Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Si il est Mecredei, il fait froid, and I am still in my funk. Not all the way but in a funk still doing what I must but still a funk. I am not liking the world very much right now. And I am feeling so very alone...*sad smile* Still I have kept my faith in some way. I know that God has something in store for me. Something goood. Plus I am not the only facing problems in this world or this nation at this moment. A very good friend of both Trumph and I when we wre a couple named Cliff has gone off the deep end and descended into a crystal meth fueled madness. No one has heard from or seen him in many many days and I am worried. The drug has taken him completly, he has lost his home, his job, and in many ways now himself. He has HIV too and I am so very worried that the next time we have news of him it will be to claim him from the morgue. Aie Saints and Jesus preserve us all please do not let that fate befall him. Please let him be safe and cared for at this moment and let him be redeemed.

Tears are falling from my eyes now. I know how he must be feeling. His mind is I'm sure reeling from the high and the omnious reality of his situation now crashing upon his soullike a ton of bricks... I think if he hurt himslef or were hurt anymore than he is now andI know to say this is selfish but I would feel just so much worse. There have been too many upsets lately, the death of a dear friend is hardly the last thing I want or need to deal with right now in my whirlpool life now. Please Lord of all wherever he is let him know there is hope for him. Let him know there is light that he can walk in out of the darkness of the drugs that are devouring him. Please.

In the meantime however life will go on and I will contiuneu to live it and just wait. Wait on the timeing of God and more importantly I shall guard and gird myself and my resolve. But for the grace of god there go I. Arrgh the guy next to me smells like ass and cafe. Gross. Yes pleeze move coffee gas butt! That was nasty sorry.

Well so then I go.....

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Erinn said...

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