Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bonjou. Just chilling loggin listening to the music Frank Leon Roberts has on his revamped Can We Be Frank Page. I gotta give it the nigga much kudos, the page is lick, smooth and quite eye cahtching. And the msuci selections aint bad neither. So hopefully all of you in blogland are aiight. I'm doing pretty good. Feeling good, and loving life.

Si hier, I ran into Cliff on the Hill, and accompanied him as he did his vintage shopping. I finally saw here he goes to get all those bad assed hats he be wearin' and I told hey nigga now that you done showed me wassup don'get madd if ya boi bites a couple hats from yo' ass. He just laughed. We walked through the park and just enjoyed the sunny, lovely day. Then we ran into a new person that I have met in this Seattle Ciricle named Patrick we were supposed to help him move a couch but it didn't work out right all the way. It's a long story suffice to say I didn't have to do nan lifting.

Had a pleasant evening with Trumph watching ANTM and jus chillin' with my baby. Which was cookl even though Cliff and Mike were supposed to come by and let us watch that American Gangster Film but n'importe quoi (whatever) I'll rent it soon I'm sure. All in all though yesterday was a pleasant day.

So I looked at the new blog I added yesterday. There was a very distressing video on it of a male to female transgendered woman in the hands of Basra Police Force. She was basically humiliated and then who knows, he looked aboslutely terrified. Oh this world we live in with it's violence and cruelty. Aie aie aie.... Sometimes I just wanna scream to everyone stop this madnesss....

The world we live in for all it's worth is still beautiful... There is always hope even in the face of such evil and strife. So on a hppier note I am so awaiting summer. ASpring to well hell I just can't wait for the sun to come back and to just be warm. Sunlight sunlight is what I want. I'm trying to kick around the idea of us all going in a camper and heading out to Port Townsend for a couple days during the summer. It was so lovely when Trumph and I went last year. Otr a big cookout just something.

Finally the most happy news Nkosi Obama is trounching Hilary and that makes me smile.

Da Questions Dag Da Questions:

1. Is is just me or do men become more enticing looking when you are in a relationship? It's like they are super temptation strength or something.

2. Why does it seem like everyone is having babies lately? What the hell is in the water?

3. Why is Janet's song kick ass but her video sucks ass?

4. What gender was Robin Antin the creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls born as cause I swear that is a man!?

5. Speaking of them why the hell would you call a group Girlicious? Sounds like a candy for sluts.

6. What the fukk did kanye West have on during the grammys? What was that a majorette hoodie?

7. How many times do I have to tell the people at work that I don't speak Spanish dammit I speak French?!


I want all of you to have a gret day and rest of the week and to be blessed. PAIX!!!

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Just Me Again
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