Monday, August 11, 2008

Wassup wassup wassup!? SAK PASSE et BONOU VAS TOUS!!? How y'all doin'? Good I hope IO been away for a minute butI'm back now, just been having a most lovely summer living life and loving most of it! The Weather here has been simply beautiful and I am loving it. I can never get enough sun. Oh andI got some pictures of my Bumpalump and some me and our fun in the sun. So here you go right here!


How exactly do you feel about the Olympics being held in Beijing? Is this an opportunity to perhaps make China a better society or is this a repeat of the 1936 Berlin Olympics just without the Nazis?

It’s Da Questions Dawg Da Questions?

1. Can anyone tell me how in the year 2008 that there are still people who are computer illiterate? I swear to the Sainte Mere, I have to even help people log into our corporate website sometimes and when I do it I feel like I’m taking fucking crazy pills!!!

2. Is it just me or are people, namely Americans, and I’m sorry to ask this but I have to, are Americans getting more stupid as the years go by or just fatter? Or maybe both? I actually think it is both.

3. How come the people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket always want to do a solo in church? I mean God may love their praises but their praises to him hurt my ears!

4. Speaking of solos in church who is the old lady at your church who sings the same solo every week and has sang that same song for years? I’m just curious. I had 2 that I knew of in life, Mama Cookie and Rhonda. I liked Mama Cookie but Rhonda she was a mess. Sounded a mess too.

5. How come I always attract males who are just well either real crazy or real gross? And no like does not attract like if you tell me that I will slap you! It is getting tiring I have to keep using my friends as fill in crisis boyfirends because the phsycho men laways hit on me of course when Trumphh isn't around!

6. Speaking of ugly how come out all the Disney Princes the one that Belle got in Beauty and the Beast was so ugly? I mean he was, he looked better as the Beast. If I was Belle I would’ve been like uhmm could you change back?

7. Why do straight guys do that whole stupid thing they do? Which is what Kyon, you say I mean they do so many dumb things and they do they can’t help it. However the stupid thing I am referring to is when they are ugly and they’re like I don’ want no Honos checking me out and for real you know aint nobody straight or gay checking fo’ they ugly asses and you tell ‘em that but then they get all offended and be like I look good why wouldn’t you want me and you say because when I see you I wanna vomit. Well my question is after all that why do they do that stupid shit? I mean do they really want it both ways?

8. Aren’t you glad, aren’t you glad you use DIAL!!!!?

9. Who the hell made spray on deodorants? They don’t fucking work! At least not for me, cause I bought some Suave spray on and I was using it and feeling good because I was like good no more white stuff to cake one my arm pits and it like only kept on side of me dry, the other side was like a waterfall! I thought I was dying and I was afraid. Well like for a day. Then I just stopped using it but I still wanna know who made that crap!

10. When is Jennifer Hudson’s CD coming out?! I want to buy it I like her spotlight song. It makes me smile!

In a more somber tone this weekend we lost 2 great entertainers of The People Issa Hayes and Bernie Mac. Right I had no idea either one waseven unhelathy but now they are gone from the world of the living may they both rest in peace. WOuldn't it be cool if you could do like death trade backs. I'd be like hey take Bush and Cheney instead of Mac and Hayes. Trist, trist, triste....

However on the other hand life and God is still good. I've been goingto chruch lately which as been really great and tody I'm just kinda chillin' took a half day at work. Well I know I aint been around much but I will be soon. I hope all of you guys are well and blessed and have a great rest of the summer. Bissous!!!!!

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