Thursday, October 08, 2009

You know I am learning each day to tahnk God for the little things and just got with that. There is more than a few reasons I have to be unhappy but more reasons than those that I have to be full of the joy of the Lord. As some of you readers may know I go to Lifelong AIDS Alliance as a participant in the One to One Program working with Garland Jarmon who is the head of hte program. One 2 One is a program for HIV Negative Black MSM, where they are able to talk qabout safe sex and issues surrounding HIV infection which as we all know is life. We all have to deal with such things on a daily basis it seems and HIV infection can sometimes dog our steps as we navigate thru sex especially, realtionships, the use of drugs and alcohol... All that. Anywho he met with me today and we discussed a list I wrote about my good qualities. The things that I like and or love about myself in all realms. And you know what after I did it and shared thse things with him I felt really good about not only myself but my capacity to keep on keeping on. So here isthe list:

1. I'm highly intelligent
2. I have some good ass so all the boiz who have gone there say.
3. I gotta a big dickand I know how to use it so say some boiz who have felt it.
4. I'm in school and doing well in my studies which is a vehicle that is helping me to better myself!
5. I have a great deal of wisdom even if I do seem epervescent and such.
6. I am forgiving and I trully do tend to let grudges simply dissipate. Too much strees I don't need and I do beleive that all people can change.
7. I look younger than I am. Lots of people tell me so including Della!!!
8. I've gotta great sense of humour.
9. I love children and I am really good with the little ones. Probably because I am so free spirited.
10. I love to laugh and do so often.
11. I am a survivor of domestice violence and rape. And for the most part I have not allowed those events to poison my outlook on love and relationships.
12. I can speak French and Gombo Creole.
13. I am a good listener and I genuinely do care for others who are in pain and or trouble.
14. I am openminded.
15. I am knowledgeable about other cultures on this planet.
16. I am emotionally strong.
17. I am handsome. Well I think I am and if I don't who else will?
18. I am vulnerable and open to and for love.
19. I know how to get loose and have fun!
20. I can admit when I'm wrong. Sooner rather than later.
21. I respect my elders.
22. I'm outgoing.
23. I love the Lord.
24. I am sweet.
26. I am thoughtful.
27. And sometimes...Just somestimes I can be a high riding bitch and it serves me quite well!!!

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I found that to be sooo thereapeutic and for now I feel a little bit better. I also want to thank Della for her comments. Della your comments have at times been very encouraging and I appreciate what you say. Thank you sooo much and be blessed my dear. Well this is me signing off... Adieu!!!!

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.::STELLA*DELLA::. said...


1. Ive got a job, not 40 hours but ive got a job which is most importnat.

2. im very beautiful.

3. I am always a ray of sunshine and a ball of energy for others.

4. I do love the lord and thank YOU lord for this job that I do have. Unemployment was no fun.

5. Thank You lord for giving me a gate way to finish school.

6. Ive got a great blog.

7. Ive got awesome friends!!

8. Ive got so many good morals and im always true to my fashion.

9.Food in my belly each night.

10. Able bodied to do many things.

11.The ability to provide strength and motivate others.

12. Got time to write a novel.

13. For the lord lettin me live each day and waking me up.

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