Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bonjou mes zamis, c'est Kyon.... Aie aie where to begin... I have to remind myself that I am wrioting this not only for myself but for others who may experience or who are going through what I am feeling....So here goes. My brain is awhirl literally with exhaustion such as I have only experienced after a meth binge. Hey I am being real.... If you are going to judge or are uncomfortable stop reading then. I don't know what is real and what is not and for a moment I almost lost it today at work. Why you may ask because I have no entered deeper into the realm of having a House In Virginia, by now taking meds. One in particular atripla. One pill a day and it is giving me the most psychotic and unsettling vivid dreams I have ever had. More like fucking hallucinations while sleeping. I feel like Bo from Lost Girl when she was battling the Nightmare! They told me the one pill a day for the rest of my life would protect me from danger and harm but for a week my mind wqould be subject to a Nightmare that I feel is driving me to the very fucking edge of madness even now as I write to you I am not sure mes zamis that is Kyon...? Is it me. Aie siegneur mo pe crier! Most definately I need a Baku to eat my dreams this week and make me sane again.
Yes too many things so I appreached my friend who told me basically that I was okay that I would get through this he promised me thaqt as I had tears in my eyes and I believe him. All this because I made a mistake. All this because I trusted hte wrong person, all this because I lowered my guard... Okay enough of that. The point is I have life saving meds that are kinda making me nutty for the moment and that is okay. I am still alive and healthy. Work is great timesheets are due so I am going to be paid again soon and I have greater job security now though I would rather not say why because it is sensitive in nature. Let's just say I have been prepared thoroughly by those who knew my skilss would ocme in handy. I am just waiuting for things to even out with these meds. So wish me luck. Oh lord I still feel like I am reeling though. Show love to those you care for and be good to those you love.


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catiaht92 said...

I hope your pills' effect don't last very long; Your body will eventually get used to them.

Hope you are a little better now, and wish you all the luck.
Keep smiling and enjoy each day of your life.

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