Thursday, April 05, 2012

This post is a two part thing. Firstly it is announcing to all of you that I did great on my internship and got an A+ and I am leaving school for this round with a good grade point. Last quarter I ahd way to many classes and stuff just became abysmal! So that is a great accomplishment hurrah for Kyon!!!! Also health is great and I am doing great, I actuallly got a voucher at Lifelong and got some new threads which are cute for a secon hand store so I am loving my new fits. Hurrah more clothes for Kyon!!!! Hey ifr I am not my biggest cheer leader who else will be it for me? 'Nuff said. I am doing well at POCAAN I even believe they might hire me and I getting really excited. I go to certification for HIV testing on the 12th and 13th of April and I could not be more excited. Another skill to put on my resume! Life is good on the prof level, I am still broke but I have strong feeling that this state may change very soon. So now the reason fore this post is a scholarship I have just entered where I apparantly must talk about my school and how I can't find what I am getting there anywhere else. It also has to 500 words or less. The scholarship is for 1000 dollars which I of course could use so that being said here goes: I began attending Seattle Central Community College about 2 years ago now at a time when I was definately in a maelstrom. I had just been laid off from a dead end job and I had resolved it would be the last such job I ever had to work. I was one month into a new place, unsure of my future, and alone. A friend of mine Erinn Moore suggested I go back to school citing that I did not have a degree and here was my chance not only to do something while recieiving unemployment but to also possibly better myself. Since that day I have never looked back. Seattle Central Community College has been to my suprise a home away from home, a place of solace, as well as an institution of learning and professional instruction. What makes Seattle Central Community College so special, so unlike anywhere else I have ever learned is the commitment that most of the insturctors have for their students. They actually care about your success and it is not just lip service or some loftly ideal they tell themselves to soothe their ever bloated conciences. They show that concern in how they teach you, they demonstrate their concern with you when they comfort you when a close relative or friend dies or is hurt. I believe that the teachers at the school are cognizant that learning happens in a holistic way and the school is set up with that in mind. There have been times when I have not been able to pay my rent, when I have lost loved ones and had a bad term, there have even been times when as a full time student in my early 30's I wanted to simply just give it all up. Teachers like Peggy Martin-Waters, Bob Groschell, Ernie Rombouts, and Dani Long made sure however that these issues did not determ e from my goal of getting my BA and making something of myself. They pointed me towards resources at school that I could use to get help. In short their dedication to me bolstewred my own and I firmly beleive it was not for the professors at Seattle Central Community College I would not be where I am now. Now as I stand ready to apply to the Bachelors Program at Seattle Central I am full of hope and realizing that I can do this. I do not know where I would have been once again if I had not begun attending Seattle Central Community College. I learned so much and I have come so far. I can only go further and higher and I believe at this school I will. Becasue you see home is not just a place that you live it is also the place where you learn as well. The teachers at Seattle Central taught me that. This scholarship is sponsored by


Moanerplicity said...

Yay Kyon! Life sometimes works out for the best. People come into our world to guide us to better places & we are all the more Blessed for them

Glad things are working out in Kyon-ville.

I wish you all the best w/ the scholarship thing!

Stayed uplifted, healthy & Blessed!

Snatch JOY!


Kandake CimCiptivan said...

I am so proud of you. I wondered where you had went. I think you should record an IT GETS BETTER PROJECT video.

qifei2012 said...

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Mens Hairstyles said...

Hey bro, congratulations on the A+, even if it is a bit too late :D

Best of everything and stay put!


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