Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Si Bonjour vas tous. Sa ou fe? Bon j'espere. Me well there has been so much happening en ma vie a brotha don' know where to begin mes zamis. So please forgive my abscence my dear readers if I( have been absent but a nigga's had thangz ta do aiight. Aiight. First of all the personal things. Ouais mo konne there are always those things.

Trumph and I are still together working through are issues. I still love him he still oves me nad we are doing our thang however here have been some difference. I have developed a secret exit plan. That's all that needs to be said. And no it does not involve another man. Come on now don't play me like that. If we break up I will enjoy my singleness for a bit. Still one of our issues was these house guests we have had living iwth us. Now I am a Libra I'm all about harmony and getting along so I have this incredible ability to hold my tongue and still my emotions to a degree. But I aint no Vulcan and my dealings with Logic while better thanmost is still just a dealing. So I finally had to put my foot down yesterday maorning and tell these people who have been in our apartment for 2 mois when it should've been only 1 semaine, that they had to bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce. And not to that new MC song Migrate. Which I love and adore. It reminds me of me awhen I go out. From the bar to the floor I migrate, from the club to afterparty migrate, from the after party to the niggas crib I migrate. After we finish with the thang I migrate! LOL. Okay that was my remix. Anyways they feel kinda salty and I could give no less than a shit and a fuck and that's that. Trumph and I need to move and well we can't focus on our relationship and the things we need to do. Plus one of them was diztracting Trumph from the things he needs to do before I leave his black ass. So as you see I removed the distraction. I didn't flash or get evil I just said by next Friday you need to be gone. END OF DISCUSSION! Needless to say they have begun cleaning up after themselves and shit as JoJo says too little too late but whatever I got what I need so....

ID: SO a couple of weeks ago I lost my wallet. And everything in it. Not da bizness. And the worst part was having to get a new ID. WHen I didn't have no ID. Right you know where this is going y'all. SO I had to after compiling more than enough evidence to prove who I was but not enough for the state of WA, had to end up going back to OR to get an ID. Which was kool in a way. Spent a pleasant time with my parents, they even gave me money, and well money is fun. Saw my Bajun Gradmother and spent time with her that was welcome. I miss her. She berated for me for not keeping in tuch. Mal grandfils ouais mo san. However I will be doing that inf the future. Saw Demo, Hollywood, et al my niggas it was good to hang out with them all nite long, and of course I was more than grateful I no longer live there. Of course I got my ID. I am so happy that nonsense is over and I will never loose my wallet again and if you try to steal it, I will kill you. I will. I will kill you. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Bumpalump: Bumpalump turned 2 this last weekend. His party was wonderful, he was cute, it was cute and all was goo and lovely. Pizza, pop, cake, ice cream, laughter and giggles were had by all. We went back to Rita's house, Bumpalump's Momma, Trumph and I and chilled had couple drinks, which I made, and watched Harry Potter. Well they did. Bumpalump feel asleep in my arms and I was to far behind in on the way to dreamland. But check it my baby boi is 2. And he talks and sings, and he is so smart. Oh if only you could meet him. I love that child with all my heart and soul.

However the pizza at his fete was not cooked all the way through and I had diarrhea for 2 and a half fucking days. My ass felt so reaw I thought it was going disconnect itself from my body and run from me. Yeah not da bizness at all. And Pepto Bismal tastes abyssmal. Right. However I suppose almost dying of dysentary is the price I pay for being present for the momentousness of Bumpalump's birthday.

Speaking of which his new thing is to tell me that he is Diego with his boots, and that I, yours trully Kyon, is Dora. I actually do a good impersonation of the petite chica, and when all is said and done he finds whateverI said we were looking for and cries:
"I found it! I found it!" I never quite know what he has found, but he's happy and so then am I.

Music: Okay so the new Mariah EMC2 or whatever I love it. Migrate is my anthem for the year. Check it out if you have not. I love it. I don't do reveiew but you know, if I like it you will too. Oh nad you know what the new Mario is actually quite underrated I bought and it's good to. Kyrptonite. I like that track. Htat and No Definition reminds me of BFF.

In the News: So a couple of weeks ago Aime Cesaire died at the agae of 94. Who is that you ask? Only one of the greatest intellectuals of the African Diaspora to ever live. These articles are a lil old but whatever read them, leanr something.

Martinique poet Aime Cesaire dies at 94
FORT-DE-FRANCE, Martinique - Aime Cesaire, an anti-colonialist poet and politician who was honored throughout the French-speaking world and was an early proponent of black pride, has died at 94.

Cesaire died Thursday at a Fort-de-France hospital where he was being treated for heart problems and other ailments, said government spokeswoman Marie Michele Darsieres.

He was one of the Caribbean's most celebrated cultural figures and was revered in his native Martinique, where his passing brought tears and spontaneous memorial observances.

The French island sent him to the country's parliament for nearly half a century and repeatedly elected him mayor of the capital.

Cesaire helped found the "Black Student" journal in Paris in the 1930s that launched the idea of "negritude," urging blacks to cultivate pride in their heritage. His 1950 "Discourse on Colonialism" became a classic of French political literature.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed "very great sadness" at Cesaire's passing, and said "the entire French nation" is in mourning.

"Through his universal appeal for respect of human dignity, awareness and responsibility, he will remain a symbol of hope for all oppressed peoples," the president said a statement. Sarkozy's office said he would attend Cesaire's funeral Sunday in Fort-de-France.

Martinicans mourned Cesaire's passing.

"I prayed for him," said 45-year-old teacher Jean Luc Martin, his eyes red from crying. "I studied his works, which forged my life and allowed me to see our differences in a new light."

Students at Lycee Scoelcher, a Martinique high school where Cesaire once taught, honored him in a spontaneous ceremony Thursday. "For us, only two men count: Aime Cesaire and Nelson Mandela," student Karl Dintimile said.

Cesaire's best known works included the essay "Negro I am, Negro I Will Remain" and the poem "Notes From a Return to the Native Land."

His works also resonated in Africa. Former Senegalese President Abdou Diouf said Cesaire led a noble fight against hate.

"I salute the memory of a man who dedicated his life to multiple wars waged on all battlefields for the political and cultural destiny of his racial brothers," Diouf said.

Born June 26, 1913, in Basse-Pointe, Martinique, Cesaire moved to France for high school and university. He returned to Martinique during World War II and served as mayor from 1945 to 2001, except in 1983-84.

Cesaire helped Martinique shed its colonial status in 1946 to become an overseas department. As the years passed, he remained firm in his views.

In 2005, the politician-poet refused to meet with then-Interior Minister Sarkozy because of his endorsement of a bill citing the "positive role" of colonialism.

"I remain faithful to my beliefs and remain inflexibly anti-colonialist," Cesaire said at the time. The offending language was struck from the bill.

Despite the snub, Sarkozy successfully led a campaign last year to change the name of Martinique's airport in honor of Cesaire. Cesaire eventually met with Sarkozy in March 2006 but endorsed his Socialist rival, Segolene Royal, in the 2007 French elections.

Royal called Cesaire "an eminent symbol of a mixed-race France" and urged that he be buried in the Pantheon, where French heroes from Victor Hugo to Marie and Pierre Curie are interred.

Cesaire was affiliated with the French Communist Party early in his career but became disillusioned in the 1950s and founded the Martinique Progressive Party in 1958. He later allied with the Socialist Party in France's National Assembly, where he served from 1946-1956 and 1958-1993.

SO all in all that is that in my world. So much to say and so little time ion which to say it. Just to say too I love Valentino's blog. That brotha gives me more musical hints and ideas than anyone else. Yes Valentino I have bought CDs cause you have said they were good. SO there you go, if Valentino don't feel it, it may not be worth getting. To all of Blogger reunioners I wish I could have been there it looks like it was fun but I had alot going on so well... What else to say.

I dunno I am still Kyon and I am still here. SO to all of you in my blogland, be blessed, be good to each other and show love to all even those you deem unworhty of receiving it.

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Thank you for the "few" lines about Aimé Césaire ;)

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