Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well let's see what do we have here? How has my fortunes changed since last week? Well rent is paid. Things are well in that aspect. I have been spending time with Mere KJ we have just been having some nice times together. He is a wealth of kindness and love in addition to much needed encouragement. Trumph, Mere KJ, and I all went to a most horrid job fair on Tuesday. It was the worst job fair I have ever been too and it is hardly worth mentioning expect that we went and then had IHOP afterwards. Those loaded potatos are very good. The bacon, chedder jack ones are the best to me.

I am now working with POCAAN the People of Color Against AIDS network as an odd under the table job on a grant. It is not so hard to write grants and who knows this may pay off as something more. It has put a tiny bit of cash in my pocket which I am grateful for. God still is watching out for me. Though my faith did linger is for the moment strong.

The weather in Seattle has been gtray and typical March like, though at times Spring attempts to push through. I am eagerly anticipating the sunlight, waiting for it to wash over me. Hopefully soon it will. This rain has become ever more wretched to me.

Terry is finally leaving King Henry the 8th and he has since stopped being Anne Bolyn! Thank God it was about time. Henry has been nothing but a manipulative, conniving, wishy washy up and down all over the place male to him and it is getting old. I hope to the lord our God that this time Terry follows thru and leaves him. I do not like to see my friends in pain. Speaking of friend's... Javiav is mad at me he thinks I do not pay enough attention to him. I think Javiav is kinda crazy. He always wants all of my attention and I told him, I always tell him, Javiav you are not my husband. But he doesn't listen. You know alot of males really do not listen to me. They always have something to say to me, but listening to me.... Huh? What? No they can never do that. Ahh bien.

Goodness me now the sun is shining outside. I love it. Spring day again!!!! I turn to an Elf at Spring. I do. I frolic and climb trees and sing and revel in the warmth of the day and night. I saw the Watchmen. It was good actually. I want Dr. Manhattan's powers because then I would be super bad assed and have powers. And powers are fun!

I think also that... Non I know that I still love Trumph and now I am starting to wonder if I should , or if we should try again... I might be open it to but I dunno it may be a mistake so I am cautious. Trumph and I may yet benefit from more time apart. I don't know that I want to be back in a relationship with him or nayone else for that matter. I revel in my freedom as a single male.


1. I want to kiss Mr. Jones. I dunno he is still cute to me.
2. I want to kiss Jared Schuler. He is cute to me 2.
3. I want go to the islands in the Sound this summer with Trumph. Just for a day. It was so beautiful last time we went.
4. I want Cliff to be well.
5. I want Javiav to not be so possesive and if he is attracted to me stop playing these games whatever they are.
6. I want Terry to find someone who trully loves him here in Seattle and to be happy.
7. I want a job that should be number one.
8. I want to find someone who loves me that I love or at least am attracted to. No more scray men wanting me. It's old. I change the channel each time it happens. But it sitll keeps happening.
9. I want this economy to get better and this recession to end.
10. I want simply to be happier and for God to continue to reveal himself to me.

Well the sun is shing and Im going y'all be blessed. Adieu!

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Salut Mes Zamis Sak Passe!

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Just Me Again
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