Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aujourd'hui il pleut. Ouais le pleut a retourne a Seattle. In typical Seattle fashion I am, out in the driving rain not at all wanting to be cooped up in my little room. I went to see Terry aka Anne Elizabeth (we fancy ourselves the Bolyn girls and so Terry is Anne Bolyn and Elizabeth the Queen of England the redheaded one and I am Mary Bolyn. I have not yet figured why he gets to be 2 Nobles and I just one but that's okay because try as he might with his man right now Terry is forever having her loped off by her Henry the 8th), and asked him to come to breakfast and he was all like call before you come and I said I did you did not answer and he lives right down the street and he was just being kinda bitchy so I was like whatever and I left and he said thanks in this sweet but bitchy way but I am over it. That's Anne Elizabeth Tudor Bolyn aka Terry Kelly for you. A Noble and Queen in every sense of the word. So then I was like you know I am hungry I mean I was still so got on the bus and wetn to Capitol Hill for some breakfast and now I'm full and blogging.

I feel better now. I am not so depressed as I have been and I feel more alive. I felt so sad this week earlier but we all have our days. This being said I have not lost my faith. If anything I have regained it. Which was much needed for my spirit. I was feeling tattered aboutthe edges. So much has happened in these six months I am now expecting the up and up to take place. I am waiting on the Lord for his guidance. I am trying to hear it more clearly every day.

Tharcisse is lost to me. He eded up being a Smithfield Whore so I left him stay in Smithfield and thank the good Lord I did not have sex with him and I am chalking him to another dating thing. God dating. It is hard sometimes but ahh bien. It's just you know someitmes I want a man and hten other times I'm like no way. At least no way right now. You have way too much going on. I do though at times miss Trumph in the way that it was or at least I miss having a man around ...Like I miss

1. Waking up with someone. My ex Goldie once said to me: "I wake every morning to those big brown eyes and loose myself in them each time and I beleive in those moments that I could wake up to that sight forever. " When he told me that it almost made me cry. I miss having someone near me in the morning to hold or just feel next to me. To awaken him with a kiss or smoemthing more I miss that.

2. Shared activites.
3. Sex. Well I suppose that is number one but I don't want to seem like a rowdy slut.
4. The security. Say what you will I like a male who can fight and protect me. That's proably why I am so attracted to football player build type brothas.

That's it really. Not too much else.

Javiav and I went drinking yesterday in our ghetto fashion which is us riding in his lexus drinking vodka and assorted beverages. I know it horribly dangerous but we did it and had a lovely time reconnecting it has bee awhile since I have seen him. We had a good time. It's funny once I was like in love with Javiav and now I am not. He is a loyal friend but as far as me wanting him for something more... No. That would be a disaster.

Aie guess who just came in?! Now you want to know about a Smithfield whore sitting near me is one of the biggest! Antonio the MethSlut! Everytime he sees me he looks up and down at me or makes this little face and I hate him. He is a vicious, rowdy, disgusting bitch who deserves nothing less than to be eviscerated. None of us like him and he is gross. Dirty slut! Filthy Whore! Wretched bitch! LOL! And worst of all he is positive and spreads it around by having unprotected sex with people to suport his meth habit that he thinks no one knows he has but all of us know. You can smell it on him. That's why he should be eviscerated. People have a right to know those htings and they should be allowed to make that choice. I've no fear of HIV. I don't I have dated people who have had it but I was informed of their status and knew what I was getting into. You know why is when people are mess they all have to look down at me? It always happens. The most fucked up people look down at me and it used to bother me but now I just laugh at them.

The new J Holiday CD is good you should check it out if you get a chance. Okay now there is a police officer in the Library and it looks like he is looking for someone. Why are the police here? He looks bloated too. LOL! Well he does and now he is leaving no they are mot they are going into the bathroom I think they are going to get someone or something. No he jus went to take a shit. Now they are leaving. Yay. I don't like the police. I'm sure you know why.

Okay so now I am kinda horny and I want to get into something today. Je besoin zigi. I kinda do. I do. I'm going to go find some. Bye!

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