Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday a young and handsome Habasha, I believe he was Amhara even though he looked Oromo and he could've even been Tygran, but a Habasha just the same was shot in his restuarant in the hood I live in. No reason, no motive, he was a nice guy, loved by all here and in Ethiopia, had a lovely young wife back in Addis Abbaba... The shooter just walked into the restau and blew his head off. Another senseless peice of Black on Black violence. And it is all senseless and it is beggining to tire and hurt my spirit. It's sickening that still this day we of African Blood still can't fucking get it together.

I look at the violence that is daily ripping apart Kenya while Kibeki play politics, his farce leading to the deaths of now hundreds if not more. Luos, Kikuyus, Kalejin, and Massais at each other throats. It's sickening. So much African blood has been spilt, just these past 2 decades alone. Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, the CAR, Cote D'Ivoire, Kenya, Uganda, Darfur, the Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, our nieghborhoods and cities in the US, Canada, and the Carribean, the flavelas of Brazil, the slums of South and Central America...! AIE MON GRAND MET WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO PULL TOGETHER REGARDLESS OF ETHNIC GROUP, and ECONOMIC CLASS, and SEXUALITY!!? This is insanity! All this pointless, pointless killing and for what I ask is it for? For money. For power. For the slight chance to lord it over someone else. For possesions which rot on earth as you shall one day rot in the ground when you die. My heart hurts just a little.

It's just that so many of us are so long gone. War, famine, AIDS, ethnic violence, relgious violence, criminal violence...And our people die for nothing. Not for making life better, not for changing things, not for sacraficing for our freedom, these death caused by these things have no glory and they are a horror which should make you cringe! It should make you as a Black man or woman scream to the heavens, fall to your knees before your God or Gods, and weep. But we do not. Not really we just go on about our lives.

So for those of you who are out there making a difference in any way... I salute you.
For those of you who have gone to the otherside because of the aforementioned horrors, with you families and loved ones I grieve, to you I bequeth a peaceful rest and know that I will do what I can do to not let your deaths' be in vain.

And to those of you who are indifferent I challenge you to care. You are your brother's keeper. Yes you are. We as a people need to really start acting like it.

Today I feel the heavieness of Africa's Children's problems on my heart and I now respond to that call.

Be blessed, be aware, be good and kind to one other, and above all else do not let their death's be in vain.



Chet said...

Disturbing to say the least. My condolences to the young man's family and friends. The violence is to much, it has become so random and unwarranted that one doesn't feel safe anywhere not even in our own homes. We must pull together and work for the betterment of all mankind.

WhozHe said...

I too am disheartened with the plight of our people and unfortunately have little hope for our future as a race. I pray for change.

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