Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Preciousness of Life

Bonjou vas tous! Cava? Bien mes zamis I hope. Well this is going to be an interesting post. In part because all that has taken place this week alone. Wayyy too much in the world we live. Let’s recap shall we? Burma has been devastated by Cyclone Nargis and thousands have been killed. The military junta there has gone into insanity mode and is for whatever the myriad of reasons the proper aid is not reaching the people who need it. They say before this is all done the death toll could well be 100,000. last I read they were delivering spoiled rice to the victims, the military junta is I should say. Yeah how fucked up is that? Meanwhile to add utter insult to injury they made people vote for them after such a horrific disaster. Oh but does not absolute power corrupt absolutely mes zamis. My heart breaks for them, and it broke when I saw a certain photo earlier this week of that disaster.

In a field of stagnant deep water were 10 children all, of them young, just floating there, dead. I just kept thinking those were someone’s babies. Just to think of such a thing now brings tears to my eyes. Those poor babies. Nature is a cruel mistress made all the more so cruel by our fucking up the earth. However nothing could have prepared me for the earthquake in China. Aie aie Mo Grand Met! Now that was….I have seen pictures that just broke my heart even further. All those kids in the school. All those parents screaming for their children.

None of them even guessing that morning when they went to school it would be for them their last day. All those young lives gone in an instant. I write of these gruesome happenings to say that life is precious. And it can be gone in a second. Some of us, myself included let the trivial, nonsensical, foolish things interfere on the daily. Or we focus on what we don’t have while discounting the blessings we do. Or we hold on to anger, hate, rage, you fill in the blank and go around pissy and mad when really none of that matters.

What matters Kyon, you may ask? Well duh you know the answer don’t you. VIE/LIFE! That is what matters. How you touch a soul, how a soul touches yours, the positive changes you affect in another with just a smile or a kind word. The time you take with a child or an older person, the love you show to those around you. That’s what matters.

Not things, oh god especially not things. And this aint cause I don’t have much, though I love what I got. However even those things are meaningless in the greater scheme of things. I’ve yet to hear someone on his death bed say:

“You know if only I’d have bought that Armani suit. If only I’d had that HD Tele. If only I owned that house…” I mean maybe some do but I’ve yet to hear it. No they say things like:

“If only I’d gone to Paris” or “If only I would’ve forgiven her” or “ If only I had more time to make this right with my child/brother/father fill in the blank.” And that’s what’s real folkz. I mean let’s face it folkz the world is getting to be a darker place, not a brighter one. We live in it, we need to change it, and like I’ve said before it has to start within all of us. It has t0o start with Kyon first and it does day by day. Cause the real deal is more than anything else it takes 9 months to get here, but it can take less than 30 seconds to leave this world. That’s the realest of the real brothaz and sistaz.

Okay what a tone right. I know I know I’m changing it my lovelies. So I got a coworker Bree Ann to burn me a copy of the Doll House. I am loving the CD. They did a good job very nice. I even like Aubrey’s little rap…Though I think she can be a mess at times but whatever. I had a nice week. Went to Cliff’s B Day party last Friday with my friend from Chi Town Terry. I had found but this irritating Yoruba kept insulting me and I wanted to slap him. I didn’t though, instead I compelled him to buy me a drink to get out of Terry’s face long enough for the Yoruba to speak with him. I know, hey I know how to manipulate a situation if I have to. The drink was good too.

So I aint done this in awhile but I will:


1.Mariah what the hell are you doing marrying Nick after a month and half long courtship? Girl aint you tired of living all of your sad assed songs? Let’s all pray this is not another Cracked Brown opps I mean Whitney and Bobby situation in the making.

2. Why is Barbra Wawa putting everyone on Front Street like she is with her book. Don’t get me wrong I want to read it but really B what are you doing kissing and telling? Even though I believe what you said about Star. I truly do?

3. Do you think I am a racist against White People? I mean I have my moments and I have anger at racism (coming from White Supremacy) and what it has done to my people etc, but I don’t truly despise or think inferior another race of people. However if you think I do…Well I’m human and this is not excusing this at all, this is just being honest. But just to say that kind of hate takes way too much energy.

4. Hillary you foolish creature drop out of the race already! Damn why don’t you just go home?!

5. How dare you get mad at me when you tried to play me brotha? You blow up my phone, come to the bar w/o cash expecting me to buy you a drink but tell you do have cash which was a lie. Then when we get you to the door you have no ID and want to me to leave with you spend my money where I do not want to go and get an attitude at me because I won’t. Hey we are not together anymore, I aint that same Nigga you fucked with and up all those years past and you aint runnin’ shit in my life. Get some ID, get a job, quit doing all those damn drugs, and get yo’ shit together MAN! Or do you like still being a BOY at 34 years old? I am so glad I am not with you no mo’. You know who you are!

6. Little short old White Man who snatched a cigarette from my hand before I had a chance to offer it to you…. Why did you think you had the right to do that? I would’ve slapped you shitless but there were people about and I gave your ass a pass. Next time I will not be so kind. You know who you are!

7. Why is Beyonce such a genius? I have heard both of her new singles and I love them!

8. Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

9. Speaking of which and I could care less if this is not PC, don’t some of y’all feel that the “ Ms Jay Runway Diva Coach Extraordinaire” creature sets Black Gay Men back like about I dunno a century? Good God above in Heaven every time that creature opens its mouth I cringe.

10. Do you not find it interesting that the Darfuri rebels have the government of Sudan so shook after they attacked Khartoum? Now I call that a comeuppance, and one rightly deserved by the Genocidal Sudanese govt. Bashir you butcher you should be scared! When they get a hold of you there aint a pit hell deep enough for you to be dropped in all the blood you have spilt!

Well you guyz know me. I say my piece and then I get on. If you have not gotten anything else out of this remember only this. Life is the most precious thing we have. It is valuable, it beautiful. It truly is everything. And it is easily lost. Remember that guyz. Be good. Blessings to all. Adieu.

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