex anyways. Well enjoy yourself Rhone and live with the choice you have made as I am lving with mine. What a stupid male.

Today I had a midterm that I felt confident about and I ahve one tomorrow plus trying to recover from flu but all in all I feel pretty good and I am thankful that things are going well even with my little upsets. May the Gran met be praised. Wel adieu guyz and have a good evening...

The Jets - curiosity

I loved this song too!!!


And of course who could forget this song now!

The Jets - You Got It All

And we heard this last night on the way from La Cocina and this is what triggered this Jets Montage...

The Jets Make it real

Just give me one more chance just to make it real!!!

The Jets - Cross My Broken Heart (Shep Pettibone Mix)

Cross my broken heart ohh I love it!!!

The Jets - Private Number

My private number I used to sing this to my lil brother Timothy back in the day. We would actually both sing it those his sounded mre babyish 'cause he was a baby! Oh I love the Jets thanks Donta for bringing them back to the radar.

The Jets - Crush on You (1986)

Okay so I grew up half in the 80's and I remember these guys the JEts and I loved them...So follow make to the time of big hair, parachute pants, and those damned MJ gloves!!!

Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

Wassup Folkz this is me Kyon Saucier also known as Mr Kyon on A4A or Creole Elf on BGC.... Aww come on now like none of y'all are ever on those sites, yeah you are 'cause I've seen you... LOL!

Enter my world for a second... What? Huh? Well yes there are Black People in the NW and yes we have a vibrant culture up here. I mean naw Seattle aint Atlanta or NYC or DC or Chicago or any other city with a huge Black Population, but it's my home and there are few places as beautiful... Not too mention in all of the NW Seattle and Tacoma have the highest Black Population. So come on enter the world of Kyon....Yon Yon Yon.... Sigh. I was trying to make an echo sound. Now look I I know I got some typos and things so be patient with me folkz.... Cause I get excited when I write... Okay there is no excuse 'cept that it's my page I do what I want! *smile*




Yeah when I was younger I could've been considered a geek. Always my eyes fixed upon a world none could see. Always seeking to escape from the mundane things of this life.

But a geek I think of as dreamer, someone one who delights in things outside of the ordinary.

Just Me Again

Just Me Again
And why not? Dreams were not meant for the sleeping times

For the ordinary world need not be such a boring place. There's always more than enough room for the things that make one smile.

Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider
Bear Claw

Blood Elven Prince

Blood Elven Prince
Worlds within worlds

Drow Hunting Party

Drow Hunting Party
Dark Elven Elegance

Adieu mes zamis....

Adieu mes zamis....
May the light of Elves shine upon you....I know it's corny but this is my page!