Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bon apres midi mes zamis! I have finally a quiet moment to myself. Things are going okay.... Life is still a struggle but I am prepared and quite determined to get this education. So my plan to be done however by Fall looks like it will be Winter. If that is not enough of having to readjust schedules et al I have to write 2 papers, I have a presentation due, paperwork to turn in, a grant for work to do so I can do all this stuff within the next couple of weeks. J'envie comme un zombi et je besoin de sel que vivre. Well that is a bit dramatic but I mean it is how I feel. On the other hand life is going well aside from the break neck pace I am maintaining. I have not had a break down like I did last year and almost ruin my schooling and my future. The House in Virginia is under control though I have to admit that I have had to slow down on my drinking. I just am handling my business but God what a life of craziness it is. Just busy that's all. Now I am having a little time to myself, and tomorrow I am going to the Art Walk because by GOD I deserve that time.

Life is going well aside from the business though. The last grant went really well, my grades are all good, and my social life has been full though I am not dating all of my friends here have been great. I am not dating and I am also not really having sex. Which I need. I need some at some point I will probably reach out to Trumph again, I have not seen him for some time and I miss him. Big surprise right? Yeah I still love Trumph but hey I always will. He is still in many ways the man for me. It's just his Pisces indecisiveness that drives me crazy at times but he is still my Trumph.

You know life is so funny the things that we take for granted, the things that we think will always be but are not in any way promised to us. This past week Maurice Murrell a model, actor, and very dear friend to many in NYC died. Now I have never met Maurice but I have seen his work and some videos with Jared Schuler a blogger and NYC BGM socialite, they were best friends I believe. IT was just so sad to know he was gone. So many poured out condolences and are I believe still grieving for his loss. IT struck a chord in me this loss of a man I have never known. Firstly that tomorrow is really not promised, secondly that life is what I, Kyon Jibrile Saucier make of it and therefore I must keep on doing what I am doing and doing it well.
Also I need to make sure that I make the most of my friends I have now because who knows. So this tragedy even though it really had nothing to do with me has given me a new or should I say has reinforced a recently forming perspective (over the past year forming) within me. And I am grateful to have really finally gotten this lesson now. And yes I am walking in that lesson.
That being said if you have someone you love let em know. Because tomorrow aint promised. And then don't grow weary with doing well, keep on doing what you know is right. Adieu chers! PAIX!!!

Oh and I will tell you how ART WALK went this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Salut !! Ca faisait longtemps...
Just thought I would show some love to my overseas brother, lol.
Je continue à te lire !

A bientôt.

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